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Compositions Containing Rosin Esters
8 Jul 21
Jos H.M. Lange, Mark C. Schaapman, Justyna J. Hinc
Filed: 22 Mar 21
Compositions containing rosin esters and ethylene polymers
23 Mar 21
Disclosed are compositions which include an ethylene polymer derived from at least one polar monomer with one or more ester groups, and a rosin ester.
Jos H. M. Lange, Mark C. Schaapman, Justyna J. Hinc
Filed: 1 Jul 19
PVC plasticizers and methods for making thereof
23 Feb 21
A plasticized PVC composition free of phthalate is disclosed.
Xiangyun Wei, Jos H. M. Lange
Filed: 17 Jan 19
Fusible Oil Gel Compositions and Methods of Making and Using Same
23 Dec 20
A gel composition is herein disclosed.
Catherine A.L. Maris, Erin B. Murphy, Robert C. Bening, Xiangyun Wei, Xavier D. Muyldermans
Filed: 8 Sep 20
Fuse molded three dimensional article and a method for making the same
23 Nov 20
A fuse molded modeling three dimensional article having areas of dissimilar or different hardness is described, wherein one of said areas is hard and is plastic, metal, glass, wood, concrete, rock, or mixtures thereof, and another of said areas is a less hard area comprising a controlled distribution hydrogenated styrenic block copolymer composition.
Marcus Greger
Filed: 31 Oct 13
Reclaimed asphalt composition and methods of making and using same
5 Oct 20
A method of forming a paving composition using reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and/or reclaimed asphalt shingle (RAS) is provided.
Sebastian Puchalski, Robert Q. Kluttz, Christopher Matthew Lubbers
Filed: 19 Mar 18
Adhesive Compositions with Amorphous Polyolefins
2 Sep 20
The invention relates to a hot melt adhesive composition that, when used as an elastic attachment adhesive (EAA), provides elastic laminates having an initial creep performance of less than 25%.
Filed: 12 May 20
Rubber compositions containing improved tread enhancement additives and use thereof
20 Jul 20
The disclosure relates to a composition for use in a number of applications including tires.
Wolfgang Pille-Wolf, Jérémie Guillaume Pichereau, Hannes Hendrik Peter van Erp, Jeffrey R Warmkessel, Blaisdell Benedict Willis
Filed: 15 Oct 17
Block copolymers having semi-crystalline blocks and compositions and articles made therefrom
27 Apr 20
Selectively hydrogenated block copolymers having semi-crystalline blocks hard blocks and copolymer soft blocks having a combination of excellent physical properties and solvent resistance have been discovered.
John E. Flood, Carl L. Willis, Robert C. Bening, Hendrik De Groot, Xavier D. D. J. Muyldermans, David T. Williamson, Dale L. Handlin, Jr., Robert Dossett
Filed: 21 Mar 17
Hot melt elastic attachment adhesive for low temperature applications
27 Apr 20
An adhesive composition comprising: one or more block copolymers and one or more tackifying resins, wherein said one or more block copolymers comprise (i) one or more blocks of polymerized alkenyl arene monomer (A block), (ii) one or more blocks of polymerized conjugated diene monomer (B block), and optionally at least one low molecular weight (compared to B block) block of polymerized conjugated diene (C block), where the A, B, and C blocks can vary independent of each other with regard to composition and molecular weight.
Donn Dubois
Filed: 27 Oct 16
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