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Custom Titanium Alloy, TI-64, 23+
27 Jan 22
This disclosure relates to a new alloy and methods of making same.
Charles Frederick YOLTON, Eric BONO
Filed: 6 Oct 21
Soft Magnetic Composite Materials and Methods and Powders for Producing the Same
13 May 21
A powder including a plurality of particulates, each particulate including a soft magnetic metallic core coated with a continuous dielectric coating having a thickness selected from a range of 100 nanometers to 100 micrometers.
Francis William Herbert, Chins Chinnasamy, James William Sears, Christopher Phillip Allen, Jaydip Das, Nir Vaks
Filed: 10 Nov 20
Indirect Additive Manufacturing Process for Fabricating Bonded Soft Magnets
25 Feb 21
A bonded soft magnet object comprising bonded soft magnetic particles of an iron-containing alloy having a soft magnet characteristic, wherein the bonded soft magnetic particles have a particle size of at least 200 nm and up to 100 microns.
Mariappan Parans Paranthaman, Corson L. Cramer, Peeyush Nandwana, Amelia M. Elliott, Chins Chinnasamy
Filed: 21 Aug 20
Double-Shouldered Connection for Drilling Tubulars with Large Inside Diameter
30 Dec 20
A threaded connection for drilling tubulars includes a tubular box section having a sidewall.
Anthony Louis Collins
Filed: 10 Mar 20
Method and Apparatus for Generating Fluid Pressure Pulses of Adjustable Amplitude
21 Oct 20
A pressure generating device for use in downhole drilling operations includes a rotating valve portion having a first body with at least one first flow channel, and a stationary valve portion having a second body with at least one second flow channels and at least one bypass channel.
Anthony Louis Collins, Everett Philip Hagar, Robert William McCullough, Christopher Adam Well, Thomas Clifford Williams
Filed: 21 Oct 19
Custom Titanium Alloy for 3-D Printing and Method of Making Same
26 Feb 20
Charles Frederick Yolton
Filed: 27 Oct 19
Ultra-low Cobalt Iron-cobalt Magnetic Alloys
1 Jan 20
A magnetic iron alloy and process of making the same.
Tanjore V. Jayaraman, Chins Chinnasamy, Samuel Kernion, Eric Fitterling
Filed: 3 Sep 19
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