Axon Enterprise (AXON)

Andrea James SVP, Corporate Strategy and IR
Rick Smith CEO
Luke Larson President
Jawad Ahsan CFO
Josh Isner Chief Revenue Officer
Jeff Kunins Chief Product Officer
Keith Housum Northcoast
Will Power Baird
Jonathan Ho William Blair
Jeremy Hamblin Craig-Hallum
Erik Lapinski Morgan Stanley
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Andrea James

Hello everyone, and welcome to our First Quarter 2021 Earnings Conference Webinar. I’m Andrea James, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Investor Relations. Today, we have with us CEO, Rick Smith; President, Luke Larson; CFO, Jawad Ahsan; Chief Revenue Officer, Josh Isner; and Chief Product Officer, Jeff Kunins. I hope you’ve all had a chance to read our very robust shareholder letter, which we released after the market closed.

You can find it at investor.axon.com.

meant upon are that information today letter. robust remarks to the build in Our of we’ll this earnings end the At call, video. play quarterly our and That’s the for doing time you’re call, that. our stay welcome it to first earnings on for to a endeavor to copy connectivity, remarks post prepared some reason, our If lose investor.axon.com. we’ll we of

based the we within our forward-looking of business are call, today, cause today performance. could on are guarantees in filings. discussed Securities the made risks our All harbor predictions statements of Private are pursuant and safe make future that risks this Act and These uncertainties actual During expectations our and SEC Reform results to outlook will discuss as of subject to and they of meaning the to Any forward-looking of differ forward-looking are are comments Litigation statements. statements These provision not materially. XXXX.


over turning Rick. Now, to it

Rick Smith

hello, everyone. Andrea, Thanks, and

see to had from we’ve the letter, As year. you the can shareholder start exceptional an

innovation, executing teams proud of across markets. We’ve I’d our Axon’s where more our and exciting, passionate and remained that relevant current personal be to Our are to and most ultimately change have products couldn’t the true we’ve I on to events, heads built a of our our position business. all of continues always what address driving business been drive we’re agent and like growth heading. inherent Today, about propel forward. and public mission as and down,

all help set and we creating save year’s public us safety. our nation for global Americans. these communities, public continue quality Customers of less we of drive reflect a light the had published was our radical goal could of ago Two our book, the primary surpassing broader End were the effectiveness. have bullet than growth. can I the XX receptive displace lethal key and transform a will serve life to here force wait stories daily about of public we increase the of in we the drive technologies until community months, this that as eventually our could that them, We more key major events our us agencies who events, partner cannot and true actually sidearm years the home to that is products their achieve to everyone see this my weapons achieve First, from the transparency higher past weapons. far problem-solving and the makes anticipated. become And lives, and deadline committed safety in it safe. will for and and to and use when decade lethal last customers values followed, the ensure including create increasingly are make events death and save safety they communities. I that the to and idea customers of and of obsolete that The to to Axon end to Killing, I pleased at recent challenges the of Floyd using communities protect leader And lives George a approach remain current it upon forced hold Customers hear thought to idea believe

largest them we Customers worked programs programs with weapons. the next-generation us to in which date seamless working even begun early them with when enable bring XX-year the upgrades, signing the of have allow for single that and will even create upgrades to launches. are capability leaping history the the in weapons, hard be I believe to less lethal of will teams Our next-generation extremely TASER

about production design Smith, us might passing XX and at miss capstone requires, interest note, automation of to and dynamic him why call incredible month, to seeing life. exist a to issue would our our Now, today help instrumental behind I intense to a lives our this the early to will talk full the intense investors testing all it. of among His I Phil to of hours you was head my final ground-up ground understand without TASER well in an loss. monumental father, set He founding amazing personal next-generation calling is Axon, public on out helping years growing days, But, after be the last due an TASER and Chairman, were scaling. the expectation, get its wanted the a on, off His new to the the XX-year the the Company as was given mission on couple in a program? and as not discuss results. of Second,

building Luke As inclusion. bullet, to the justice obsoleting social will a now business. the more can be we through Axon our our reducing take some force for for enabling diversity equity, look and and racial progress you future, of vision of and through a fair effective huge and Jawad system highlights conflict,

