James Hardie Industries (JHX)

Jack Truong CEO
Jason Miele CFO
Peter Steyn Macquarie
Simon Thackray Jefferies
Daniel Kang CLSA
Lee Power UBS
Keith Chau MST Marquee
Sam Seow Citi
Paul Quinn RBC
Peter Wilson Credit Suisse
Andrew Scott Morgan Stanley
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Thank you for standing by, and welcome to the James Hardie Industries JHX Q2 FY '22 Results Briefing. [Operator Instructions] I would now like to hand the conference over to Dr. Jack Truong, Chief Executive Officer. Please go ahead.

Jack Truong

Good morning, and good evening, everyone. us second joining XXXX fiscal for call. earnings you on quarter our year Thank the quarter our tenth delivering now consistent is This consecutive global our financial returns on strategy. with execution strong of on of results growth and of market based the strong company our update on results also our begin Miele, CFO, today's update will providing our for which and strategy, on cover a by will global guidance. an includes financial the year Jason provide quarter I brief our call our full sustainability; then After that, we'll open up for questions.

to on markets and directly three, the take growth innovations X repair penetrate market-leading one, us advantage premier regions. now to our global by consumer globally an turn expand products. each existing of marketing a and in allow two, remodel. opportunities strategy. a other expand And to will to professional and create adjacent to number our Let's Those drive as our company. presentations, strategic brand that brand our us In results Investor Page new May strategic homeowners X the and consistent true and looks in in for Number and in drive commercialize our demand such profitable focuses critical initiatives exterior update described number brand Hardie are: that we that into of X Day growth on James X XXXX, to both our initiatives QX enable to of our

includes with strategy chain manufacturer closely market. continue with becoming supply past to X partner the foundation with LEAN, and continue on to our foundation significant the have and continue to our we built execute to In integrate This of of over push-forward customers customers a our our path will serve our continue build addition, we world-class years. a

X to progress to discuss homes. of turn directly marketing Let's to the now Page our

reaches that integrated-marketing demand. create details homeowners Day, true about we campaign our our shared Investor directly During XXX-degree to

We our the Custine the center have homeowner of put at attention.

purchase phases X As and I then, homeowners share awareness, with purchase consideration, the of our you amplification.

this build we on the throughout to to reach path purchase. with James the continue right Hardie We ensure capability messages marketing a that to homeowner within

brand our has home. internal consider content Custine. right been the augment a and media for experience right of capability it the Hardie influencers very James Hardie with successful reach the TV them the aware James partners possible option create this their products. as To we time the date, show with target the is key the the at across real Hardie. will to variety TV discussed you of After phase. with that James social the homeowners brand homeowner is commercial of of in In the of is is May, beautify campaign We It and demand awareness with brand, raising awareness important we to they Hardy foundation

media, a X the past have purchase. Custine path begun social we to influences to Over guide help reach to media print television, and Custine through to regional months,

you some with our related and right-hand market our page, of to share consumer we're side far. pleased performance the On key the to of metrics thus

we're While journey, in increase. awareness we very have seen still brand early our

website. to have our We homeowners more driven

We generated in significant year-on-year. growth have leads

We're our we the momentum our in brand by increased early markets the in leads encouraged have our continue awareness target and significantly invest this to strategic aided increased of very initiative. XX% traffic increased results Specifically, XX%. and by website with in XXX%, by

television recently have authenticity. on partnered to As to Custine you we Page can with X, reach continue with media with our and see message

ColorPlus experience over TV remarkable at is a very episode. of brand feature million transformation products It Shingles. popular repair can a the show with you left, Hardie per on On see XX the upper, remodel Hardie viewers home James with fixer

XXXX, On another secret show the showcased brand endless design celebrity of of example aired to renovation, Hardie possibilities. July Hardie's deliver the being on again is in Xth renovation featured right This shows. and products James James home ability

is Working influencers feature brand about of example Mongolia with bottom help living. and with ad media, James followed Hardie of media production an design back and the is educate the with various cover reach magazines devotees the a BerinSolutions of print possibilities of deliver. forms our on to trusted at magazine. of one right home for decorations homeowners endless the key and Lastly, extend most can This the

turn X. now to Page Let's

America, sales strong. create homeowners line generates a brand where In continue products portfolio in remodel North of we recently higher to America to and ColorPlus have this the so growth The second differentiated brand what including is business. particular the products, profitable product our and Starting and side, exterior American of growth price innovation, defined page, of margins to it criteria: strategy In with on product our in high-value On for to clear in value. value North left-hand component technology awareness segment. here segments mix. in brand plot the the proposition strategy high-value is core driving X strategic the product driving all mix key Hardie Textured the of profitable on high-value this is our have products demand strategy launched X our you initiative this North penetrate turn, as us. driving a repair of impact customers Hardie and and The Hardie of we drive increased A and current exterior focus see in Panels. our and for products key is and our our remodeling is the our across Hardie for

