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Vote support at last AGM

As described above, the Company held its Annual Meeting on January 26, 2021. The Company’s Class A common stockholders voted on seven proposals that are described in detail in the Proxy Statement. Set forth below are the matters the stockholders voted on and the final voting results.

Proposal 1: Election of twelve director nominees:

NomineeVotes For% ForVotes Against% AgainstAbstentionsBroker Non-Votes
Lloyd A. Carney1,169,441,27491.0%112,987,528 8.8%2,583,001 144,096,608
Mary B. Cranston1,263,190,11298.3%20,198,0251.6%1,623,666144,096,608
Francisco Javier Fernández-Carbajal1,254,032,42097.6%29,247,7522.3%1,731,631144,096,608
Alfred F. Kelly, Jr.1,222,421,78395.1%52,562,9044.1%10,027,116144,096,608
Ramon Laguarta1,278,820,83399.5%4,493,7260.3%1,697,244144,096,608
John F. Lundgren1,279,784,34199.6%3,525,0800.3%1,702,382144,096,608
Robert W. Matschullat1,259,860,71698.0%23,426,6411.8%1,724,446144,096,608
Denise M. Morrison1,277,953,20199.5%5,400,2320.4%1,658,370144,096,608
Suzanne Nora Johnson1,249,062,49497.2%34,314,4382.7%1,634,871144,096,608
Linda J. Rendle1,281,934,92299.8%1,433,8290.1%1,643,052144,096,608
John A. C. Swainson1,232,190,35795.9%43,481,7753.4%9,339,671144,096,608
Maynard G. Webb, Jr.1,279,748,84299.6%3,520,8080.3%1,742,153144,096,608

Each of the twelve nominees were elected to the Board, each to hold office until the next annual meeting of stockholders and until his or her successor has been duly elected or until his or her earlier resignation or removal.

Proposal 2: Approval, on an advisory basis, of compensation paid to our named executive officers:

Votes For:1,208,661,258 94.1 %
Votes Against:68,924,513 5.4 %
Abstentions:7,426,032 0.6 %
Broker Non-Votes:144,096,608

The proposal was approved.

Proposal 3: Ratification of the appointment of KPMG LLP as the Company’s independent registered public accounting firm for the 2021 fiscal year:

Votes For:1,412,578,439 98.8 %
Votes Against:14,540,146 1.0 %
Abstentions:1,989,826 0.1 %
Broker Non-Votes:n/a

The appointment was ratified.

Proposal 4: Approval of the Visa Inc. 2007 Equity Incentive Compensation Plan, as amended and restated:

Votes For:1,224,614,644 95.3 %
Votes Against:53,393,718 4.2 %
Abstentions:7,003,441 0.5 %
Broker Non-Votes:144,096,608

The proposal was approved.

Proposal 5: Approval of an amendment to the Company's Sixth Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation to enable the adoption of a special meeting right for Class A common stockholders:

Votes For:1,278,389,257 75.4 %
Votes Against:4,253,453 0.3 %
Abstentions:2,369,093 0.1 %
Broker Non-Votes:144,096,608 24.2 %

The proposal was approved.

Proposal 6: To vote on a stockholder proposal requesting stockholders' right to act by written consent:

Votes For:523,888,182 40.8 %
Votes Against:755,340,685 58.8 %
Abstentions:5,782,936 0.5 %
Broker Non-Votes:144,096,608

The proposal was not approved.

Proposal 7: To vote on a stockholder proposal to amend our principles of executive compensation program:

Votes For:57,116,401 4.4 %
Votes Against:1,215,156,940 94.6 %
Abstentions:12,738,462 1.0 %
Broker Non-Votes:144,096,608

The proposal was not approved.