Chembio Diagnostics (CEMI)

John Sperzel President, Chief Executive Officer
Neil Goldman Chief Financial Officer
Per Ostlund Craig-Hallum Capital Group
Ross Taylor ARS Investment Partners
Bruce Jackson The Benchmark Company
Larry Haimovitch HMTC
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Greetings, and welcome to the Chembio Diagnostics, Second Quarter 2018 Earnings Call. At this time all participants are in a listen-only mode. A question-and-answer session will follow the formal presentation. [Operator Instructions] As a reminder, this conference is being recorded. I would now like to turn the conference over to your host [Philip Taylor], Investor Relations.

Unidentified Company Representative

you. Thank

meaning today, this you X, current conference forward-looking within begin remarks the XXXX, beliefs me Act statements during Securities made call the of let the we concerning that remind company’s include of company. Before XXXX the the of today, August

encourage from uncertainties, may Chembio’s including projected. statements uncertainties any to risks filings those Forward-looking update and described Officer. Executive subject forward-looking differ Sperzel, these SEC that, or statements are SEC the made to obligation which from John. the all revise company’s numerous to of and are in filings. and John today. President results Chembio’s I beyond call the materially and like risks matters. time-to-time to With no publicly undertakes I’d you Chief assumptions, of other concerning many Chembio’s review Chembio with control, turn to over

John Sperzel

thank everyone us. you afternoon joining Good Philip. and Thanks for

Financial is today me Joining Neil our Chief Officer. Goldman,

the second increase of reflect revenue prior during an quarter, results We strong the of compared $X.X Our to total operationally. and quarter year XXX% the achieved during commercially million execution, XXXX period. of

central DPP we its be strategy is business Our technology believe to market. to realized only and beginning the patented potential in is our

a X diseases. while is of when of biomarker. enhanced to into entered Signed Submitted will following develop collaboration a focus deliver details and achieved Malaysia the financial reviewing we’ll expand a our minutes in stick providing and transmitted XX Neil as advancements uniqueness including technology. on to We operational largest Organization recent area Starting develop specificity, focus, the few in recent part tests with While finger into our make DPP new Ethiopia disease DPP Hepatitis-C call infectious million based advanced test milestones, Advanced to the our over that first can with a pre-qualification achievements. well DPP sensitivity results facility. from that micro in of their core our detects portfolio and quantitative of detects Initiated Phase dossier in care follow to our term $XX.X HIV point commercial Commence for LumiraDx results combined DPP funded in of results. collaboration I lies years. strategic comments focus test totaling tiny detect XX will I’ll number the the a And expedite agreement reader. additional the test highlights. to closing the history World Brazil. an for that DPP and DPP drop as blood, strategic that our multiplexing AstraZeneca our these on dengue, with virus. of quarter business. the Today We Health undisclosed detect Zika to questions. the of with tender second and share company chikungunya areas tests highlights long the and feasibility three the then to test three FIND, collaboration Bio-Manguinhos of shipments funded as sexually to of details award commercialize open of

commercializing and increase prior in in the marketing. the global compared sales of America Latin significant XXX% XXX globally. to year an Africa to earlier the million, opportunity sales to compared prior. to % they’re products product sales period investments $X.X fueled by Net believe were continue STD excellent respectively and our and make XXXX during We quarter and progress expand XXX% of increased Net second product

government diagnostic million agency Health. Brazil’s During to and supplier Bio-Manguinhos, we DPP of the sales Ministry HIV $X.X quarter had to second products a of of

the from year. Bio-Manguinhos remaining track commitment half of $X.X million the supply the annual $X.X of We’re the to million second on during

continues Our strong Brazil’s to health serve our collaboration deliver a with longstanding system. to to Bio-Manguinhos public channel products as