impact North right-hand this the strategy financial and has you results significant clear see on side, recent the America. our had On in

each QX green of customers that year from the time line bars the to Our for shifting QX need. mix want growth quarter XXXX. represents our mix grow year product to chart percent percentage The teams across volume growth continue XXXX on represent our and price business, The overall fiscal period. to with high-value same partner homeowners fiscal while blue this through

highly volume XXXX, fiscal real mix will to of see Notably, had we QX year resulted and results. that that this our net profitable we XX% was This If year. closely in QX our this strong sell a customers will in has previous product mix you a as a top of which more product of with evidenced corresponding importantly, in but financial strategy a in this X% XX% by want you growth focus quarter Jason on on even growth high-value step driving speak in continued inflational driving our our North of been QX mix observe in period and growth have What of in change on significant value higher a QX, Note partnering price America. is who that year. in growth to shifting is in strong sales later. impact guidance, growth and to indicate raised successful

Turning now to Page X.

Innovations, Our value. side is our you and across fiber prior high-value see strategy strategy launched VL brand brand in including mix the that our our at all product high-value Fiber page, the the are and having our price Cement mix global. portfolio impact criteria, In product broader and driving see And a is slide, Europe strategy. on brand, Hardie on is product we this within an also a Hardie Plank. we including on Hardie similar European while within portfolio Plank Europe, defined current -- of Florin plot Europe, X driving products, products key our recently panel price Note, brand here price driving products, this mix you of of the left-hand gypsum to what Starting of business.

Specifically, a gypsum chart and product what we have margin would see orange us to products. on fiber that by can I you gypsum represent is higher mean our in for compared indicated fiber wall our flooring that price

is strategy had a the side, Europe. on and financial our what clear see you impact significant On in this has right-hand results recent here

on the partnering quarters. bar time mix growth The teams period. percent same blue build fiscal mix, Our each customers this X to with you from fiscal are drive the a QX price represents results of for mix percent in growth can represents year and change XXXX see last across to starting the our step year are value higher price green a to The chart line in volume quarter momentum with XXXX. product

observed in XX% net mix a X, importantly, in which Europe. want a continued sales of quarter we If only in had impact you you look our XXXX, of QX strategy see the of volume strong in price have at Not significant step how to driving XX% QX a resulted fiscal in of change real year financial QX X%, and more results. and but in did growth growth we mix of product our value European growth sell

the now for new two, update May Plank we Textured three, brand Turning Australia. XXXX, Hardie launch the to X in America; Textured VL XX innovation. North Hardie global One, Page Fine the in Europe; innovations. on of Hardie Panels an Cladding brand In in announced

North product We customers penetration launch continue early America brand been that our overwhelmingly homeowners home homeowners. fit that Textured the Feedback drive with market since partner good to has X Hardie to positive. have to platforms want homeowners design deliver customers any continue with adoption solutions all and with year, very from awareness acceptance and need. of the Panels traction in this and We and style our contemporary

a would are durability, look pictures low brand X contemporary Textured noncombustibility. in and What of maintenance prominent What about Hardie here designs to variety Panels offer X brand point see they costal as In Panels Florida. to Hardie on how examples out in addition, different are you home mix of here protection I design. Textured is and Oregon, Washington from like to other these homes properties

progress their very What page, this brand we compared which on Hardie products. how On consistent time Plank brand a like VL feedback and helped competitive you Installers approximately out total modern Western provide point VL Page Plank saving homeowners pleased XX. mixed Hardie time. would is with to Haride Europe. an savings, France Germany, our brand here with of example I becoming positive In are across solutions, look, have to Plank with XX% the our to brand more been is Moving and design to the Plank Switzerland. product VL of installation VL see about Europe, in popular Hardie the also offer of

that and augment to Australian look noncombustibility. and delivering prominent low homeowners as These to durability, Texture possibilities positive. which, or from Cladding homeowners now Hardy customers and Cladding you in America, offer X Similarly in XX. need, North to feedback maintenance are on can design very is Texture brand modern for the Australia Hardie homeowner throughout help protections the see, Fine that continent. examples Turning markets, design of Page the is Fine endless brand

into penetrate regions. a Hardie home they the contemporary as left, these each remain you allow see primary X Texture plates. Cladding the new complete innovations very home, Fine a the utilizing to plain and and modern continue exterior adjacent about rig to markets can large our operating of On in us in how excited of grow transformation standard We will very brand

