ATRO Astronics

Dielectric Lens for Antenna System
12 Aug 21
Antenna lens structures, and antenna systems including the lens structures.
Eric W. Kratzenberg, Joseph A. Hoell, JR., John W. Berrigan
Filed: 27 Apr 21
Virtual Electronic Circuit Breaker
17 Jun 21
A virtual electronic circuit breaker having an electrical relay and a control circuit, the control circuit including a load and wire protection (“OC”) detection unit, a microprocessor and a driver.
Massoud Vaziri
Filed: 27 Nov 20
Method for Managing Flow Equalization Among Consumers on a Common Distribution Network
18 Nov 20
Disclosed is a method to manage and limit, by the development of a flow equalization equation, the amount of total input flow capacity within a network among two or more identical consuming members connected in series on a common distribution network.
Jon M. Fifield
Filed: 15 May 20
Integrated Transformer with Low Ac Losses and Impedance Balanced Interface
12 Aug 20
An integrated transformer device is provided with both inductive and transformer elements.
Warren J. Wambsganss
Filed: 12 Feb 20
Current-Sourced Motor Drive Control for AC Motors
3 Jun 20
A current sourced control topology is provided for an AC motor controller that eliminates many of the problems associated with prior art motor controllers that use voltage source inverter (VSI) technologies.
Timothy M. Pullen, John Fayia Bangura
Filed: 2 Dec 19
Methods and Systems for Assigning Addresses to Devices That Use Master / Slave Communication Protocols
22 Apr 20
Systems and methods are provided for assigning unique addresses to multiple slave devices on a network implemented in a star configuration, having individual power and/or data buses connecting the slave devices to a master device.
David Perchlik
Filed: 1 Oct 19
Trainline Performance Evaluation
25 Mar 20
A system for testing trainline communications includes a command test box, a remote test box, and a controller.
Matthew Patrick Rodney
Filed: 23 Sep 19
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