Luke Larson

Rick. Thanks,

events which in has to But our been truly put our are We executing on at drive teams ways. new in the believe IR positive a forefront up of feedback show inspired efficiency XXXX our our new scale teams products, unlock been change. shareholder the markets center growth. grow past in the letter, and ton to priorities unprecedented core, on, team, we’ve of to that year, stated our new strategic many got As our shout fuel we’ve to out of Axon

body Our most critical the are cameras the capturing in events world.

very responsibility seriously. a it’s take And that. of proud We’re we

the During Axon evidence with. for who Department called many Body and Justice are of the to Police Police in critical the for backup on Axon we’re Metropolitan released that related camera County also the Montgomery Capitol all Axon Body events Body and cameras incident. instance, DC the unrest in were customers providing has current videos January X, are in familiar civil that

released cameras and cost-effective. of story the public on a of Chicago world a that University Council Justice published Policing, team Lab Crime reduced NPR is Criminal use on stated are about police report force. a says beneficial and experts key week, and body-worn the benefit safety last and the Task cameras both, Just of The of body-worn Force economists

outweigh the if Lab, public to probably For this cost the are compelling police nonfatal local Crime cost. at pays the says, eyeshade and your they fell for nearly the the easily is really government huge complaints department win line, from the example, XX%, Jens benefits by force Professor you’re saw bottom study, looking a dropped Head green during is narrow that police Ludwig, itself the police fatal against and adopting and statistic a among of of technology by the use encounters XX%. and

that on sector. as gross share us continue is Our focus year, in including our to the TASER TASER delivering shareholder a are update to TASER capacity management so as have team investments This truce. great meet outlined and in technologies a invest to and front margin February, that see growing positions life protect we the capital driving making letter. we we manufacturing, These in the can In growth, investments expansion. demand you this federal our to and we’re manufacturing growing globally

in are on $X So XXXX. device in year, million gross chain track to cost supply TASER this more deliver savings and far improvements manufacturing than

about Sensors exceeding excited ALPR. our dashboard This expect is and this streaming recognition, third-generation the features to about that are expectations our as automatic segment. off cameras powered, healthy and our in premium known year, license Later this plate momentum cam industry our is launch seeing includes a live the ALPR Software which we We Demand in for of also solution. fleet bundle, you margin, shareholder and our read the fleet we detail our which more this software AI can add-on are letter. by in solution, in

we also Baltimore adoption live LTE-enabled to record Department expect and has very in the in of the and evidence been feedback And training are of coming growing We seeing to remote the transition well. the our and off uploads. going streaming Police body solution, usage cameras the weeks,

can’t their addressing by biggest training. and their transforming classroom, VR, of a just board, the about. inefficiencies addressing an advisory In TASER’s budget we’re two well simulator leveraging around issues, wait officers days, train we it how announcement Finally, with we By yesterday product are very to We role-playing training that coming and tell peak VR was did launch have big the received. we exciting sneak and our agencies time. you the more

have about lot be a in We excited to XXXX beyond. and

our Now, I’ll to the over Chief turn Financial call Officer, Jawad.