While new X global bigger about early innovations, than product these is we're platforms. program of much success our X excited the innovation

is design within we endless the additional Our the additional superior being and innovation will innovation X protection innovations have provide thereafter. and team ensure regularly new launch focused months anticipate to homeowners to world. pipeline And durability our possibilities around the we with on for next innovations able to

we the Page XXth summary our returns. now and second the This for quarter consistent of strong consecutive fiscal year XXXX. to growth that of now for XX global a financial results, quarter of market is results delivered Turning

we the is prior USD versus corresponding over period. second in XX% growth delivered Specifically, global of the sales which net quarter, million, XXX

we increase global was Importantly, delivered global delivered all And of regions. is USD results again in which financial an this X income XX%. net XXX price/mix X% We underpinned adjusted million, growth. strong of of

all exceptional growth, EBIT strong of sales organic X XX% strong and of of quarter. margin delivered of high-value adjusted This we of straight million, increase Adjusted marks EBIT. XX.X the all growth than first EBIT sales of EBIT X both very AUD net XX.X%. In EBIT Asia XXX In XX.X% and been net strong product XX.X%. Pacific, quarters the double-digit XXX delivering X the In marketing for than and operating significant execution has million strong in product strategy XXX of with million, the delivered inflation. of more performance that's the a EUR good achieved strong sales input in EBIT to half driver X XXX more mix consecutive an fiscal quarter by margin EUR margin momentum against EBIT of returns. In to Net year million, all we high and a of strong of million we North quarter continued strong and delivered financial and USD all XX% regions of XXXX, X XX% X.X results, XX% consumers a the Europe, also USD billion, quarters a a growth. countries, high-value to key driven of and innovation sales in of in strong operating mix AUD net growth of growth. investment XX% of Adjusted America, cost maintaining backdrop penetration, second regions, growth

day our we Turning initiative, help discuss the integral report. our to is strategy, to how but rather Sustainability are around first part now and of Earlier to sustainability every our ESG XX separate really woven is we company not delivered operate distinctive and Page into this business year, world. sustainability. an a

building For household, we we the but commitment highlighted which in the live In products is the highlight our the James create about communities. largest communities, approach past areas. we Number in community, the is would the I ways. key the for the our that the sustainability This made James goals individual and set July, homeowner, we operate of support locally. our one, local publish report to importantly, future. which over ecosystem X in. manufacturing key numerous in more will like progress of few always live to in local This communities are a of year, and sustainable communities, sustainability global Hardie, our communities Hardie smallest

our product in in within of example, communities. The of The XX% sourced made providing manufacturing sell and XXX shipped For local into hired facilities. locally, our employees are business made. Australian of gypsum fiber are the the the however, flexibility is drive. having chain Australia many The the our XX% It manufacturing ESG an we within Philippines mean Europe, but the also is and from make business not, supply does us sell of sell only but in standpoint, of expandable States disruptions. community Currently, Spain product does selling, wages critical raw and good in I and in product enable issues, our strategy. producing employing America. we the strategy in XXX This XX% are sell material income miles products made a of helping to miles through and focus Germany, we to facilities. locally we local United are product locally shipping Philippines in immune not stability Netherlands. have

ESG safety our recordable our at of is business to zero rate. foundation away continue component And we every interim We our how company. critical make harm. day. Zero our the Harm is Another days into focus first rate incorporate operate strategy in improvements and we

primary community and objective I make. is As and the previously, the stated of safety customers have ensure business employees, culture we decisions of above zero-harm to our all well-being

is in At a rather to is like James I perpetual proud X on to by a global XXXX. metrics, results. with a additional also not focused Hardie, the Jason intensity reduction provide of by and need to greenhouse Scope our CFO, Miele, daily XXXX in facet commitments to to in destination, would over sustainable momentum our And While every financial zero James now XX% throughout XXXX. gas intensity reduction building and that growing remain we in a at our of XXXX details to our Scope like compared journey our communities. XX% turn X landfill compared highlight future. I the of harm A to Hardie operations. would a for on our pleased few I'm basis progress but we're

