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Tracking environmental contaminants
17 May 22
A method for generating a visualization for tracking an environmental contaminant includes automatically generating a contaminant visualization map for a particular contaminant.
Alexander Tulenko, David Thomas Windell
Filed: 6 May 19
Computing system for wound tracking
10 May 22
A computing system for wound tracking is disclosed herein.
Joshua Brown, David Windell
Filed: 5 Sep 19
Method for ensuring use intentions of a touch screen device
5 Apr 22
A method for facilitating the validation of an action by a user utilizing a touch screen device having a processor executing software commands includes providing an initial screen via a GUI displaying certain data fields and functional icons of a particular application.
Todd Michael Eischeid, David Windell
Filed: 24 Sep 19
Proximity-based patient check-in computing system
5 Apr 22
An improved patient check-in system for healthcare appointments is disclosed herein.
Jennifer Castillo, Ankit Singh, Mark Plunkett, Devin Brown
Filed: 11 Sep 18
Apparatus, system and method for generating custom workspaces in a medical computer system environment
1 Mar 22
Technologies and techniques modifying a workspace on a processing device.
George A. Chauvin, Jefferson Wilson, Thomas A. Hartman
Filed: 7 Nov 18
Computing system for presenting training data within an electronic health record application
15 Feb 22
Described herein are various technologies pertaining to presenting training data for a task performed using an electronic health records application (EHR) to healthcare workers.
Sabrina Francis, Simon Levy, Bonnie Bordeaux, Vishwajit Menon
Filed: 31 May 18
Universal application integrator
15 Feb 22
A universal application integrator system enables the automated integration of data from patient care devices into electronic health records (EHRs).
Ronald Keen, Thomas K. Bissonette, Stanley Crane
Filed: 24 Jun 19
Apparatus, systems, and methods for workspace navigation in a medical computer system environment
8 Feb 22
Technologies and techniques for providing navigation within a workspace on a processing device for electronic healthcare record systems are disclosed.
George A. Chauvin, Jefferson Wilson, Thomas A. Hartman, Jeanne Marie Armstrong
Filed: 1 Feb 19
Dynamic control of event dependent user feedback
14 Dec 21
A method includes providing, by a healthcare software provider, an updated version of a healthcare software application; maintaining a list of events each mapped to one or more actions to be taken upon occurrence of such event; generating, by an instance of the updated version of the healthcare software application running on an electronic device, a log of events representing user actions; looking up in the maintained list of events, based on the occurrence of a logged event, a mapped action to take in response thereto, the mapped action being to provide a first user notification; and providing, in the healthcare software application, the first user notification.
Nikhil Rajeev Joshi
Filed: 18 May 16
Systems and methods for clinical task separation in electronic health record applications
19 Oct 21
A server EHR executing on a server computing device is in communication with a client EHR executing on a first client computing device, and receives a prescription authorization from the client EHR, the prescription authorization based on input received from an authorized clinician user of the client EHR during performance of a clinical subtask of a prescription ordering task.
Stanislav Makarskyy, Ethan O'Brien, Mark Gregory Plunkett, Ankit Singh, Igor Chmil
Filed: 31 Jan 20
Drag and drop to highlight and transfer data
12 Oct 21
Electronic messages, such as emails, often ask questions, ask that a task be done, or assign a task.
Patrick S. Gilligan, Ross C. Teague
Filed: 29 May 19
Database methodology for searching encrypted data records
21 Sep 21
A method for increasing sargability of encrypted records to allow for searching of a first column of a first data table for encrypted values containing a search string without having to decrypt all encrypted values involves, for each respective data record in the first data table, accessing an encrypted data value from the first column, decrypting the accessed encrypted data value, generating from the decrypted data value a respective plurality of substrings of various lengths, encrypting each substring of the respective plurality of substrings as an encrypted substring token, and storing each encrypted substring token in association with a reference value for lookup of a corresponding record in the first data table.
Igor Chmil, Mark Gregory Plunkett, Stanislav Makarskyy
Filed: 6 Jan 20
Flexible encounter tracking systems and methods
14 Sep 21
Embodiments include a customizable encounter document whose contents are populated based on a template for the current patient, a template for all the user's patients, or a combination of templates.
Stefan Mills Klocek, Richard Loomis, Gerald Gordinier, II, Jonathan Board
Filed: 12 Aug 19
Computing system for redirecting refills on an electronic prescription
7 Sep 21
A computing system for redirecting electronic prescription refills is disclosed herein.
Igor Chmil, Stanislav Makarskyy, Nikhil Rajeev Joshi, Anu Jindal
Filed: 7 Jun 18
Methods, systems and apparatus for processing and displaying community patient data alongside native patient data
31 Aug 21
A method for facilitating integration of patient electronic healthcare record information from a community aggregator with electronic healthcare record information native to an electronic healthcare record (EHR) application includes, for each of a plurality of accessed community data items, comparing the community data item to native data items, and based on the comparison, identifying the community data item as a duplicate, a potential duplicate, or not a duplicate, and for each community data item which was not identified as a duplicate, comparing the community data item to entries in one or more native clinical dictionaries, and, based on the comparison, identifying the community data item as an exact match to a clinical dictionary entry, a potential match to one or more clinical dictionary entries, or not matched to any clinical dictionary entry.
Michael Andrew Richards, Alan Raymond Ouellette, Christine Marie Mariani, Kevin Urie Frey
Filed: 2 Dec 16
Graphical user interface for displaying contextually relevant data
17 Aug 21
An improved graphical user interface (GUI) is disclosed herein.
Andrew Burka, Ross C. Teague
Filed: 28 Nov 18
Systems and methods related to security credentials
10 Aug 21
A method includes receiving, from a user via an electronic device, input representing a password to be utilized for an account; automatically determining, utilizing a processor, a complexity value for the input password; automatically determining, based on the determined complexity value, security settings for the account; receiving, from a user via an electronic device, input representing an attempt to login to the account, the input representing an attempt to login to the account including an attempted password; automatically determining that the attempted password does not match the password to be utilized for the account; and determining a course of action to take in response to the determination that the attempted password does not match the password to be utilized for the account, the course of action being determined based at least in part on the automatically determined security settings for the account.
David Thomas Windell, Todd Michael Eischeid, Scott David Bower
Filed: 8 Jul 19
Computing system for notifying persons of exposure to an infectious disease in a healthcare facility
10 Aug 21
An electronic health records application (EHR) receives an indication that a patient in a healthcare facility has been diagnosed with an infectious disease at a datetime.
Joshua Brown, Dave Windell
Filed: 16 Nov 18
Context switching system and method
27 Jul 21
A mobile computing device includes computer-executable instructions contained in nonvolatile computer-readable memory which, when executed by a processor of the device, perform a method including the steps of providing a plurality of application user interface screens, and enabling the person to navigate between the application user interface screens based on receiving user input by the person.
Christy Jill Reed, Anthony Stuart
Filed: 28 Nov 16
Data structure that facilitates digital rights management
13 Jul 21
Described herein are various technologies pertaining to creating and modifying a computer-readable file for a patient in response to receiving data about the patient.
Ryan Durham, Jacob William Baird, Travis Lee Yates, Peter Dylan Ross
Filed: 2 Mar 18
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