Jawad Ahsan

Luke. Thanks,

our As to extremely execute our confidently able level, an in future. invest we’re teams continue to high at

invested extend Cellebrite, the our strong were made recently When people future. We’ve strategic more products, us RapidSOS where public sheet strategic of in XXX, us partnership. problem. moves growth investments we Flock Safety, the carefully solving ecosystem safety call when recently know as they center and build our markets to These $XX RapidSOS platform and this gives as across million a the to the QX, crafted in RapidSOS we broadly in also allow that strategic completed well flexibility to Our as are. in literally doesn’t leader balance geographies. a three In expanded is the are balance lives aim partnerships. and dial drive

majority using of today, RapidSOS. send the safety vast Apple public in your iPhone, location XXX to call your U.S. you if jurisdictions, example, For via will

platform. can into new Axon and Axon can location our cameras integrated the platform, dispatching be Axon RapidSOS streams of integrated Now, live Body Fleet and the cameras data Respond and into RapidSOS be

in management, market our SPAC protect emphasis public recent a a software investment they digital a with partnership digital transaction complements by PIPE privacy. and Cellebrite going strategic share includes is in leader IPO. evidence in Another safeguards our connection participation million strong Their intelligence. $XX on in Cellebrite to lead in the

partnership in to compelling even deliberate see, and feedback deploy customers. we will Evidence.com we’re hearing and consistently taking for been perspective, our are great results. you capital. This can Cellebrite, our a We valuable From approach customers as the an with company partner M&A has common make more our delivering how from

moves You highly see to be strategic platform. us can opportunistic be to continue will we and that To make and strengthen extend clear, selective. our be expect

to focus investments execution make these strong keep on for strategic investing allows types continued of growth. and Our us our

that really our it’s the protect us our always we has serve long-term lead view on in business. to that fact we mission taking with life, truce communities the However, a

as progress term our work we a towards horizon. bullet, we are the measuring such obsoleting over goals As longer

do we terms the that to not and today, for In think XXXX fact, quarters. is and we’d you like business both, two-year years invite This revenue of introducing we in are our XXXX. about guidance way why to

don’t deals entire international U.S. deals anticipates underlying and forecast or in large might million growth of are rate our to and difficult demand our million. revenue. the contribute we signal our guidance. to future. trends the timing business. nature nations. XXXX, combination to the and gives investments The the us of $XX annual results. are complex for expect year $XXX in growth by thus, longer initiatives yield confidence the new regions our that anything about of raising to in foreseeable as revenue quarterly as of to variability these outside market why growth $XXX larger tremendous investments expansion to larger many For our of making to the therefore, early makes deals phasing midpoint in will expect international nature often trend linear in a that for such we’re want strategic of is deals of their anchoring we timing million and been The expect positive We’ve U.S. our we not The the from several We more XXXX, We, these guidance the This of of view is revenue, we at on approximately starting revenue and international the deliver outlook. is geographies underlying continue are revenue In the term

continuing a We are business and discipline. XX%-plus want are we invest to execute I sustainably on at with to will reiterate grow to laser-focused building CAGR. that a rigor and that committed

outlook the such, As XXXX at our our adjusted and midpoint. and $XX.X year, raising given EBITDA the by for million strength for we’re guidance

Andrea, to $XX let’s our growth, body market-leading our growth from geographically now Axon by How move cameras on quarter. forward highlighting become. adjusted to solutions $XXX that, of. grow we Revenues with for I’ve target of as strong diversified while I’d XX%, of aspect about trajectory, Axon services, tailored approximately to for like looking expected while better to of well I’m the to types felt has and sell training. and We’re continues we’ve surpassed also sell ARR diversified particularly proud And how products and that another remain hardware EBITDA a long-term and million to how close growth. continuing and team to. I’m is deliver. per seeing our We maintaining devices We’ve and as is to our customers million positioned margin never software, questions. invest

Andrea James

can Thanks, Jawad up into just gallery we nod everybody and a in view. with moderators to check when up team. we given our want gallery bring that I view. And me the are


got We are analysts, And up you in all in we’ve queue. gallery review. our

the our Housum So, have let Keith first use no know to take if just hand And raise Northcoast. need you We’ll at a follow-up. from us question feature.