Jason Miele

you, results, start above-market EBIT and EBIT Good and global including X I with sales quarter Thank simultaneously. global financial the good on is net delivered this double-digit delivered quarter, adjusted XX the straight strong on everyone. the sales, growth returns records fifth global All on and marks net evening, This results. all double-digit Slide is strong growth. And will of consistent with fourth now this our have for now Also, are strategy, morning, our net executing we tenth income. X with global regions the quarter Jack. regions growth record and quarterly based our results strategy. execution adjusted straight consecutive

strategy: million initiatives executing strong the foremost, good and manufacturing, regions marketing strategic commercializing innovations. This an to with in in initiatives, led teams the result record global on built as our push globally strong our operating to XXX.X our of underpinned of all continued homeowner newer in mix. net growth XXXX, First regions execution XX% X global driving the a product sales and lean X top of year customers. was in quarter. have pull directly has the execution successfully momentum This high-value plus foundational USD And and the to a supply price/mix line strategic by second excellent X% chain integrated fiscal all momentum increasing

increasing expand continue and maintain in to with deflationary our In To we this environment, quarter. XX% invest XX operating million, points USD EBIT and adjusted our USD current to delivered increased global XXX.X our income marketing, were XX%. strong while innovation XX.X%. capacity in we record expansion significant for investment Global volume in momentum, initiatives, net margin and XX% addition, all the X by significantly regions global growth in strategic with global basis highs able million to EBITDA to growth to represent adjusted both volumes increased we all-time XXX.X

with supply of driving plus continued through exceptional penetration mix execution Page top our of execution price/mix America Through customers. able outcome. increased USD to The growth our into quarter. and in of line XXX.X double-digit In with growth integration high-value continues level. deliver XX%, results the customers, to plus delivered volume growth record more excellent of exceptional manufacturing outstanding growth XXX.X delivered Adjusted team team continued team a record foundational The line the bottom EBIT XX% X%. North We net American will strategies, in outstanding detail, review main step each EBIT delivered an million of million. now we're consistent a America, The net to another translate through was sales North product North region sales chain USD margin change and strong XX. with starting on our our price an

high-value Europe delivered of the net net quarter straight discuss sales delivered Fiber XX% sales outstanding to well price basis to team cement growth. of quarter, as results EBIT X% and XX inflationary strong high the million In million. contributed of exceptional margin, product net XXX in quarter, strong to through XX% environment by The resulted Page EBIT price/mix. quarter which double-digit execution XX.X%. the improvements increased offset adjusted second than growth to as more XX% penetration a mix the expanding team's in to quarter XX.X now resultsIn fifth combination X the and points strategy. lean the increased Europe, sales straight of XXX.X was adjusted Europe Turning sales to an growth a A continued EUR a EUR improved volumes second and mix, net increased in

discuss now Let's Asia to Page XX move to Pacific.

in XX.X to XX% growth execution offset as on delivered to in in continue quarter manufacturing continued X% delivered Zealand. execute bottom-line resulting compared similar top mix focus the the a AUD team price of XXX.X results, adjusted The high-value to ANZ of adjusted high-value regions driving Asia XX% mix at and in global to the EBIT high quarter. see regions environment, strategy Australia outstanding The robust of X execution on strong second were inflationary The Asia story product You'll net AUD helped business in leading margin growth growth other into to an New million XX.X%. sales translated second line EBIT plus plus product million to effectively. lean penetration, Pacific and the results in all of X the Pacific

These cash XXX.X slide, the XX% step million, give XX to to further of translate flow continue capital will cash you the flow XX, Moving USD expenditures. In results expenditures few discuss our the we operational to side million. discuss operating Page up strong totaled and second a quarter, cash change now I'll capital right-hand trailing the expenditures. past slide. operating in in for of to USD flows the Shifting capital a cash on months to summary XXX.X we'll discussed the next Operating flow. and was slides

successfully Focusing first and on on our at Prattville, of restart March Alabama facility restart facility is Carolina plan track our the continues shorter still in up and Production to South XXXX. Summerville, term. to ramp our

now we include ahead, Prattville, Alabama a capacity further In expansion. machines. period our embarking on are will to America, facility shot of we Looking more X transformational North expand

Prattville year at expansion this in production expect saleable calendar We to provide late XXXX.

locally the land States land In capacity growth to we purchase In our the of for products facility this fiber for and construction and greenfield cement expand market gypsum that a in growth. us our to we And high-value fiber high-value Victoria. drive Adding plan addition, on to Europe, positions cement lastly, continue products to capacity site and European gains on fiber and fiber right expect organic in a Spain drive continued will capacity to Europe, purchase the focus fiber production will we and plan Australia, to United greenfield time innovation. we the of right begin focus enable Orejo, to capacity of gypsum the business Similar in States, in the greenfield to strong add greenfield share innovation. United market. cement will produce in we at

to let's allocation. Now discuss XX Page capital move to

Our resulted step in Hardie operating in transformation James change has new a cash flow. to a

over the return the funds our us have shareholders. significantly than to X billion XX future and in contribute ICI growth have On can capacity you debt the past reduce invest to through cash allowed we left, expansion, These to generated months. more capital USD see of

we are which XXX that USD of per see can you pleased equates capital unchanged. first to USD half right, share, approximately dividend And to million. a the allocation On X.XX our priorities today, announce remain