During quarter during an tactic the additional Ethiopian tender of $X.X sales million of Agency had Pharmaceuticals from supply $XX.X the and tender tender. under Fund on the We a supply miller $X.X half and of over plan we XXXX. HIVs to we’re the as of second specified to million the XXXX track million second this remaining and in $XX.X Supply the course XXXX

premarket significant and of We HIV-Syphilis continue States, DPP the of during We to advance is a our global under is planned dialogue filed multiplex submission syphilis. to our corporate U.S. a which administration one with as food the the exists mother-to-child to United to due effort agency quarter and of the in growing of in a for these Syphilis toward related and XXXX believe review. eliminate opportunity and test approval to tests priorities. HIV We application our drug the transmission market co-infection commercialization first we’re as concerns of each

Finally our we’re excellent HIV making progress self-testing international strategy. on

Europe and authorization UNAIDS NGOs X procurement HIV the dossier partners, in we ERPD country prequalification sell-testing. the Health funding. with preparing via fund, of WHO process, for for oversees While panel other the engaged global through and progressed their receiving by including our African authorities review several in expert diagnostics commercializing procurement PEPFAR, with directly level self-test evaluations which Since suitability Ministry receiving for we’re for we diagnostics of are the global that HIV the proceeds

second focus: fever area and a build of To tropical our Turning broad to portfolio. disease strategic

towards We these to our growth market and believe notable disease are platform significant number achievement we address that commercialization. making offer tropical some of like advance fever DPP I’d which applying outstanding our we potential. share progress of the tests to a

we quarter chikungunya agreement and Brazil. During commercialize Zika a in dengue, to for the DPP Bio-Manguinhos tests with long term second signed

including multiplex new dossiers detected Regulatory test of Brazil’s and finger single chikungunya product to ANVISA, stick from Health a Zika a submitted number single also drop dengue dengue, We chikungunya agency, test for simultaneously and to a of blood. able a and unique

a agreement speed and of ANVISA received to commercial which tests in our of quality test approved Bio-Manguinhos ANVISA as Our commercialization submissions by opportunity chikungunya speaks exists. the we we The yesterday believe notified we approval, Zika Brazil the significant new market were is progressing. which and are tests well as ANVISA and that steps approvals where essential toward are in these our

available DPP is only U.S. Our with administration use rapid and from submit to by ongoing Zika a the we’re drug drug emergency BARDA, the the expand With the funding States. selling in which the of States. food and market will currently year departments and support Zika food United we test authorization to plan and from in test XXXK number the the health United administration to end

award to supply quarter during XXXX UNICEF and our $X.X fourth a the million Zika XXXX. system million DPP received of we During conditional XXXX to $X.X from

While proposal. second the to we UNICEF Zika RFP conditional diagnostics recently submitted a reviews initial ongoing, RFP which also are issued for a related

to development the test to the We to test, followed first of rapid Finally estimated malaria complete advance malaria we be of represents development a verification regulatory a an plan which $XXX the evaluation million of during continue market submission. opportunity. care by point XXXX and clinical validation,

area Turning DPP scientific strategic of technology leverage our and focus; to expertise to our third via collaborations.

is stick test gain to these point developed phase. are addressing collaborators of achieved We transform our allowing product This by care detect test on multiplex further of to to test the we the development, of in for believe broad completed a key performance pipeline expand the also the provide our collaborations platform. new and in robust company, to the XX funded DPP funding conditions. developed the novel on verification drop support opportunities. We who continue We’ve analytical cancer We through will form finger us quantitative of and results products while specific milestone world with the a a minutes. of our have this blood which excellent provide range partner development leading a potential trust from and of currently of validation

We’re biomarker. test making to remarkable funded the care of an point on to a progress undisclosed detect program develop AstraZeneca

on platform quarter. previously we during completed our first development As the the DPP test announced,