Rick Smith

Keith. move, my That’s

You’re on a mute. I that. on got patent

Keith Housum

it guess, growth? growth How TASER I right. of doing some quarter past guidance right. can All the sales row, bit on Perhaps you with guys Congratulations provide previous a little are quarters you All now a [indiscernible] like forward. drivers quarters? we great two think growth. a few TASER looks guys. of How color you And the and Rick, are this I on are. now? quarter, type achieving Thanks appreciate the going what in fantastic more

Rick Smith

on Yes. medical sort of I’ll And would the XX focus there ago, the there’s of a it. it the with off safety on you. I’ll TASER, hand touch was a Josh, shifting devices. years of then, lot I say, focus really to focus.

my where I I’m there’s effectiveness. about, transparent. on out an in really focus talked intense now of think, where we’ve that, very I And come book,

pretty for launch. our big not and picked adoption even just of of our that that a step made lethal we’ll an are has think be We customers X substitute seeing step yet and make TASER a X, we’re but heading bigger a to excited, are I we’re kind with really direction. lot next enough on And TASER reliable up. force, We

to orders map adoption. where reports, daily years our much some that I We’re And -- in few getting I see and ago, see a think, now that, also me seeing, over broader broader the There’s you. on to to at radar, of coverage. Josh, these let with I our international coming and getting even countries go weren’t we’re we’re are got -- hand look

Josh Isner

a Thank pay think of just it’s in over Yes. Rick. lot Ultimately, the you, we’ve starting are of story years that to channel investments off. I continued made a the

diversifying, and of local absolutely is is enforcement As so a that big part so is is growth Jawad said, international, we’re federal, law state corrections. but so story,

work to the right those of channel out in white to of And now. to we’ve people lot a space so, got continue And talented we’ll continue years. doing the sure results lot a in invest great in grow make

Keith Housum

really Okay, a these about just chain? I I’ve points guess, supply have the second going products, we’re portfolio great. here where could, And do if I your into chain getting of worse then, guess, follow-up, supply days. that’s my the issues with the got question technologies as all any happening guy you are pinch ask I issues And across in a quarter?

Jeff Kunins

Keith. question, Great that. Yes. I’ll fill

I’ve that Josh buffers to quarterly demand, Goldman. can ensure we ops team give well got really forecast by And place team our keeping the and the guy, looking credit named we’ve navigated the the last of to year, about as So, And really good today, put forward. as and we’re supply of to months, a chain feel components. last phenomenal And just lot we as is have in it. a XX led same that critical over out meet strategy

Andrea James

Baird. next question Thanks, take our from Will at Keith. Power We’ll

Will Power

for sorry your loss. question. Great, first, okay. Rick, taking for the Thanks

Rick Smith

Thanks, Will.

was die On uplifting as hope such the thing he and as did. to could positive side, actually the It I way be. a positive

Will Power

that And results. aid maybe you of any some in at I helping? good. on in in guess, front? What the headwinds degree U.S. what terms really congratulations on habits. broadly spending the looking plans That’s Okay. are the strong to municipal across the of seeing Obviously, budgets, federal Well, are the the opportunities board.

Rick Smith


Josh Isner


to we’re this small of So, state in cities, have packages mainly for to I package, additional hasn’t provided but well. as it about think, cities local. meaningful federal and And there very grant first, the midsized questions lot fact, really it the about in large a how latest time At year, and in the a conveyed that of last a funding were happy lot was and say materialize, would was it way. still

any we less challenges past. or it’s municipal in any We right funding don’t see of it able worried us, We them. of believe provide be they’ll kind think systematic that more the across find that the some to than products So, make and in buy that front our value. customers we really funding to

Will Power

Any to could just Really you great. as if wondering some apart if any that provide in And issues great. side helping more supply meeting That’s Just nice of Okay. there potentially early background the sneak of to the in demand? set terms one. you the any would of color market? I Fleet could more what’s indicators. just X in kind on see I’m be