December a record date dividend XX, date November XX. half first of of payment will and have The

Page to to move Let's injury the funds. compensation the discuss funding XX of asbestos

year annual side to growth the can contribution the now discussed our you average million. now contributions slide, on from linked We change almost in step can our AUD the see to AICF, directly of in XXX The the of XXXX, has On inception cash AUD 'XX fiscal which flow X.X year AICF was is Slide to years our in to in XX. XXXX AICF fiscal Hardie the left-hand operating see contributed XXX that the You we James And to AUD year tripled over has million. fiscal the AICG. billion to X

and right-hand it accounts. Moving of impact page, James increase see had the contribution to the side cash can Hardie the you on AICF's the in of investment

Over October the March than cash XX, XXX XX, few AUD XXXX. million years, on to from more AICF and XXXX, tripled has XX AUD on million investments past

and We in investment step robust sheet pleased balance balance. cash operating our for has are specifically change that AICF, cash led a stronger for flow to

to discuss turn XX to let's Page guidance. Now

net X Our regions, raised full points of for with greater USD momentum USD guidance, we XXX The year-on-year execution range income. adjusted a market XX% XX% penetration for high-value net America North income the North improvement in guidance figure America, the gives to million. and confidence prior share range. first, in significant XXX growth provide The X year continued the all us was raising product than to range adjusted combined We a of USD lean our fiscal million. guidance mix million income our net comparable in year Specific in represents to net XX% sales guidance segment, adjusted we continue XXXX. gains revised expect XXX to

plus growth X% and of We plus between expect price/mix X%.

initiatives investing experience in in and in we first our significantly year significant we inflation May, to fiscal 'XX. As strategic are expect growth guided

please for Hardie high strategy XX to a at highlights year. continues some to financial our level. the Page execute Finally, team the James turn half for Globally,

and driven was mission increased delivers adjusted of growth in product sales EBIT strong driving is by in growth market a to company the net increased high-value first global 'XX, In XX%. organic consistently. net penetration. above high-performing significant and global the fiscal sales execution Our global with returns strong XX% EBIT be year that This primarily half

directly in invest to the continue significant to we innovation and commitment homeowner, investment expansion X includes in capacity Importantly, marketing to regions. This investment significant in in all growth.

in continue it's our expand growth by As strong period, our execution EBITDA invest margin we global that to to important XX us adjusted to future basis our a of strategy inflationary during note points. the highly enabled

continue shareholders USD capital with we an raised per half our of of year million. adjusted USD to lastly, income We today XXX and to current USD to dividend. And announcement for share fiscal the million return net range a X.XX the first guidance our XXX

We have it the now commence I Q&A to to concluded today's our prepared operator over the remarks. will of hand portion meeting.


Macquarie. The [Operator first comes question Steyn Peter from Instructions] from

Peter Steyn

new products faring product to bit if a of the the more of little 'XX? are for FY wanted against us a of Just from a a targets view and your contribution a how sense get little on color how LTI sales -- tracking mix point effects and from you could you're give

Jack Truong

the home that we on then that the just a as the products all shift to a and new get as approach good of typical sure lot as and and question. channel let new a the wall just now, market right is trickle But #X supposed about in Peter. the that out. or created mentioned. to It's more launch products homeowners it the -- to really the a pull-through priority, driven, is making and that to Yes, LTI well We're you the our tracking innovations our about targets

mass, with approach the momentum homeowners -- continue that just growth demand of increase a lift that to pull, as will you more between difference and mix of the creation time the as price more products big in with value and And to we our about lift. see saw create continue and on, that price high a then part So with the your drive to the goes more critical relative to is until demand a to product our the we effect it's the build showed. that first more that is about that that's high-value the that and we your when through gets versus homeowners QX mix really really question, execute you QX mix be driven and

Jason Miele

just Textured others my the coming as mind, a accelerate contribution will clarify the then lot it is course not in channel can I due So more heck Plank a at this drawing point, definitively. Panel starts VL but that in among of drawing that that interpretation from there starts customer the of and there’s

early to from this same at Yes. plant point playing seeing the hardie we’re what that very the of is stages the still SPXX that, out. end plank shift tail largely the So in of but

really in – the from price right see prime from Cemplank the it’s also to prime So mix driven what from color. is shift really and more the our to you and now shift about Cemplank

Peter Steyn

makes Okay. question And Perfect. Jason. for then just a That sense.

on cash up was mentioned of CARES, excluding flows, effect of the faster. quite X% growing substantially Just flow in the your EBIT, context you cash obviously tax that operating

at balance sheet, account movements in the would for Looking there’s appreciable that. capital no working that

that to a effective and this was just in a improvement trying quarter op from little bit I more curious X% get on cash So delivered what color cash.

