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Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing
2 Sep 21
This application described methods and apparatus for distributed fibre optic sensing.
Sara Carver, Andrew Weld
Filed: 11 Jul 19
Nanofiber-reinforced Hydrogel Medical Dressings
27 May 21
Medical dressings include a non-woven polymeric nanofiber mat embedded within a chitosan hydrogel matrix.
Lauren Anne COSTELLA, Christopher K. TISON, Matthew PATTERSON, Keley BRODERICK, Lindsay WOODARD, Mallory GASBARRE
Filed: 8 Apr 19
Distributed Fiber Optic Acoustic Sensor
16 Dec 20
One example coherent optical time domain reflectometer device includes a coherent light source that produces coherent probe light pulses at an optical wavelength; an optical coupling unit coupled to f a fiber link under test to direct the coherent probe light pulses into the fiber link and to receive reflected probe light pulses from the fiber link; an optical detection unit to receive the reflected probe light pulses and structured to include an optical interferometer to process the reflected probe light pulses along two different optical paths to generate different optical output signals from the reflected probe light pulses along different optical paths, and optical detectors to receive the optical output signals from the optical interferometer; and a device controller coupled to the optical detection unit to extract information on spatial distribution of acoustic—or vibration—or strain-dependent characteristics as a function of distance along the fiber link under test.
Hongxin CHEN, Xiaotian Steve Yao
Filed: 9 Feb 17
Sprayable Barrier and Methods for Prevention of Postoperative Adhesions
1 Apr 20
Biologically acceptable surgical barrier materials are comprised of a polyelectrolytic complex of chitosan and sodium alginate.
Lauren Anne COSTELLA, Michael J. DANILICH, Christopher K. TISON, Patrick COTTLER
Filed: 27 Mar 18
Dissolvable Nanofiber Materials and Specimen Recovery Kits Including the Same for High Efficiency Specimen Recovery
18 Mar 20
Biological specimen recovery materials include cellulose acetate nanofibers that are capable of dissolution upon contact with a liquid comprising a dissolution effective amount (e.g., between about 1 to about 10M) guanidinium isothiocyanate (GITC).
Christopher K. TISON, Blaine BUTLER, Matthew PATTERSON, Nikolai BRAUN
Filed: 20 Dec 17
Methods and Apparatus for Interferometric Interrogation of an Optical Sensor
22 Jan 20
A high-speed interrogation system is provided for interferometric sensors, one example of which is an EFPI sensor, that operates based on spectral interference.
Janet Renee Pedrazzani, Matthew Davis, Evan M. Lally
Filed: 8 Nov 18
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