Rick Smith

couldn’t you I’m hear Will? what was sorry, what it? are product I referring to,

Jeff Kunins


Josh Isner

don’t I Why Fleet. stab then to pass and take the first Jeff. it

talked these that where this about the critical it. to software the hey, not thing one the saying, with great So, ALPR. excited with can pay that able It customers hardware also Axon and think provide I we’re the two also and is solution go we’re one is just to rate I Jeff. attach that is for Go And one I customers are really only to willing around are benefits. get the a advanced ahead, how software the but story about

Jeff Kunins


that. on continuing Just

strength greatest system services. combine that of the then, foremost, alluded looking just devices how that of really of merits alone, power for our on camera to, is the intelligent customers ever one seeing. Axon’s we’ve is as things -- And it with lot is And a drives these camera that cloud overwhelmingly we’re car. those that the demand we on shipping the and forward and the we’re system to itself, proud First best to we’ve

for streaming vehicle. time, as first ALPR Respond disruptively and up capability for agency in affordable for ability with to live single same an to ground ALPR designed And they’re from approach the put ethically our used the and so, as connected every budgets creates, our both, to the spending well really Vievu afford to the

and put you this -- price. forward so, it customers have an love all that And we to together how overall still at we year look later shipping attractive again, it. And seeing

Rick Smith

hardware in was doing the market to get has period more see But what’s been maybe use X by I’m been we Fleet thing. from really to because car. cameras a happen to bringing we’re the have then I’ve pumped transparent we’re The fast. our end this And hardware in learned up take the case. the for got refactor a add to, really X, we with multiyear our Fleet has suppliers market. by sometimes. over on those designed did to we’re the is top of ton we But, still we This going to And them our folks. Previously, got body I ground where we’re first and awesome the game. strength and think, and X, talented camera purpose-built one products. a scrapping, some too that. now bringing to not the now what And

So, I’m market. performs the in see it how excited to

Andrea James

Blair. Thanks. love families Jonathan question next right. We’ll at our from at All Axon. William the here take Well, we ahead, Jonathan. Go Ho

Jonathan Ho

out to just wanted with start the two-year guidance. I

above you offer what this maybe given a cycles, forecast? be about two-year And I how Just you view little and long these in you’re sales can that longer deals you’re lumpiness bit talk the to gives building run early? some the to that confidence a international able guess, the seeing of

Jawad Ahsan

love well. to that, I’d Yes. and hear would start to with as input Josh’s like

factors, a couple Jonathan. there are So, of

heard our I in is executing is, fantastic got and We’ve talent it. business allude pretty The of We’ve going feel crisply to to a -- a look, of a confidence rocking of confident our The we’re execute high guidance. a And collection them. we’ve that first and degree collected in and have are all likelihood you’ve out tremendous functions, such one to us they amount rolling. the frankly, quite got going on built, on I we’ve pipeline I two that very that that feel years reliably. like

what also terms years. we’ve guidance. alluded for and us more -- And a that is they’re that these many business international us think in is years. a it in so larger, It’s we’re deals, there’s to at this, will operational, sustainably build they’re grow to it is of Because more difficult factors business factor towards the political. working really, terms financial, to to regulatory, second quarter-to-quarter better about XX%-plus we The CAGR involved, give complex, think makes year-over-year. of for And

Josh Isner

really indicator one bookings And just I add, results. of then, lastly, of of our a as benefits on focusing forward-looking would the

in bookings Our to out. And saw year and last continue grow that year we year.

excited future. as this well. very for means the seeing year We’re about what And it that we’re

and year-over-year, to growing. at So, talent more sales confidence we better certainly us bookings more having that growing we’re combining do between lot gets keep and bringing a gives on with of it going that forecasting, enterprise that better

Jonathan Ho

suite? you seeing it. contributing bit your the of net how and the you’re Got Can a metrics well? there some that that’s also you. expansionary more little maybe and traction of the give software terms of retention as to CAD Thank specifically maybe solutions, in RMS sort relative color And us to

Josh Isner


We’re really excited.