A –Jason Miele

rolling step up is shifted you change we’ve exclude it X%. And basis. out, level the as a Yes. XX-month to CARES laid when on Act, we’ve a certainly Peter,

happy with As some very minor flow quarter, we’re but perspective. differences, we’re at with cash from any timing there’s a where

We expect going continued forward. improvement


question Simon from from comes next Jefferies. Thackray The

Simon Thackray

good X.XX%, any -- sales, I particularly sort of sort the observation of few questions, the the capacity supply of just which I'm gone. in we of I chain just quarter constraints, curious talk about was in was light notwithstanding European if just growth sequential constraints margin the Can may. bottlenecks, only performance. in of kind

capacity the but any want better, question And North beg might to for the Europe, some to APAC as be growth where America whether factors? better there and we done could track exist capacity constraints I you end of results, constraint in the been contrast constrained to now through So have year? you have could or if just understand regions are where

Jack Truong

Simon. Yes.

more is combination we a we to high-value way things are Just really volume a Simon, of just -- that is the we what driving market right the at driving the highlight couple look products. we how now, tour of strategy of show of

So selling it's about volume. just not volume selling for

really -- we of since of very further business of demand about X model really our we that going is to integration is about maximizing supply It's So visibility our with how big a so strategy really then distinction produce a that's produce ship that to and out can you have the forward. we lot that customers chain our can the our so store. --

really about sales on so we've criteria, our strategic driving it's X we been of based high-value So those the on that's business how net we so based growth -- products. --

plan capacity this flow why see us to and as a free we business. integrated for allow to do have So have our be European is we'll serve very good much with Europe, profiles you And will for the continue Europe, better customers better lot growth out in a our a more the to that we demand market even better.

Simon Thackray

modest quarter Europe under X.XX% that in strategic just whilst those Jack, quarter saying lift, was to that you using that that me? accelerate. that, the sequentially, that you're to Is so pretty second sales expect is I that suggesting understand what initiatives So should -- first would growth net the

Jack Truong

growth. should what of sales see as we just in is for volume that growth the so sake acceleration And our of the opposed to net

at and look that X, see So Europe of if slide Panel in I is a in backer. product there there [indiscernible] versus versus on and in in was brand difference you think the a the big today portfolio you Hardie the pricing something Slide that blank

well America Europe of shipping in opposed upsell as them in to value Zealand we in value and creating the product as in really right Philippines homeowners the units. of understanding So us and for is it's the needs in Australia provide the and North about more the New homeowners and as with Europe

Simon Thackray

sense. if continuing your from R&R more shift a That to makes R&R? new you of Jack, characterize Okay. now, percentage And housing, R&R, that we're sales would towards you say coming versus see

Jack Truong


our world, I it's semi growing fast. and R&R more think right It's that is similar. around business quite the now, XX-plus pretty they're percent like

Simon Thackray

static better May? because function Or just of then inflation, change but terms of the the volume this assumptions? but the COGS inflation first COGS since And business for guidance. May Is the great. is in quarter of That's of in it COGS it's, cost increase from a higher on Jason, it's terms the expectations a Okay. it's inflation the noting update,

Jack Truong

Simon. both, of bit little A

comfortable As that elevated closely, about range and we're the XXX with pulp include we've remains we USD million provided our watching talked USD to would markets freight. last well. We're number, but as globally, XXX of does million as assumptions volume

Simon Thackray

great, And the Jason. on update That's Page it, then X. while I've on got just

the the forward a thinking here? guidance, will run about spend with look the delivering sales that spend, as marketing terms is percentage marketing the forward? for spend in terms SG&A going Or rate? advertising or now of stepped which at be we in and and it of should And in we advertising the terms marketing steady are of increase from those dollar as obviously growth up business, to per initiatives Just

Jason Miele

Simon. Yes,

So to that continue marketing initiatives drive we'll in line invest growth. top

And year. will we're year be we run we're did outcomes next ensure continue expect to monitoring investing to But forward. it So we that's more this obviously, to getting expect. than we going the how we'll

we'll about then we we or percentage that should of get to dollars whole but be growth. that, deeper potentially into of drive thinking investing of about all guidance in As think it's provide we a future sales, do

Jack Truong

more marketing need. in to way to as demand homeowners we about create worry the as high-value that the that of the products very this Simon, homeowners is the us to think our for the invest really

into of growth segment. remodel to in expansion expand you and because So we expect growth gross into as see when business the margin in more of high repair our more terms of and should

of be go So then the should percent investment within absolute market term up, -- than to correlate expect more will to the but sales. we'll you dollar that