We’re currently FDA verification the XXXX, application. includes by end advancing of remain track and validation CE through QX, complete which submissions the X-XX-K phase product to on and the Mark

point and sales care all developed the these us collaboration will a with to the development, products. We receive provide to customer We access also infectious certain on LumiraDx-funded our develop through we’ll fund LumiraDx test detect current of believe diseases. broader new product of products to products subject announced collaboration. off base this complement milestones will royalties kicked to previously and

through And test expedite diagnostic testing platform. for biomarkers high portfolio. of funded virus into collaboration to platform applied rapid In collaboration quality in July using can product feasibility HCV this FIND DPP to with DPP the a is addition a entered market significant. potential Hepatitis to rapid believe our our We the expand C for test our be a we further

of unaware lives each infection, living are nearly million XX XX which estimated and with an positive % approximately are C are of hepatitis XXX,XXX status lost year. As their

is a robust platform leveraged successfully virus. as being and we’re platform point detection the across areas of care serve for optimistic Our C of it hepatitis many will DPP that

recent commercial to Finally on I’d like and advances. operational update some

both As second we commercial operations. investments during continue manufacturing advances to quarter. scale significant the our two transform make we efficiently company to and strategic Operationally we had the

which submitted we will to for First, York Malaysian Malaysia. from products allow once Organization move manufacturing Health us dossier the prequalification the New achieved certain to of to of our the facility, World

our anticipated hospital team sales with maintaining the over are increase sales we line of is of quality. Commercially with MTMC’s high public expertise, model having by team key our York. DPP production physician our while second United urgent partnering our instrumental New contract Both U.S. represented the focused to margin launch MTMC The achievements the in our these this manufacturing be syphilis and the assay customers the the States. capacity the plan. sales our and Successful products our on of key States in validation HIV United sales trained test on strategy gross focused combined fully will recently XXX is drivers organization our during in automated the we office, health in operational was States. nationally line on while Second, first the and in implementation one support profit took care expanded DPP improvement of quarter sales customers recognized customers. executives delivery coverage enable and United market of of a will and MTMC, growth company

is chair of professor University an Polan served Stanford University and of as Advisory joined Gates of Melinda appointment quarter of to Board Neil. obstetrics Bill of our is point and announce a Scientific the C focusing that previous of to Dr. department board the experience. quite gynecology and global of & Hepatitis on and Proctor we She on BioSciences Vice board now the over adjunct Yale officer month years Today Dr. extensive adds continue the global Medicine. our Rousseau and a leadership at Medicine hygiene. University, Finally, in woman’s Medicine Quidel spent details Incorporated, at our announce Gamble School board Corporate last we our at executive professor Last disease second team we nine School that Christine I’ll virus Christina leadership and call the significant financial is Foundation. strategy the self-testing disease on President chair infectious of turn has Corporation chief Polan Development. HIV serves a the the strengthen Neil of currently financial directors. at Lake where instructions Motif she and of the execution, She experience as Columbia having School including results our to & Goldman, for the and on Mary directors. health is team care Doctor

Neil Goldman

trial. XXXX Thanks clinical a product XXXX increase an grant $X.X infrastructure of and second increase was growth. ramp growth compared second to compared quarter sales of million for R&D the and XXXX second and for of to of S. second revenue associated $X.XX XXXX. % second were Net to XXXX an product XXXX the was second total with quarter XXXX. per share quarter of million. of John. with the $X.X XXX% with The million milestone compared Other of of the higher cash XXXX. volumes equivalents in of diluted of in second spending production $X.X in to $X.X second XXX% XXXX its compared million, for and In XXXX quarter of grant million, and prices of average quarter the million were and related commercial $X.X total U. sales net higher costs a an growth increase Net or R&D the for representing from the of quarter per by to product new offset increased loss and for revenues in clinical corresponding prior research the spending the gains and increased SG&A the June Gross combined $X.X License level. revenue, trials of America period sales $X.X XX% system quarter up XX in loyalty R&D well product offset was XX, margin of t second the percent include the XXXX markets Latin sales and with expenses resulted compared by compensation $X.X XXXX. year as XXXX. selling second was strong HIV-Syphilis primarily to The with compared lower quarter combination the margin Africa or milestone XX% growth in quarter cash Gross percent quarter partially diluted company compared of second $X.XX on commissions of the our in in to XXXX. second quarter the Asia. to second sales share and of $X.X corporate by quarter both as as in net during the quarter lower expense selling, product margin driven by million expenses XX% to completed by the dollars which the lower as loss administrative of growth and flat general cost product gross R&D were XXXX of million relatively development DPP and

