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Platform for serving online content
29 Jun 20
A computer implemented method for creating a page including content includes the steps of inserting, with a computing device, one or more placeholders in the page, requesting, with a computing device, parameters, receiving, with a computing device, meta data in response to the step of requesting parameters, creating, with a computing device, frames in the page based on the meta data at positions corresponding to the placeholders, requesting, with a computing device, content, receiving, with a computing device, content in response to the request for content, and placing the content in the frames for display on a display device.
Monica Stroud, Eric Harper
Filed: 14 Mar 18
Systems and methods for a generating an interactive 3D environment using virtual depth
29 Jun 20
Described herein are apparatuses, systems and methods for generating an interactive three-dimensional (“3D”) environment using virtual depth.
Tamer William Eskander, Isaac Steele
Filed: 19 Jun 18
System and Method for Rating Plural Products
10 Jun 20
A system and method for rating of each of plural products comprising identifying plurality of attributes associated with a category of product, applying a scalar structure for each attribute to provide scalar value of each attribute for each of the plural products, determining an incremental competitive index for each attribute of each product based on the scalar value of each attribute and a number of products having the scalar value, and rating each product based on the determined competitive index.
Timothy A. Musgrove, Robin Hiroko Walsh, Russell Gilchrist
Filed: 13 Feb 20
Transport Stream Automatic Change Over
20 May 20
A device, system, and method perform an automatic change over for transport streams.
Jeff HESS, Jonathan Edlin Clegg, Scott Danahy, Gregg William Riedel
Filed: 18 Nov 18
Integration of a video player pushdown advertising unit and digital media content
11 May 20
Described are systems and methods for dynamic integration and presentation of advertising content and media content.
Jamie Hintz, Mark Fortner, Adam Solomon, Colin McNamara, Mark Theophilis
Filed: 24 Jan 17
Techniques for providing a narrative summary for fantasy games
16 Mar 20
Various embodiments for providing a narrative summary for fantasy games are described.
Louis E. Miller
Filed: 27 Dec 11
Method, Medium, and System for Building a Product Finder
4 Mar 20
The principles set forth herein describe building a product finder.
Waheed Mebed, Dmitry Chechuy
Filed: 5 Nov 19
Aerated Concrete-Hybrid Construction Element
26 Feb 20
An aerated concrete-hybrid construction element comprises a plurality of support structure profiles integrated therein and arranged parallel to one another at a distance from one another.
Adolf Imhoff
Filed: 26 Feb 18
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