Simon Thackray

Is Just Yes. I that expansion. Victorian That the quickly just And Zealand so Zealand? greenfields. feed makes designed understand sense, greenfields to Jack. on New New the then

Jack Truong

as we sourced material build we than our to at you ship big growth have XXX As plants South a within remarks where And for therefore, very that an more in way our ESG And you for products us to raw market big Victoria in important it’s Wales. able a we probably long Simon, the facility strategically in opportunity of opening of the that’s plant miles my we for to know, operate area then be have serve a heard our New that that to least well then see plant And to That’s that in Gold X/X to Coast. of XXX XX% we that our so Park us. plant. we miles around the from our term. is within a such strategy Carole one of it a really –

consistent VL mention is with the and incentive. that why that strategy, are a So Victoria and is we this looking growth Plank in to to it not big


Lisa [indiscernible] question from JPMorgan. comes from The next

Unidentified Analyst

to be online driven years, X.X be by drag a there the in and well? planning when had Prattville. on over I Fiber commissioning a expect as America how question of in margin from just gross at start-up the of line done terms a the that guess you costs from as years the X to point Prattville the input I will Cement. drag just guess, context in margin you’re gross of Can should continue well next will give future bring idea be I was North cost we to I the And much the and that an also, percentage capacity us also exactly?

Jack Truong

prior not think a costs of for lot Yes, you about Lisa, start-up costs when period a competent start-up with period. in the

transformational drag forward. expect continue our P&L forward costs be it’s to this a expansion, So year-on-year we capacity start-up part you going why consistently can as that’s of with

comping you’re on period, into view the wouldn’t when as a period versus investment it future So drag growth. I

Unidentified Analyst


quarter? And so that from what was for the the contribution

Jason Miele

Seen X and X in as well. Brazil

will that we be And compared your walk. but to that margin We was [indiscernible] start-up break we it with don’t freight – have cost in one earlier continue don’t you think specifically, smaller pulp and then ramp-up gross to percentage in costs I out So increases. costs rate would question as expand. we table give

Unidentified Analyst

the on Okay. seen where the given what what you the uptake, on you’re taking then Sure. up just Northeast? and can second share And just – ColorPlus from over you’re quarter specifically, in seeing market of you’ve the more comment course

Jack Truong


and homeowners. Custine product that key a is want want our with for campaign about it ColorPlus. delivering of part It’s Lisa, of the Custine type with the marketing made those what So Acerroduct our homes really to

very mix our the expect really our the investments So been have continue when campaign, started that since ColorPlus the continued healthy and with to growing, of in consumer year some we beginning growth has going to of we market. particularly forward


from next The Daniel Instructions] [Operator question comes from Kang CLSA.

Daniel Kang

that price looks X%. why only any on XQ is be America into from X%, price question of X% guidance a up FY for Is momentum should continue North not I for X your ‘XX there momentum – contributing price prior the mix to mix. question first gaining this realize to FY ‘XX? with in quarters. a Just reason X%

Jack Truong

products research have. we that of want we consumers, continue the about and after homeowners. Daniel, I what directly – call what one and execute those a our know really high-value we then and we market homeowners, market mean, that And we to will directly believe we that we doing can which that the on as lot homeowner the the strategy, marketing exactly the is to the consumer we when extensive owners need

of owners exterior Hardie of products with James or the that as really want the products key one So from the home Color need. is

we that to color that will is expect it that continue – we as something that would to should So product grow. continue execute, the


The UBS. next question comes from from Lee Power

Lee Power

the through consumer, Just looking that with direct at any there leads direct for XX%. rates when Is contractor? dealing in find consumer a you conversion on to like you’re difference

Jack Truong

convert. of would you able then I the that our would contractor always demand generate and mean when is message our great very sales lead be And then customer with consumer which customers, get to clear. consistent the – directly within very

quality of to it close So the that, – that then and the but the also not well. leads, only ability quicker is about as

of and Hardie value to product owner So tell home right the now that connect the ability to on to the directly the for story immense. directly brand us is


Marquee. Chau The next Keith from from MST comes question

Keith Chau

North question and is So you constraints following exteriors sales question, then the held us a isn’t volumes, issues were tracking just quarter-to-date the in whether there this sense And – with the America back sales both to to my growth and any in just relation in Could keeping that, American with where give any North the for previous interiors hurricane that is may activity. from the please? business. have

Jack Truong


and now the that owners I driving are market mentioned we consumers that directly we home want Keith, – homeowners to we the is need. products or the So as the market what that we connect and as with high-value

