Marvell Technology (MRVL)

Delay-based Automatic Queue Management and Tail Drop
12 May 22
Approaches, techniques, and mechanisms are disclosed for improving operations of a network switching device and/or network-at-large by utilizing queue delay as a basis for measuring congestion for the purposes of Automated Queue Management (“AQM”) and/or other congestion-based policies.
William Brad Matthews, Bruce Hui Kwan, Puneet Agarwal
Filed: 6 Nov 20
Automatic Flow Management
12 May 22
Packet-switching operations in a network device are managed based on the detection of excessive-rate traffic flows.
William Brad Matthews, Rupa Budhia, Puneet Agarwal
Filed: 20 Jan 22
Laser Chip for Flip-chip Bonding on Silicon Photonics Chips
21 Apr 22
A laser chip for flip-chip bonding on a silicon photonics chip with passive alignment features.
Xiaoguang He, Radhakrishnan L. Nagarajan
Filed: 21 Oct 20
Termination Circuits and Attenuation Methods Thereof
31 Mar 22
The present invention is directed to communication systems and electrical circuits.
Yida DUAN, Karthik RAVIPRAKASH, Parmanand MISHRA
Filed: 29 Sep 20
Silicon-photonics-based Semiconductor Optical Amplifier with N-doped Active Layer
17 Mar 22
A semiconductor optical amplifier for high-power operation includes a gain medium having a multilayer structure sequentially laid with a P-layer, an active layer, a N-layer from an upper portion to a lower portion in cross-section thereof.
Xiaoguang HE, Radhakrishnan L. NAGARAJAN
Filed: 17 Sep 20
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