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1 May 20
11 Jul 20
31 Dec 20


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Quarter (USD) Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18 Sep 18
Revenue 11.01B 13.58B 14.61B 14.98B
Net income 75M 541M 878M 1B
Diluted EPS 0.1 0.74
Net profit margin 0.68% 3.98% 6.01% 6.68%
Net change in cash -523M 245M -679M -1.42B
Cash on hand 2.45B 2.97B 2.72B 3.4B
Cost of revenue 9.42B 10.71B 11.82B 11.93B
Annual (USD) Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16 Dec 15
Revenue 60.28B 55.51B 48.16B 0
Net income 4.5B 466M 4.32B 7.69B
Diluted EPS 3.52 6.15
Net profit margin 7.46% 0.84% 8.97%
Net change in cash -3.46B -419M -1.97B 2.92B
Cash on hand 2.72B 6.19B 6.61B 8.58B
Cost of revenue 47.71B 44.31B 37.64B 37.84B

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0.3% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 16 28 -42.9%
Opened positions 1 4 -75.0%
Closed positions 13 3 +333.3%
Increased positions 8 8
Reduced positions 4 12 -66.7%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 71.49M 156.47M -54.3%
Total shares 2.44M 2.86M -14.4%
Total puts 0 0
Total calls 0 0
Total put/call ratio
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas Capital Management 1.1M $32.23M -0.1%
Cibc World Markets 966.37K $28.26M -21.0%
Cullinan Associates 78.51K $2.3M +1.5%
Callahan Advisors 70.63K $2.07M +19.0%
Bontempo Ohly Capital MGMT 65.17K $1.91M NEW
Greenwich Wealth Management 40.5K $1.18M +0.3%
Bridge Creek Capital Management 40.38K $1.18M +1.6%
Garner Asset Management 28.58K $836K +2.1%
Capital Investment Advisors 18.62K $544K -6.0%
Point View Wealth Management 18.48K $540K +72.8%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Cibc World Markets 966.37K -256.46K -21.0%
Grassi Investment Management 0 -83.47K EXIT
Bontempo Ohly Capital MGMT 65.17K +65.17K NEW
UVSP Univest Financial 0 -50.81K EXIT
Cheviot Value Management 0 -27.83K EXIT
Asset Planning Services 0 -23.5K EXIT
Callahan Advisors 70.63K +11.27K +19.0%
Frontier Investment MGMT 0 -9.35K EXIT
Point View Wealth Management 18.48K +7.79K +72.8%
Balasa Dinverno & Foltz 0 -7.12K EXIT

Financial report summary

  • Global Economic Considerations: The Company operates in a global, competitive environment which gives rise to operating and market risk exposure.
  • Financial Commitments and Credit Markets: Market conditions could reduce the Company's flexibility to respond to changing business conditions or fund capital needs.
  • Supply/Demand Balance: Earnings generated by the Company's products vary based in part on the balance of supply relative to demand within the industry.
  • Litigation: The Company is party to a number of claims and lawsuits arising out of the normal course of business with respect to product liability, patent infringement, employment matters, governmental tax and regulation disputes, contract and commercial litigation, and other actions.
  • Health and Safety: Increased concerns regarding the safe use of chemicals and plastics in commerce and their potential impact on the environment has resulted in more restrictive regulations and could lead to new regulations.
  • Plastic Waste: Increased concerns regarding plastic waste in the environment, consumers selectively reducing their consumption of plastic products due to recycling concerns, or new or more restrictive regulations and rules related to plastic waste could reduce demand for the Company’s plastic products and could negatively impact the Company’s financial results.
  • Operational Event: A significant operational event could negatively impact the Company's results of operations.
  • Cyber Threat: The risk of loss of the Company’s intellectual property, trade secrets or other sensitive business information or disruption of operations could negatively impact the Company’s financial results.
  • Company Strategy: Implementing certain elements of the Company's strategy could negatively impact its financial results.
  • Goodwill: An impairment of goodwill could negatively impact the Company’s financial results.
  • Pension and Other Postretirement Benefits: Increased obligations and expenses related to the Company's defined benefit pension plans and other postretirement benefit plans could negatively impact its financial condition and results of operations.
  • Separation from DowDuPont: Risks related to achieving the anticipated benefits of Dow's separation from DowDuPont.
Management Discussion
  • 1. Portfolio & Other includes the sales impact of various manufacturing, supply and service related agreements entered into with DuPont and Corteva in connection with the separation which provide for different pricing than the historical intercompany and intracompany pricing practices of TDCC and Historical DuPont.
  • Net sales in the first quarter of 2020 were $9.8 billion, down 11 percent from $11.0 billion in the first quarter of last year, primarily due to a decrease in local price, a decrease in volume, an unfavorable impact from currency, and a favorable impact of Portfolio & Other. Sales decreased in all geographic regions and operating segments. Local price decreased 9 percent, primarily in response to lower feedstock and raw material costs, as well as unfavorable supply and demand fundamentals. Local price
  • decreased in Packaging & Specialty Plastics and Industrial Intermediates & Infrastructure (both down 9 percent), in Performance Materials & Coatings (down 8 percent) and all geographic regions. Volume decreased 2 percent with declines in all geographic regions, except Latin America (up 5 percent). Volume was flat in Packaging & Specialty Plastics and decreased in Industrial Intermediates & Infrastructure (down 3 percent) and Performance Materials & Coatings (down 4 percent). The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to the volume decrease, primarily in Asia Pacific and in Industrial Intermediates & Infrastructure and Performance Materials & Coatings. Currency unfavorably impacted net sales 1 percent compared with the same period last year, driven primarily by EMEAI (down 2 percent) and Asia Pacific (down 1 percent). Portfolio & Other favorably impacted net sales 1 percent and was flat in all segments with the exception of Performance Materials & Coatings (up 3 percent).
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