Coherent (COHR)

Apparatus for forming a homogeneous intensity distribution with bright or dark edges
17 May 22
A beam homogenizer for transforming a beam of laser-radiation into a flat-top intensity distribution having brighter or darker edges comprises a first lens array, a second lens array, and a positive lens.
Frank Simon, Ludwig Schwenger, Andrea Caprara
Filed: 24 Feb 20
Conductively-cooled slab laser
17 May 22
A carbon dioxide gas-discharge slab-laser is assembled in a laser-housing.
Eric R. Mueller, Vernon A. Seguin, Christian Shackleton
Filed: 2 Apr 20
Laser wavelength stabilization apparatus
22 Mar 22
A wavelength sensor for wavelength stabilization of a laser beam includes an etalon placed in the laser beam and tilted with respect to the laser beam.
Qize Shu
Filed: 22 Jul 19
Excimer laser with uniform beam
23 Nov 21
Fine-structure in the transverse mode of an excimer laser beam is minimized by having a plurality of resonator mirrors located at each end of a linear excimer laser.
Igor Bragin, Timur Misyuryaev, Paul Van Der Wilt
Filed: 20 Feb 20
Beam forming with focus location adjustment
9 Nov 21
An apparatus includes a beam source, beam forming optics, a first focusing lens having a focal length, a second focusing lens having a focal length similar to the focal length of the first lens, and a lens translator configured to move the second lens transversely relative to the beam forming optics and to the first lens, and thereby move the elongated focus transversely.
Lei Meng, Michele Wayne Winz
Filed: 24 Apr 19
Wavelength discriminating slab laser
9 Nov 21
A CO2 laser that generates laser-radiation in just one emission band of a CO2 gas-mixture has resonator mirrors that form an unstable resonator and at least one spectrally-selective element located on the optical axis of the resonator.
Peter Rosenthal, Jens Schüttler, Florian Engel, Gongxue Hua
Filed: 5 Nov 19
High repetition rate seed laser
19 Oct 21
A fiber laser producing a beam of ultrashort laser pulses at a repetition rate greater than 200 MHz includes a linear fiber resonator and a fiber branch.
Norman Hodgson, Dmitri Simanovski
Filed: 6 Jun 19
Second-harmonic generation crystal
24 Aug 21
An optic produces a beam of ultraviolet laser radiation from a beam of visible laser radiation and spatially separates the ultraviolet laser beam from the visible laser beam.
Wolf Seelert, Rüdiger Von Elm
Filed: 26 Feb 20
Laser-MOPA with burst-mode control
3 Aug 21
A laser master-oscillator power-amplifier (MOPA) is operated to provide successive bursts of ultrashort pulses.
Gregory Dumond
Filed: 18 Jun 18
Method of closed form release for brittle materials using burst ultrafast laser pulses
6 Jul 21
A method for machining and releasing closed forms from a transparent, brittle substrate includes using a burst of ultrafast laser pulses to drill patterns of orifices in the substrate.
S. Abbas Hosseini
Filed: 11 Nov 14
Laser material processing distance gauge
25 May 21
Apparatus for distance gauging in laser material processing includes a source of laser-radiation, an electrically-conductive focusing assembly, a constant-current source, and a voltmeter.
Keith Jefferies
Filed: 2 Nov 17
Optoelectronic assembly
4 May 21
The invention relates to an optical assembly (100) comprising a first optical fiber (101) propagating coherent light in a predetermined direction (P) into an input end (110) of the optical assembly (100), said optical fiber having a core and a cladding; a heat sink (111) surrounding the optical fiber (101) at the input end (110); and a lens (120) arranged after the heat sink (111) in the propagating direction (P).
Simon Aleryd, Stuart Campbell, Olof Sallhammar
Filed: 12 Oct 18
Polarized fiber-laser
9 Mar 21
A fiber-laser includes a gain-fiber in a laser-resonator.
Qi-Ze Shu, Andrea Caprara
Filed: 5 Jun 18
Laser apparatus for cutting brittle material
1 Jun 20
An apparatus for cutting brittle material comprises an aspheric focusing lens, an aperture, and a laser-source generating a beam of pulsed laser-radiation.
Michael R. Greenberg, David M. Gaudiosi, Jochen Deile
Filed: 14 Nov 16
Achromatic astigmatic anamorphic objective
25 May 20
An anamorphic three-element objective lens projects a plurality of beams of different wavelengths and different diameters into an elongated focal spot in a working-plane.
Michele Wayne Winz, Lei Meng
Filed: 29 Jan 18
Single Crystal optical parametric amplifier
4 May 20
An apparatus for generating visible light including a laser source emitting a fundamental beam, an optically nonlinear crystal, and a seed source emitting a seed beam.
Dmitri Simanovski, Andrei Starodoumov, Norman Hodgson
Filed: 8 May 19
Conductively-cooled slab laser
4 May 20
A carbon dioxide gas-discharge slab-laser is assembled in a laser-housing.
Eric R. Mueller, Vernon A. Seguin, Christian Shackleton
Filed: 6 Mar 18
Aberration compensated diode-laser stack
20 Jan 20
Optical output beams from a vertical stack of diode-laser bars are focused by a simple focusing lens on an optical axis of the lens.
Athanasios Chryssis, Geunmin Ryu, David Schleuning
Filed: 24 Jan 17
High power sub-400 femtosecond MOPA with solid-state power amplifier
13 Jan 20
Laser-apparatus includes a fiber-MOPA arranged to deliver amplified seed optical pulses having a wavelength of about 1043 nanometers to a multi-pass ytterbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet solid-state optical amplifier for further amplification.
Andrei Starodoumov, Norman Hodgson
Filed: 30 Aug 17
Modular ultraviolet pulsed laser-source
30 Dec 19
Apparatus for generating ultraviolet (UV) pulsed laser-radiation for material-processing includes a laser-source providing infrared (IR) pulsed laser-radiation and a frequency-conversion module.
Ralf Knappe
Filed: 30 Jul 17
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