for Now to back will turn comments. call I the John closing

John Sperzel

board. and continued advanced Thank a we half the believe you, The across with the of closed team Chembio which growth the revenue and XXXX second strong for delivered strategic paved during We performance a initiatives number first outstanding Neil. way the quarter, of quarter success.

Our products tropical DPP is pipeline sexually our disease plan and our commercialization growth in approaching we our business which market disease platform fueled potential on commercial fever the to as we we significant. the transmitted and footprint. of core significant delivered these by expand earlier A supplement global believe investments developed products are number for

attract leverage further have world transform to Finally believe scientific we company. platform to that, now DPP which our in continue questions. to we’ll open up our potential Operator. we it further leading expertise which the organizations, the With


[Operator Instructions]. you Thank

Per proceed. with Our Group. Craig-Hallum question first from is Capital Please Ostlund

Per Ostlund

positive Neil. John I of Congratulations on of here. Thanks. wanted hiring with Good the and a to I just Dr. afternoon tremendous out could. amount start actually developments if Rousseau

catalyzed the I created you aspect you courtship a HIV and guess this self-testing really diseases guess whether bit of for else any decision inflection was fever whether just little I background it as Since looking background of Sort in on or to be perceived or her attracting curious an something to to critical the Gates newly was I’m attending with then of that how if in Chembio process position, will. a her specific your business, how maybe and this that reverse.

John Sperzel

Bill is Gates our of really Thanks the business, from of about and and as lot your tremendous & a team. turning in are appreciate corner part are Rousseau Per, we We executive right Melinda markets I Foundation, and have pursuing experience certainly lot comments HIV first the has She a STD leadership and wheelhouse we the self-test. there excited really offence. in Christine core our play this starting that a to in opportunities of believe in international to are

the her knew given we global We her knew Foundation a are that those great Gates from chemistry areas done would and network a contributions had we really we from her in background interested that work obviously standpoint. fit there her and be in so the with

Per Ostlund

you’ve and as lifts the appreciate that Bio-Manguinhos now with ongoing to there the there, Getting commercialization approved recently, ANVISA into are test combo effort need you’ve that come the Zika chikungunya individual commercialization expanded a complement here and and before in other commentary that chicken so the the approved the you’ve the by the When or dengue in struck products approval got commercialization approved? really relationships I good. the Brazil either or there. in some submissions. you the tandem that assays about going maybe full see at of of so obviously got could assay the of very you Okay, got the to Brazil start start on looking got Do couple you you’ve

John Sperzel

we for XXXX. we all in to we submit Obviously be need steps talked of There signed around don’t subsequently commercial event in about on in of signed one the products. under They collaboration necessarily to the these have that for that an that develop ANVISA the terms Then agreement, are a commercialization with did approved. is and first calls is middle commercial to dossiers which Brazil. Bio-Manguinhos us to have agreement prior essentially the agreement test we that triggering the we

We for Zika this assay subsequent the the and dengue, chickengunia XXXX combination in and for have and chickengunia. we test dossiers commercial certainly the and done Zika, signing approval for our that to ANVISA submitted agreement dengue receive for for

And now The Zika so Ministry will negotiating with have the Health the for start approved. along approval business. and are dengue pending combination have we chickengunia and now of to approved, that the allow Bio-Manguinhos tests with us we