So about it’s our the our maximize right it’s – can and we for EBIT. maximizing products really, that produce growth the us, sales so ability to

it’s more for will more interior or growth create a that us, you see products. really we lot of in can And high-value it’s where value. where that in so of about is the of about kind of exterior And more irrespective


comes question from Sam Citi. next from Seow The

Sam Seow

if think of left a could you’d a to savings think like I the on if into successful back guess, been – we more distributors, And a back with Just SPXX time, few and reinvesting, we working forwards really existing you’re around you’re bit partnered you main supply it logically, maybe SPXX proving I just versus be still about or what’s you’re say I you’d I’m fully guess how And your kind of trying only a today, many up. the lean a think think understand the of guess, how I integration? of us with was initiative. distributors. give still at many, chain, where concept Yes. with. I feel be integrated to to are Rolling pathway

a journey. supply of today, years what is really miles why to integration, customers we serve is X like and and and continue continue. And we we us where to a still is are produce have I is that come a allowed suppliers strategic than will it our journey, and that board. is our most that – ago, path – to our it say ahead this it It it better is But our our And chain improve, markets were certainly So would we we because integrating – more is it’s is chain can a it’s it supply the and will on and about too. path. but


comes from RBC. Quinn Paul from question next The

Paul Quinn

on question pulp a markets. Just global

are rollover. over they just on use really X-month spot how a much they contracts – X- you pricing? in are how and on I volumes contracted a a seeing We’re those year are volume or wondering period? Or

Jack Truong

of X in be would Hope our X top costs business. our Paul. Thanks, Yes.

bold when period. talked moves execution significant strategy us expand to inflationary through of however, we – has enabled it’s our about, as high So the this to margins

some types of and some that’s of or operates variety a spot contracts, have periodic quarter on a that whether X months. a basis, We

it’s a So variety.


next The Wilson Suisse. question Credit from comes from Peter

Peter Wilson

North America another in your of context capacity volume the one on Just expansion announced.

take that It’s high-value XQ million just about of volume Should volume. So consider Jack, it’s volume, but volume. focus put I we the not all and your XXX point square feet. about that side on we just

new out So of comes your you that online? would you consider this is the more until that limit to volume Or capacity on there be can eke the network?

Jack Truong

will to and VL more of up of integrate X our run and property to right – line more will and better of that of three, production we then be we year, is existing the a is lead on line so it’s are on and year X to terms have reopening No, from be going of capacity product about we And middle as of are be that open network that execution will the out flow products to so and more – opening that a next we’ll months. X. more we demand our that of continue then in to X view One, our can market up two, more; the March much Plank, for reasons. slated actually in scaling up be continue calendar of more in asset; us that time effectively our in our opened to customers plants be allow should on more line be which it

the in So not drive us volume those that us continue mix. factors that allow revenue. would of course, are to key And of to some growth the would also only or give


question comes from Stanley. Andrew Morgan next from Scott The

Andrew Scott

out commodity. there? around expecting also price have tell meaningful X point price, and you you where cost what us Can to for announcements a you're can throughout value the less methodology, stuck just have us gone LP vinyl bit just question, on you that's January. just that, year let made if a like know we're Jack, a you more difference will at this to on-the-wall I a that now that whereas priced And pricing Can think if then maybe comparison?

Jack Truong

the Answer first.

Jason Miele

Yes, Andrew.

about your about price to So be question they first increases North we'd price X increases, X% January or expect for America. X% are about

Jack Truong


mean, a key now this poll we home is we -- I are here Andrew, directly that to that true the are owners. think the So thing marketing is push I

our that they is from with home about to Honey the But it endless products, looks homeowner brand the remodel give really Hardie Colors all that their the protect their different home yet, allow Exterior fantastic brand can elements. is designs. with So possibilities

make homeowners on So is about value. intangible that effects. their the mostly decisions that's that is what really And is the

the home remodel post-COVID then, not the So but course, the pride particularly as to home where is important that as environment on-the-wall castle. decision it's enjoy, -- having and in of have of is important, wants homeowners the cost making the really gift with terms she that to a

this not the price So so it between terms is on. what board. much the of And that is it's as important board versus other where in we focus


to Thank Truong. conclude question-and-answer Dr. session. back conference That I'll the you. hand does the

Jack Truong

and colleagues world. Hardie before thanks Well, my extend the just around I end take to we the call, the gratitude all would like opportunity to James

continue reach, deliver of direct as I'm year consistently XXXX of execute fiscal a across on X our the It's new another of we and to quarter quarter company. execution Our next to a results within that XXXX result are growth. this financial leverage remainder our as the results all exceptional for indication beyond second target. of phase the continued capabilities truly global global do profit financial global a This it we results everyone the outstanding regions. and together strategy, scale a together we you. of company fiscal year company that excited global and and are global second of continue strong in Thank