Nissan Auto Leasing LLC Ii

Filed: 16 Oct 18, 8:54pm

Filed Pursuant to Rule 433

Registration Nos.: 333-209768 and 333-209768-06

Full Pxing $750mm Nissan Auto Lease Trust2018-A NALT2018-A

Joint Lead Managers:     Citi (str.), Mizuho, MUFG, and WFS

Co-Managers:    Lloyds, TD, SG, Scotia

Anticipated Capital Structure:



   M/S**   WAL***   L. Final   Bench   Spread   Yld%   Cpn%   Px 


   99.00    P-1/A-1+    0.27    11/19    -Retained-         


   240.00    Aaa/AAA    1.12    2/21    EDSF    +15    3.051    3.03    99.99810 


   75.00    Aaa/AAA    1.12    2/21    1mL    +15        1mL+15    100.00000 


   261.00    Aaa/AAA    1.88    9/21    EDSF    +21    3.277    3.25    99.99126 


   75.00    Aaa/AAA    2.32    9/23    iSwps    +30    3.378    3.35    99.99013 



Expected Ratings


Assumes a 75% PPC to maturity


Deal Summary:    Cusips:      
Ticker:  NALT2018-A  A1  65478B AA9    
ERISA Eligible:  Yes  A2A  65478B AB7    
Expected Ratings:  Moody’s, S&P  A2B  65478B AC5    
Settle:  10/24/18  A3  65478B AD3    
Bill & Deliver:  Citi  A4  65478B AE1    
First Pay:  11/15/2018        
Min Denoms:  $25K x $1K        
Registration:  Public        

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