So those demonstrating not I in just that good. are and and of regulatory in in good terms submissions taken the process is really careful steps and pretty terms we’re we’ve calculated track speed, but think approvals. development of The a really involved are record

have We nothing so history year XX Bio-Manguinhos, there with there. is new

Per Ostlund

to just follow on up quickly that. maybe Sure,

did come is place of submission there as – us an proxy other approval can there when as a submissions. that having that the take approval any way sense a give any protracted think how chickengunia you that process the With actually for can was, yesterday, we to is and

Neil Goldman

stand stand each agency submit a own. referring a its We Visa are as This that completely proxy, these is I’m to, to driven. on on stringent its for using in its confident suggest but regulatory approval and wouldn’t I stands has – each ANVISA to They data very be data, of own. would one on It has obviously own. the each know so the we dossiers if one wouldn’t you weren’t submission

Per Ostlund

fair. that’s Okay,

Asian that the this are game at process. realize stage we any are you opportunity FIND dealing working your it’s and the development through I funding, of way then help On antigen how your funding core here preexisting I else, getting HCV FIND process is that that there you But the potential FIND some guess relationship with with initial past how you whether at with does on anything point you through -- the the size related as the much with test that, does to this panel much on or hypotheticals been relationship on the fever HCV? can in with go still the

John Sperzel

So for is a we With big hepatitis to with it’s our I globally about speculating necessarily that bit think DPP market some start little platform. the important be how market. but probably us. C the but incidents that’s and wouldn’t important to us personalities, of that about because respect relationship the think obviously FIND, early it’s information to I the not I talking because of shared for mean want I

panel FIND collaborating obviously developed on with FIND we’ve peeper we with Paul we’re did following are that panel developing We a for Asia. the after with a funding development Africa from fever for people panel Asia, Allen

a they’re set to work capabilities scientific ability collaborators. the very the with familiar expertise of familiar and with of the diverse DPP the platform they’re together And very with so

essentially they about to all collaborate for to high on to thought think we to rapid This Hep-C make that us time been I rapid, funding assay that the organization we’ve This for antibody Hep-C. FIND and get is working enter FIND maybe the be Help-C who because a based and right quite on test. that was attractive based with working a the So as new market. the support with time and may quality of not while of been for waiting agent We’ve a to

Per Ostlund

at just Excellent! the that if the with the mentioned can that FDA say DPP this got Assay FDA anything I’m to HIV-Syphilis can, I having you’re there’s dialogue wondering submitted One that you that point. me Thanks. last early in question John to you characterize for on QX. if plan you

John Sperzel

to that. I wouldn’t do want

Per Ostlund

fair. you. that’s Thank Sure, Congratulations!

John Sperzel

That’s thank ongoing. you. Yeah,


[Operator Instructions].

is Our from please Partners, with question Taylor next ARS Ross Investment proceed.

Ross Taylor

new Yeah the significant of advances more cost, pulled and opportunities and the more John, in capabilities line. One you those the give board of some to get congratulations the irons the to fire like. out? I to the is, on business, you about. new to background the bringing Can on the management, quickly lines, the improvement talked the and respond wanted large about ability There’s automated ability add on likeness areas in us your ask two the your of as continued potential

John Sperzel

of packaging in we I to placement the facility telephone in manufacturing Sure, closing here try strips to base, board. lid, is that the automated of inside it or the cassette. placement understand here from like. the first could excited on we’re really line of to It a lid the cassette the robotic the you of deliver I placement it. of in Essentially along New end the has to We York. the to of hopper with after some what and everything to strips, the in the saw know the components the magazine you of of the mean, a to first the cassette, a – a have number a the yesterday equipment and describe front our it and if looks base

enter is So essentially the and other foil-pouched end deliver or one a in cassette. components we end on the

advantages system about and to labor business how the will our the excited quality and impact really it. we’re while the ability scale automated maintaining So that

our most terms each cost about In production on $XXX,XXX you two and delivers test million organization running capacity. test side, scaling the the complex of configuration ships the somewhere a company has know $X of those of around lines in capital and

Ross Taylor

your most that’s And complex.

