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We were incorporated on July 17, 2006 under the laws of British Columbia, Canadaunder the name Golden Predator Mines Inc. We were incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Metals Corp. for the purpose of holding precious metals and certain specialty metals assets. In order to focus on specialty metals, during February 2009 we transferred most of our precious mineral assets to our then wholly-owned subsidiary Golden Predator Corp., and on March 6, 2009 we completed a spin-out of Golden Predator Corp. to our shareholders. Effective March 12, 2009, we changed our name to EMC Metals Corp. In order to reflect a new emphasis on mining for scandium minerals, effective November 19, 2014, we changed our name to Scandium International Mining Corp (“SCY” or ‘the Company’). We are a reporting issuer in the Canadian Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario and our common shares are listed for trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol “SCY”.

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3 May 21 Dickinson Edward H Options to purchase common stock Common shares Grant Acquire A No No 0.18 400,000 72K 2,200,000
3 May 21 Rothwell James Richard Options to purchase common stock Common stock Grant Acquire A No No 0.18 400,000 72K 2,700,000
3 May 21 Davis Warren K. Options to purchase common stock Common stock Grant Acquire A No No 0.18 400,000 72K 2,400,000
3 May 21 Thompson John D. Options to purchase common stock Common stock Grant Acquire A No No 0.18 300,000 54K 1,950,000
3 May 21 Harris William B. Options to purchase common stock Common stock Grant Acquire A No No 0.18 500,000 90K 2,800,000

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Financial report summary

  • There are technical challenges to scandium production that may render the Nyngan Scandium Project not economic.
  • There is no guarantee that we will be able to finance the Nyngan Scandium Project for production.
  • We may not be successful in attracting copper industry interest in our ion exchange (IX) technology
  • If we are successful at achieving scandium production, we may have difficulty selling scandium-containing products.
  • We may not receive permits necessary to proceed with the development of a mining project.
  • Mineral Resource Estimates on our properties are subject to uncertainty and may not reflect what may be economically extracted.
  • Our potential for a competitive advantage in specialty and rare metals production depends on the availability of our technical processing abilities, as currently provided by our Chief Technology Officer.
  • Our operations are subject to losses due to exchange rate fluctuation.
Management Discussion
  • At December 31, 2020, we had working capital of $(951,674) including cash of $170,284 and current liabilities of $1,154,388 as compared to working capital of $(376,893) including cash of $115,568 at December 31, 2019.
  • At December 31, 2020, we had a total of 35,100,000 (2019 – 34,610,000) stock options exercisable between C$0.065 and C$0.37 (2019 – between C$0.10 and C$0.60) which have the potential upon exercise to generate a total of C$5,962,625 (2018 – C$6,513,250) in cash over the next four and a half years. There is no assurance that these securities will be exercised.
  • Our continued development is contingent upon our ability to raise sufficient financing both in the short and long term. There are no guarantees that additional sources of funding will be available to us; however, management is committed to pursuing all possible sources of financing to execute our business plan.
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