And next had we one you of hear best go us of is, into software a the deliver oftentimes we that newer equally that that us offerings. of enterprise seeing our we to good When our piece police always to software the is lot We’re willing ask partner or it’s have piece lot confidence Evidence.com. with departments, functioning better. of deploy from what’s inspires questions the more be of going And confidence on today? customers historically a in we customers

of what records We expectations. and in and we’ve growing years just like and And successful. of we believe that on, right now, to customers that’s confidence on right dispatch that on customers we’re so, early be now. as lot that careful for set we sure in we have market have into category in us we a we’re make well. a over the And we we early very our turn focused every come, right And those the bring to terms right evangelists do to going making we have entered, the those really

Andrea James

from Thanks, take Jonathan. our at question Jeremy. Hamblin Jeremy Go Craig-Hallum. next ahead, We’ll

Jeremy Hamblin

congratulations Cellebrite. And is to made you’ve family. And about I wanted thoughts ask results, also thinking my that strong in the and actually the what Thanks. that the rapid likelihood integrated in with that these they’re investments the How more made have see road? that business becoming? going growth that seeing to business, you on well you’re down on as your can potentially businesses about the investments that additional much

Jawad Ahsan

Yes. I’ll start.

a from So, with prior been now. that company for chance It’s someone some a Cellebrite a is build we’ve had coming our admiring We to a deal really time we them admired. SPAC far to on relationship radar. the

at a partnership we them this that important digital We digital to invest about forward. leader As they’re point, to this as it’s we’ll very good a And we really our our view at. talk evidence strategically natural in really with a where or management. is Axon. lead about, But, think something extension going intelligence. feel play. of long-term beyond We evaluate more And we’re the opportunity in

Luke Larson

think, would I just to add that. I

very you about talked that see made Jawad all far. in we’ve as Just can so investments pattern of earlier, judicious these

as the would for Cellebrite, be chosen to financial an investment accelerant they’re want interesting then do win to So, investments, between a well. is of all to And where as Safety do naturally and very match otherwise a great then RapidSOS -- partners. yes, are customers things purposefully we now we together commercially what them Flock and they’re places as with but

Jeremy Hamblin

ask Great. annual revenue, roughly I on. million very about And on steady quarter pace you’re wanted then, you’ve also adding recurring $XX had It’s just a this. to your that

a bigger, upside Company potentially and Is it that perhaps step that here? what RMS? the significant how to we driver? Is in that the the from big potentially just $XX deviation from million be drive just level bigger would up But, from to do gaining traction gets As quarter? going

Jawad Ahsan


new markets, dispatch. that Josh now, is alluded to innings. investments the very we’ve international these in So, leading bookings. is right made one we’re we’re like just And also records in for in categories, making and we’re early of new really indicator the the product us, things like And investments

proud market product we it’s leader. a a of. we’re think building We’re to And that be very going

so, for the leading indicator And to bookings. be is us going

As that continue into those up translating in, will to just that think will add come bookings end ARR. we

Andrea James

Jeremy, I quick one. just make that sure to piggyback, just wanted to your real just on numbers

we’re been ahead, -- We’re been next million John but John. as a very well. rate number that’s Jawad, his Godin the it’s closer in our proud year over the last quarter. he at Go take the [ph] Needham. has to question of from script that average ARR, referenced adding $XX And We’ll what the

Unidentified Analyst

taking social how Congrats Hey, a have and then, how guys. think given competitively? my in I the fit And where Obviously, appreciate Thanks. nice questions. early that trends you demand the product products. that see seen level, you on thinking And have lot market? VR kind maybe you from do on years, the growing three to or question of for quarter. around I a you of coming unrest, a high given looking out you two also that?