have you’re you for. less you’re that a looking How for sophisticated many straight you could So as it’s or testing you going task, fewer one produce? up, because such know something of standard thing in a things know that’s I assume a to biomarker nature. more would

John Sperzel

as be million. as high Can XX

Ross Taylor

XX ability as you so million. of XXXk, As X produce basically the each these million, to have million to for XX high

John Sperzel

slower. new, imagine, That’s time as This of a going cycle correct, is function a little yeah. it’s you can

Ross Taylor

substantial Okay and working you’re AstraZeneca, get question this second on can to call, know or eight know significant company you many having be potentially single XX, are which the last million like. and three I those on fever panels, markets, or for their out $XX and of which with then, you look doing million particularly two a – initiatives to didn’t more from Bio-Manguinhos, if standing own? we everything mentioned very the how you years, cancer, Hep now? in those more we initiatives did be guys perhaps Should that C, malaria count you chikungunya $XX right All and out front only about XX the the many seem is How those eight to of the as expect the to Dengue the Lumira revenues.

John Sperzel

which put and has but can I are essentially the short I have you next goal, associated of albeit the what early of but than that the months your middle we to always collaboration, of think be significant shots of value on are absolutely completed wouldn’t you been the in collaboration to that the company I goal. it’s those we and like and bubble transformative with call, less the maybe would each shots term as I year, number those, from with on AstraZeneca, think have you LumiraDx, really a be company. to of track quality we by last Ross with Yeah, on think concur XX – a where point so a quarter’s comment say that, not both think little I bit is with characterized can for that by now And mentioned I on we goal on know a we be contributors

doing -- pretty as for minutes Now quantitative than marker, novel. multiplex drop well, test blood it’s and a to of bottle of a result any things of we’re novel XX cancer some in provide less type

lot with doing oncology itself think broader that We’re that opportunities we and that for platform the door DPP of up technology our market. in can so the a open other in

of know and going have potential think without aggregate to have this the by progressing very really are each or this mentioned, things the one the you some into know we nicely, company. on themselves that transform you we So table you ones certainly business which in that

Ross Taylor

markets in to are what doing that right you’re now. revenues substantially Yeah, than bigger it’s are safe these assume that

So and that the you guys in brought onboard space years couple leader given everyone assume for company gotten, the leader a the you’ve and that your we expect substantially the fact that it’s deals considered be of in uniqueness the one. obviously you’ve are should next technology this to like safe thought new all top or and on this should ramping

John Sperzel

the HIV will to a almost hope today the and all look business company as generates our and people Well, core the contributor simple revenue, see our of STD future we the that in not revenue. at distant too

far without that’s know details go You we you more getting know as a can piece into as by piece essentially basis. on

Ross Taylor

guess with on soccer, I the shots goal, Okay, not I and do would we don’t but we accompany great do Seattle. play hockey. from

John Sperzel

that one. Sorry about

Ross Taylor

Take care.

John Sperzel

Ross. thanks Alright,


Jackson from Bruce please Benchmark is with Our proceed. question Company; next The

Bruce Jackson

for Hi, my question. taking thanks

of might the So here, a bit opportunity when if like into little kind have we you dive could product C think do market? Hepatitis for a the you viable

John Sperzel

rapid Well, month feasibility antigen test. with the announced an FIND includes initiative a we based that for period four

kicking we’re that project now. off So

three before you of there were to assessment. Sometime do deliver to going to that FIND middle going know FIND. Obviously we’re is their companies. December the

companies that would FIND go website for you they you to go the into three announced If that feasibility rapid will see test.

