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Extended data storage
23 Jun 20
Methods and apparatus are provided for configuring a contactless application on a chip within a portable device comprising input/output means arranged to communicate with other devices via a contact connection and via a contactless connection.
Nicolas David Mackie, Stuart Fiske
Filed: 11 May 17
Mobile device containing contactless payment device
23 Jun 20
An apparatus such as a mobile phone includes a contactless smart card or payment device, where the smart card is intended for use in both commerce transaction payment and transit fare payment (or other venue access) environments.
Ayman Hammad, Brian Triplett, Philip Dixon
Filed: 2 Jan 19
System and method for enabling a mobile communication device to operate as a financial presentation device
12 May 20
A provisioning system for enabling a mobile communication device to operate as a financial presentation device (FPD) presentable to providers of goods or service is provided.
Ayman Hammad
Filed: 24 Jul 19
Account association systems and methods
14 Apr 20
Embodiments of the present disclosure comprise methods, apparatus and computer readable instructions for establishing a relationship between user accounts.
Boris Taratine, Malcolm Lewis
Filed: 17 Mar 16
Influenza vaccine administration payment device processing
7 Apr 20
A payment device has identifiers, read in a magnetic strip or visual indicia by a healthcare provider, for an influenza vaccine and an account issued by an issuer to a party (e.g.; a governmental entity) upon which a transaction can be conducted that is limited to administering the influenza vaccine.
Karen L. Cervenka, Stacy Pourfallah, Mary Theresa Taylor, Andrew Radlow
Filed: 12 Aug 10
Systems and methods to provide intelligent analytics to cardholders and merchants
31 Mar 20
In one aspect, a computing apparatus includes: a transaction handler to process transactions, a data warehouse to store transaction data recording the transactions processed by the transaction handler, a portal coupled with the data warehouse to receive one or more parameters as an input and to provide spending activity information for presentation as a response to the input, and an analytics engine coupled with the portal and the data warehouse to analyze spending activities of a user based on the transaction data and the one or more parameters to generate the spending activity information regarding transactions in a plurality of accounts of the user.
Edward W. Fordyce, Michelle Eng Winters, Leigh Amaro
Filed: 26 Feb 18
Mobile device with disabling feature
24 Mar 20
A mobile device with a disabling feature is disclosed.
Gavin Shenker, David Wentker, Douglas Deibert, Erick Wong
Filed: 22 Jun 18
Method and system for providing risk information in connection with transaction processing
3 Mar 20
A system for providing real-time risk mitigation for an authorization system.
Belva J. Bruesewitz, Nancy Hilgers, Patrick L. Faith, Kevin Paul Siegel, Xiaoli Li, Krishna Prasad Koganti, Craig O'Connell
Filed: 21 Apr 15
System for personal authorization control for card transactions
21 Jan 20
An authorization system allows for cardholder-provided parameters to a personal authorization subsystem.
Lynn Kemper, Akshey Shawn Vij, Robin O'Connell
Filed: 11 Jan 19
Enabling Access to Data
9 Jan 20
Systems, methods and apparatus for enabling access to secure data.
Boris Taratine
Filed: 19 Sep 19
Payment device
7 Jan 20
A program for running on a processor of a portable payment device is adapted for carrying out a payment interaction and permitting ticket storage in a memory of the portable payment device.
Omar Rifaat, Dave Wilson
Filed: 14 Jun 12
Method and System for Providing Multiple Services Via a Point-of-sale Portal Architecture
26 Dec 19
A secure point-of-sale (POS) portal architecture for delivering multiple services is provided.
Eric Redmond, Jean Huang, Pete Heisinger
Filed: 4 Sep 19
Wireless payment method and systems
17 Dec 19
A method for conducting a transaction is disclosed.
Joan Myers, Sara Garrison, Mark Carlson
Filed: 14 Aug 17
Module ID based targeted marketing
3 Dec 19
A server is operable to receive a media device identifying number (ID) and establish an association between a media device and a payment account and, in one embodiment, supports at least one of payment authorization and payment clearing based at least in part on the media device ID and the payment account.
Simon J. Hurry
Filed: 21 Jan 16
Mobile Payment Management
21 Nov 19
A method for managing mobile payments in a mobile phone.
David Wentker, Erick Wong, Doug Diebert, Gavin Shenker
Filed: 30 Jul 19
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