Jawad Ahsan

I have start Josh with don’t Yes. and Why follow-up. that then

unprecedented, seen customers us. where So, nearly coming to is would are that the we’ve I VR, say, demand for

our healthy And offering developing. geographical scenarios, we’ve community ideas a explaining sized existing seen agent of some is lot pipeline We’re what that with agencies, of the a distribution. we’re from really, future really all

feel lot like where one we of is So, demand. there’s this a

Josh Isner


narrative XX want And on to next can’t exist externally. last addressing it XX I’m public going I the is clear the has right. existed years. that very just to or the control year-to-year in years, for what in we’re except to aren’t the really will that need think a -- be anything we there attribute I though. of that’s cautious kind what’s

a building about market. team several in. see We super be effective it alignment we’re that we’re one and proud make a and it’s that’s one. it’s category. excited is category safer We of And a demand us, in safer. their lot we focused communities for next the about that about is So, excited better very term. of see a -- this make VR and lot we the mission more our products And over that scaling And participating got that And of really at with years. customers think new jobs, to we’ve long our this think

Andrea James

next our take Erik. question Lapinski Erik at We’ll Go from Morgan Stanley. ahead,

Erik Lapinski

and of that? way Maybe might as development rollout level just is want? that, like in through if modular you’re would going forward what pushing path back working that kind customization the making customizable? records. work be guess, process that department And it has of the from of the more Baltimore to the any like a how can wondering enough product that with larger you what’s around police wondering I goes they just it altered Like,

Rick Smith

in determined as go our No, for more complex time. scenarios of we every the excited full customers. software we our of overall continue building for need couple and it pieces enterprise also about question. is our safety, building a it you’ve earlier up in the clear delight not us, working that any become calls, of of And us, successful keep our in public contributing and that as the of have path we to everyone product customers today great of categories, the day. ultimately piece right playing said us our and forward early inside advance. think right is but one that sensors this are more takes we’re say outside really And software as I in Sure. one multiyear path that there to as large but last and order, portfolio and to heard Inherently, for are plays we evolutions to for number the be and only and on was these journey And winning me Josh it’s we these

and what that So, early we feel and great needs each as about going. needs, what rollout Baltimore’s we our -- are, of apply about all customers’ additional of the customers keep

Andrea James

not And from and well the feedback we John’s heard. Erik’s outside just question got some that that maybe

asked level Baltimore asked the had And [ph] of Godin customization about reality, John Erik virtual So, for PD. about had required training.

Erik Lapinski

was side? cam ask body picking primarily the but are if If that Is the of just it with leading right followed? think, expansion, kind of on time the traction also that, in seeing it I or we’ve international there. was I TASER too, can body has bookings up on TASER cam X really asked some international last you now, more, wondering

Andrea James

what driving Josh. international about are ahead. what real -- bookings. question about is Josh. just question Thanks, the quick, And products products our is Go The

Josh Isner


Absolutely. about Sorry that.

I it’s on a both. is, great news market. The good question. the seeing we’re think It depends

a body Some growing us [Technical and customers markets, we in body these in even without we cameras, those customers expect and high leading then, couple the Difficulty] with international, buy with cam into quarters, large lead of packages in TASER. for segment were which see markets couple body from And us software-only cams a customers, where next in is to other of we volumes. and grow

that particularly excited we’re about that So new trend seeing. we’re

States, really, like into positioned, with grown And so, we’re customers well product just one diversified in adopting really and of like where feel our the we started products. several United we and have

We’re seeing international. that happen same in thing to starting

Andrea James

thanks, us. Well, Okay. follow-up have analysts any Thanks, No? any of Erik. questions? joining much guys, for so Do our

to us going have out. We’re close Rick

Rick Smith

Hey, video. you you time play around, leave, have Andrea. going quarterly our Thanks, earnings before to to if we’re stick

Roll forward for to video. webcast updating joining. after thanks the be throughout to the you year. this drop video. We will look posted off investor.axon.com. So, We’ll And