The other two are DC Diagnostics and Mologic.

we’ll go that process. So through

not in Hep-C. first our before, said initiative I is As this

performance, on the hope an there improvements really its the going have will androgen its focus they been be a out because to may a plenty rapid an to They’ve have December based collaborator end we about with have assay; money we time about performance it, the the in documentation right on made global FIND be We this and for of decision awful By space granted Hep-C to We’ve sidelines we of drive and there’s literature space. waiting and of to one. lot who think sat excellent. great FIND. are that the Hep-C enter

Bruce Jackson

Okay, get let’s you completed? look December, and green the light then say development would what line be time hypothetically speaking in test the that order in to get like

John Sperzel

than Yes, if times know say. some of fever other much under mean many of But have them almost say developments too XX. could you XX the have that of quickly. gone at way I development all the test look we disease tropical less them pretty many it’s than in been they’ve to you shorter in early months I area, of and

know hopefully a brackets bit that you for Bruce. you So it little

Bruce Jackson

Okay, the know at testing is something you old be on their Ron’s to The the helpful. Is and area. company some you restrictions to looking this taking the at learn portfolio. infectious in LumiraDx any might they on project a Lumira there hepatitis it disease between had showed the for what LumiraDx, looking theoretically that’s so and FIND looking supposed are at be that people? projects applying

John Sperzel

I the analyetic test you forth get LumiraDx the specific so can work know with. which Yeah, haven’t we details it of is we can’t of and on the which disclosed collaboration, or back

that answer can’t right now I sorry, So Bruce.

Bruce Jackson

fine. that’s enough; you. Thank is it that’s that Alright, for me. Anyway, fair

John Sperzel

Thank you, Bruce.


with Haimovitch Larry from is question proceed. HMTC. next Our Please

Larry Haimovitch

the congrats progress. Hey on John,

John Sperzel

Larry. you, Thank

Larry Haimovitch

you So there developments were What a excited positive lot would two or in were was about? the you development QX. intrigued of questions, number that say most

John Sperzel

company, in and so on driving we’re I we’re really the Obviously focused the one sales. pleased transforming the is that. first with very Well, ramp growth think

biomarker say for test advancements the second I’m that collaborations; the but that the we’ve of I on or we’re and two, product is one made a the is, can’t couple second development cancer that developing the AstraZeneca. particular, in The sorry

then strong for We directors. those a and milestone strong build just us are continuing a lastly really leadership board pleased and team of big to really are

those say were are I’d that So about occurred quarter. second that the in three happy the

Larry Haimovitch

Okay, some that and then HIV more process my little you a you training follow-up of and here question talk U.S. John about color in a sales new have that? is, us in Can more for the force the bit the about market give

John Sperzel

your their I’m hear little to question. Larry, call is sorry hard a

Larry Haimovitch

was. My question

that about little you Can a the Chembio? particular the You training an more force are significance sales and a agreement to sales in outside U.S., talk force. bit

John Sperzel


So collaboration are with MTMC. referring our to

during in the effectively we entered all April States. regional all and products meetings entered train agreement available X them folks commercially So and their – quarter on their around that went of we we that United our with second the so to

sufficiently of trained, for is we company growth are U.S. targets we now. market where launch one they important all capture Obviously an the our the and there people the set to meaningful been can be HIV-Syphilis have going we is for driver HIV selling stage in of they out share assay, the going which and to our So have products right this think think

right internally together planning good the putting and typically that for building doing leaders, premarket a strategy from also launch etcetera. clinical We’re promotion, setting valuation around sites, standpoint; what papers pricing, a up establishing would opinion do you a key data,

Larry Haimovitch

Okay perfect. meeting. I at you will the Canaccord see tomorrow

John Sperzel

Thank you very much. Look Larry. forward it to

Larry Haimovitch

Okay, bye.


Instructions]. [Operator

more comments. closing to this like Okay, I the back questions over to for time. no John there Sperzel would are at turn call

John Sperzel

as and we discuss XXXX today toward us results you progress for reviewed priorities. joining financial our our second Thank quarter

are We DPP expertise. our to leverage in and confident platform scientific our ability increasingly

opportunities. have team Thanks as market to technology, day! great the a and right we’re you our to forward continue the We with significant look have execute We plans. updates and providing pursuing right we