Dril-Quip (DRQ)

Subsea Equipment Alignment Device
24 Mar 22
Systems and methods for coupling subsea tubular members together are provided.
Blake T. DeBerry, Morris B. Wade, Flavio Santos, Andrew Mitchell, Gregory Norwood, Robert Buxton, David Scantlebury, Matthew Crotwell, Justin Rye, Todd L. Scaggs
Filed: 7 Dec 21
Release Mechanism for Mechanically Locked Wiper Plug System
17 Feb 22
A release mechanism for a mechanically locked wiper plug system is provided.
Jacob S. Warneke
Filed: 17 Dec 19
Tubing Hanger with Shiftable Annulus Seal
20 Jan 22
A tubing: hanger assembly with a shiftable annulus seal is provided.
Chris D. Bartlett
Filed: 17 Dec 19
Barrier Arrangement In Wellhead Assembly
20 Jan 22
A subsea wellhead assembly having an arrangement of primary well barriers provided in equipment that is located within the well and/or the wellhead housing is provided.
Chris D. Bartlett, Daniel J. McLaughlin, Ray Guillory, Blake T. DeBerry, Marcus Smedley
Filed: 4 Dec 19
Threaded Connector Having Metal-to-metal Seal
30 Dec 21
Threaded connectors for tubular members having metal-to-metal seals are provided.
Edward M. Galle, JR.
Filed: 28 Oct 19
Liner Hanger with Enhanced Locking Assembly
23 Dec 21
A liner hanger having one: or more enhanced Socking assemblies is provided.
Curtis W. Payne, Jacob S. Warneke, Steven M. Zakharia
Filed: 1 Nov 19
Ultrasonic Interventionless System and Method for Detecting Downhole Activation Devices
9 Dec 21
An interventionless system and method: of detecting a down-hole activation device are provided.
Frank D. Kalb
Filed: 7 Oct 19
Hydro-pneumatic Cylinder with Annulus Fluid Bypass
18 Nov 21
Systems and methods for pressure communication within a hydro-pneumatic cylinder are provided.
Neil B. Prasad, Steven M. Hafernik
Filed: 9 Oct 19
Seal Validation with Chemical Pre-treatment
18 Nov 21
Methods for performing seal validation with a chemical pre-treatment are provided.
Kyle A. Comeau
Filed: 12 May 20
System and Method for Restoration of Safety Integrity Level (Sil) Capability In a Subsea Installation
11 Nov 21
A well production system comprises a barrier providing a pressure barrier between components of the well production system located upstream of the barrier and components of the well production system located downstream of the barrier; a safety instrumented system (SIS) communicatively coupled to the barrier and having one or more logic solvers; one or more pressure transmitters disposed along a flowpath, within the barrier, and communicatively coupled to the one or more logic solvers; one or more valves disposed along the flowpath within the barrier and communicatively coupled to the SIS, wherein the SIS is configured to selectively actuate the one or more valves based on feedback from the one or more pressure transmitters; a spare pressure transmitter disposed along the flowpath within the barrier; and a monitoring device, wherein the monitoring device is configured to selectively couple the spare pressure transmitter to the one or more logic solver.
Mark Edwin Organ, Duncan Stuart Hogg
Filed: 10 May 21
Non-orientating Tubing Hanger and Tree
4 Nov 21
Systems and methods for landing a tubing hanger in a wellhead, landing a tree on the wellhead, and making electrical and hydraulic couplings between the tree and the tubing hanger without having to orient the tree or the tubing hanger relative to each other are provided.
John E. Nelson, Frank D. Kalb
Filed: 18 Oct 19
Wellhead Connector Soft Landing System and Method
21 Oct 21
Systems and method for providing a soft landing of a wellhead connector onto a subsea wellhead are provided.
John Q. Nguyen
Filed: 16 Apr 20
Tubing Hanger Orientation Spool Adaptor
5 Aug 21
Systems and methods for proper orientation of the connections of a tubing hanger and a subsea assembly in a wellhead or tree are provided.
Daniel J. McLaughlin, Gregory D. Williams, Eleazar Herrera, Morris B. Wade, Todd Scaggs
Filed: 22 Apr 19
Tubular Expander with Detachable Expansion Ring
29 Jul 21
The present disclosure relates generally to downhole tubulars, and more particularly, to tubular expanders for downhole tubulars that have a detachable expansion ring, which can be detached from the tubular expander in the event that full expansion cannot be achieved or the tubular expander should get stuck in the downhole tubular being expanded.
Peter T. Bogardus, Carmine Righter
Filed: 25 Apr 19
Real-time Monitoring of Mass Loss from Erosive Flow
15 Jul 21
Systems and methods for continuously monitoring mass loss through flow erosion of a well equipment component are provided.
Frank D. Kalb, Alexander Anthony Bradley
Filed: 17 May 19
Tubing Hanger Alignment Device
1 Jul 21
Systems and methods for landing a tubing hanger in a wellhead and then orienting a tree (or spool, or flowline connection body) relative to the tubing hanger while landing the tree on the wellhead are provided.
Blake T. DeBerry, Morris B. Wade, Flavio Santos, Gregory Norwood, Robert Buxton, Justin Rye, Todd L. Scaggs
Filed: 15 Mar 21
Tubing Hanger Space-Out Mechanism
17 Jun 21
A space-out mechanism that may be used in a tubing hanger system to install a tubing hanger and rigidize the tubing hanger and a casing hanger within a wellhead housing in a single trip is provided.
Chris D. Bartlett, David Scantlebury, Rick Murphy, Andrew Mitchell, Fife B. Ellis, Gregory Norwood
Filed: 10 Dec 20
Methods for Decreasing Stress In Flange Bolting
3 Jun 21
Systems: and methods for decreasing bending stress in flange bolting for a connection between a flange and an adjacent piece of equipment is provided.
Mark A. Manning, Justin Rye, Flavio Santos
Filed: 30 Aug 19
Downhole Fiber Optic Transmission for Real-time Well Monitoring and Downhole Equipment Actuation
13 May 21
Systems and methods for real-time monitoring of well conditions and actuation of downhole equipment are provided.
Frank D. Kalb, Justin D. Gorhum
Filed: 4 Nov 20
Releasable Ratchet Latch Connector
6 May 21
A system including a releasable connector having a housing and a split ring, and a complementary mandrel that is attachable/detachable from the connector, is provided.
Lucas E. Brown
Filed: 23 Apr 19
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