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Auxiliary data management system
10 May 22
A system may include a plurality of stations that implement a workflow process.
George Powell, John Deal
Filed: 31 Aug 20
Barcode-reading system that automatically adjusts certain outputs based on ambient characteristics
26 Apr 22
A barcode-reading system may include a barcode reader and at least one detector that is configured to detect a characteristic of an environment in which the barcode-reading system is located.
Hong Ji, John Deal
Filed: 22 Jun 20
Barcode-reading system that requires an accessory for enhanced operation of a barcode reading application
1 Mar 22
A barcode-reading system for a mobile device may include a camera assembly.
George Powell, Ryan Hoobler
Filed: 7 Sep 20
Enterprise-level Licensing for a Barcode Decoder Within a Mobile Device Application
10 Feb 22
An application on a mobile device may include a barcode decoder.
Ming Lei, David Bubnoski
Filed: 31 Jul 21
System for providing interim charging capability for a mobile device
8 Feb 22
An interim charging system includes a docking station and a case for a mobile device.
Phil Utykanski
Filed: 29 Oct 19
Barcode-reading system
14 Dec 21
This patent specification describes a barcode-reading enhancement accessory for a mobile device having a barcode-reading capability.
Philip Utykanski, John Deal, Ryan Hoobler
Filed: 29 Jun 20
Architecture for Faster Decoding In a Barcode Reading System That Includes a Slow Interface Between the Camera and Decoder
2 Dec 21
Disclosed herein is a barcode reading system that includes an image decoding system, a communication interface, and an image sensor system package.
Ming Lei, Jason Lee
Filed: 14 Jun 21
Charging system for a barcode reader that uses different types of rechargeable power sources
23 Nov 21
A system includes a barcode reader that is configured to use different types of rechargeable power sources and charging circuitry that is configured to provide a charging current and a charging voltage for a rechargeable power source that is being used by the barcode reader.
Eric Alldredge, Ryan Hoobler
Filed: 21 Sep 20
Modular Post
18 Nov 21
A modular post for use in a barrier system comprises a post component and a base.
Paul J. Ingleby, Alexander James Hinton, Edward Barnes, Richard Peter Rorison Sutherland
Filed: 14 May 21
Stand that enables a mobile device to read barcodes in presentation mode
16 Nov 21
A presentation stand for enabling a mobile device to read barcodes in presentation mode includes a cradle portion that is connected to the base portion.
Phil Utykanski, John Deal
Filed: 17 Aug 20
Obtaining and Processing Information Related to a Mobile Device Accessory That Includes a Battery
4 Nov 21
An accessory for a mobile device includes a battery pack comprising a battery, battery pack memory, and battery data stored in the battery pack memory.
Jennifer Braun, John Deal
Filed: 12 Jul 21
Offline license activation for barcode decoders
2 Nov 21
A system in accordance with the present disclosure may include a plurality of electronic devices that do not have Internet connectivity.
Ming Lei, Anuj Sajit Shah
Filed: 16 Oct 18
Controlling Access to Barcode-reading Functionality
28 Oct 21
The disclosure concerns systems and methods for controlling access to a device with barcode-reading functionality.
Denver Joseph Hoggatt, Steve Pierce
Filed: 28 Apr 20
Using a defect pattern in an image sensor to verify license entitlement
5 Oct 21
A mobile device may include a camera assembly, a processor, memory, and a barcode-reading application.
George Powell, Ryan Hoobler
Filed: 21 Jan 19
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