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Compounds and methods for repelling blood-feeding arthropods and deterring their landing and feeding
23 Nov 20
This invention relates to a group of compounds for repelling blood-feeding ectoparasitic arthropods, and a method of deterring their landing and feeding on animals including humans, by applying in one or more formulations compounds that incorporate one or more sulfide and one or more hydroxyl groups to the skin, clothing or environment of animals, including humans.
Regine M Gries, Grigori Khaskin, Gerhard G. Gries
Filed: 15 Oct 17
an Insect Trap
20 May 20
An insect trap may include a first housing; a reservoir at least partially defined by the first housing; a protrusion disposed within the reservoir and extending inward from an interior surface of the first housing, the protrusion configured to pierce a package disposed within the reservoir; an actuator connected to the protrusion such that when the actuator is moved, the protrusion moves with the actuator within the reservoir; a second housing moveably engaging the first housing; a trap chamber partially formed by the first and second housings; an inlet into the trap chamber; and wherein the second housing is movable between a first position where the inlet is open and a second position where the inlet is closed.
Paul M. HAVLOVITZ, Darryl RAMOUTAR, Michael Anthony CEDDIA, Matthew R. RAWLINGS, Gerhard J. GRIES, Regine M. GRIES, Jean Pierre LAFONTAINE, John Harvey BORDEN, Robert A. Britton, Sydney E. Crawley
Filed: 28 Jun 18
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