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Systems and methods for RLGC extraction based on parallelized left-looking incomplete inverse fast multipole operations
28 Dec 21
Machine assisted systems and methods for use in a solver are described.
Indranil Chowdhury, David Fernandez Becerra
Filed: 18 Oct 19
Timing assistant for dynamic voltage drop impact on setup/hold constraints
28 Dec 21
Example systems and methods are disclosed for performing a timing analysis on a circuit design.
Norman Chang, Hao Zhuang, Ganesh Tsavatapalli, Joao Geada, Sankar Ramachandran, Rahul Rajan, Ying-Shiun Li, Yaowei Jia, Mathew Joseph Kaipanatu, Suresh Kumar Mantena
Filed: 21 Jun 19
Systems and methods for performing thermal simulation of an additive manufacturing process
30 Nov 21
Systems and methods are provided for performing a thermal simulation of an additive manufacturing process.
Deepankar Pal
Filed: 14 Nov 18
Enhancing tetrahedral meshing for self-intersecting boundaries
16 Nov 21
Existing tetrahedral meshing which require watertight and intersection free triangular mesh as input can be enhanced to tolerate and respect self-intersecting boundaries.
Hanzhou Zhang
Filed: 24 Apr 20
Rough Surface Model for Shooting and Bouncing Rays
11 Nov 21
A method is disclosed for augmenting the SBR model used in EM field simulation by modeling the specular coherent and diffuse incoherent components of the field scattered by rough surfaces using statistical characteristics of surface roughness.
Daniel R. Rey, Stefano M. Canta, Robert A. Kipp
Filed: 7 May 20
Integrated Circuit Composite Test Generation
11 Nov 21
A chip package system comprising N multiple processor cores can be tested by receiving a data file characterizing the chip package system.
John LEE, Aveek SARKAR, Altan ODABASI, Scott JOHNSON, Murat BECER, William MULLEN
Filed: 16 Jun 21
Method and system to generate thermophysical property for finite element based solvers
9 Nov 21
In one embodiment, a system derives non-equilibrium thermophysical values for phase property changes of a material from equilibrium thermophysical values of the material for a manufacturing process which involves heating and/or cooling of the material (such as an additive manufacturing, 3D printing, welding, or joining process).
Deepankar Pal, Abdul Khader Khan
Filed: 28 Jun 19
Adaptive polyhedra mesh refinement and coarsening
9 Nov 21
Systems and methods are provided for the refining and coarsening of a polyhedra mesh.
Sandeep Menon, Thomas Gessner
Filed: 1 Sep 20
Automating Extraction of Material Model Coefficients for Simulations
4 Nov 21
Systems and methods for deriving material coefficient values from physical measurements of physical objects are described.
Vinay Kumar Carpenter, Prem Andrade, Ravindra Lahu Masal
Filed: 30 Apr 20
Application program for extension and deployment of integrated and exportable cross platform digital twin model
2 Nov 21
A method and apparatus for extending, customizing and validating a simulation-based digital twin model is described.
Adriano Kurz Maron, Xiao Li, Sameer Kher
Filed: 20 Dec 19
Systems and methods for implementing iterative simulation manipulations and results display
2 Nov 21
Systems and methods are provided for providing real-time interactive design and simulation of a physical system to generate comparisons of varying system configurations under different physical conditions.
Vincent M. Pajerski, Joseph S. Solecki
Filed: 27 Apr 20
Enhancing Tetrahedral Meshing for Self-intersecting Boundaries
28 Oct 21
Existing tetrahedral meshing which require watertight and intersection free triangular mesh as input can be enhanced to tolerate and respect self-intersecting boundaries.
Hanzhou Zhang
Filed: 24 Apr 20
Machine-learning Based Solver of Coupled-partial Differential Equations
30 Sep 21
Partial differential equations used to simulate physical systems can be solved, in one embodiment, by a solver that has been trained with a set of generative neural networks that operated at different resolutions in a solution space of a domain that defines the physical space of the physical system.
Rishikesh Ranade, Derek Christopher Hill, Jay Prakash Pathak
Filed: 10 Aug 20
Generative Networks for Physics Based Simulations
23 Sep 21
Simulations of products during the design of the products can use solvers that are based on trained neural networks, and these solvers can provide results about the design of the product that can predict performance, failures, fatigue and other potential problems with the design.
Derek Christopher Hill
Filed: 23 Mar 20
Crack insertion in implicit non-linear finite deformation analysis
21 Sep 21
A deformed mesh representing an object during a deformation process is calculated.
Jin Wang, Deepak Hasani, Siddhartha Mukherjee, Grama Bhashyam
Filed: 6 Aug 19
Method and System for Rom Based Dynamic Thermal Management Analysis and Control
26 Aug 21
Machine assisted system and method for performing dynamic thermal management (DTM) analysis are described.
Myunghoon LEE, Vamsi Krishna YADDANAPUDI, Aniket Abhay KULKARNI
Filed: 14 Aug 20
API for interface computations for models of disparate type
3 Aug 21
Systems and methods are provided herein for interfacing between a solver and one or more models.
Sameer Kher, Velnamby Ambalavanar
Filed: 25 Jan 19
Systems and methods for editing shapes of faceted geometries
27 Jul 21
Machine assisted system and method for changing the shape of a faceted surface using points that move in their local coordinate system collectively are described.
Sourabh Chadha
Filed: 27 Jan 20
Layout-based Side-channel Emission Analysis
22 Jul 21
Methods, machine readable media and systems for simulating the leakage of sensitive data in an integrated circuit, such as cryptographic data or keys, are described.
Lang Lin, Dinesh Kumar Selvakumaran, Norman Chang, Calvin Chow, Deqi Zhu
Filed: 4 Sep 20
Systems and Methods for Simulating Printed Circuit Board Components
8 Jul 21
Systems and methods for simulating a circuit board design include receiving a printed circuit board design comprising an electronic component and a dielectric board, generating a first finite element model of the dielectric board independent of the electronic component, and generating a second finite element model for the electronic component.
Wenjie XIE, Jin WANG, Grama Ramaswamy BHASHYAM, Tim Paul PAWLAK
Filed: 11 Sep 20
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