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Systems and methods for software quality prediction
17 May 22
Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention can automatically track the creation of documents, such as source code files and unit tests, along with the development of those documents.
Anil Kumar Pandurangarao, Daniel Pecoraro
Filed: 28 Apr 20
Virtual Simulation for Insurance
12 May 22
A driving accident simulation, having a head-wearable user interface (e.g., a head-worn virtual-reality display), may be used to inform a driver of the driver's potential liability under different insurance options.
Andrew L. Carbery, Daniel Koza, Christopher G. Plachta, Philip Peter Ramirez
Filed: 12 Nov 21
Automated Validation Script Generation and Execution Engine
5 May 22
Methods and systems for automatically generating validation scripts for software applications are disclosed.
Amit Kumar Saha
Filed: 2 Nov 21
Privacy Score
5 May 22
Methods, computer-readable media, software, and apparatuses may calculate and inform a consumer of company privacy scores corresponding to companies with which the consumer has a corresponding account, or for a company associated with a website that a consumer may visit.
Siddharth Daftary, Marvin Lu, Jessica Schapiro, Jacob Stewart, Shashin Patel, Michael Sharp, Jhanani Dhakshnamoorthy
Filed: 12 Jan 22
Processing system having machine learning engine for providing customized user functions
26 Apr 22
Systems and apparatuses for generating customized user output are provided.
Jenny Sankovsky
Filed: 19 Jul 17
Vehicle-to-vehicle incident information collection
26 Apr 22
One or more driving analysis computing devices in a driving analysis system may be configured to collect vehicle driving data and infrastructure data in response to a collision.
Jennifer A. Brandmaier, Martin Higgins, William Loo, Christopher G. Plachta, Philip Peter Ramirez
Filed: 20 Nov 18
Glare detection system and methods for automated vehicular control
26 Apr 22
Aspects of the present disclosure describe systems, methods, and devices for automated vehicular control based on glare detected by an optical system of a vehicle.
Veljko Krunic, Timothy W. Gibson, Sunil Chintakindi, Howard Hayes
Filed: 2 Dec 19
Multi-Computer Processing System for Compliance Monitoring and Control
21 Apr 22
Aspects of the disclosure relate to a multi-computer processing system for compliance monitoring and control.
Tirumala Reddy Yegavolla
Filed: 15 Oct 21
Three-dimensional risk maps
19 Apr 22
Systems including one or more sensors, coupled to a vehicle, may detect sensor information and provide the sensor information to another computing device for processing.
Mark Slusar
Filed: 24 Sep 15
Partitioning sensor based data to generate driving pattern map
5 Apr 22
Telematics and external data relating to the real-time driving of a population of drivers vehicle may be collected and used to calculate a driving pattern map.
Anil Kumar Pandurangarao
Filed: 17 Oct 16
System and method for accumulation and maintenance of money in a vehicle maintenance savings account
5 Apr 22
Systems and methods are provided for accumulating and maintaining funds (e.g., money, a money proxy or a combination thereof) in a vehicle maintenance savings account.
Michael P. Aabram, Grady Irey
Filed: 27 Apr 21
Reward system related to a vehicle-to-vehicle communication system
5 Apr 22
System and methods are disclosed for determining, through vehicle-to-vehicle communication, whether vehicles are involved in autonomous droning.
Mark V. Slusar
Filed: 19 Feb 20
Systems for predicting and classifying location data based on machine learning
5 Apr 22
Systems and methods can use a variety of computing devices to obtain location data that can be used to generate a prediction of a likelihood that a person will move his or her residence.
Anne Nies
Filed: 24 Apr 20
Feedback Loop in Mobile Damage Assessment and Claims Processing
31 Mar 22
Systems and methods provide for an automated system for analyzing damage and processing claims associated with an insured item, such as a vehicle.
Jennifer A. Brandmaier, Mark E. Faga, Robert H. Johnson, Daniel Koza, William Loo, Clint J. Marlow, Kurt M. Stricker
Filed: 12 Jun 20
Emergency incident detection, response, and mitigation using autonomous drones
29 Mar 22
A system may be configured to detect an emergency condition at a premises; dispatch one or more autonomous drones to a location associated with the emergency condition; receive from the one or more autonomous drones, sensor data associated with the emergency condition; generate, based on the sensor data, a plan identifying an evacuation route for safely evacuating the premises; and transmit an instruction that causes the one or more autonomous drones to indicate, to one or more persons in a vicinity of the emergency condition, the evacuation route.
Surender Kumar, Mark V. Slusar, Howard Hayes
Filed: 12 Aug 20
Generating and transmitting parking instructions for autonomous and non-autonomous vehicles
22 Mar 22
Systems and apparatuses for receiving data from a plurality of sensors and using the data, as well as other data, to generate a parking recommendation for an autonomous vehicle and instruct the autonomous vehicle to travel to the recommended parking location are provided.
Howard Hayes, Regina Madigan, Surender Kumar, Mark V. Slusar
Filed: 9 Oct 19
Parts valuation and use
8 Mar 22
Systems, methods apparatuses, and computer-readable media for analyzing vehicle accident claim information from a vehicle that is deemed a total loss, as well as historical data, to determine whether one or more parts from the vehicle are available for reuse is presented.
Clint J. Marlow, Robert L. Trinco, John A. Riggio
Filed: 7 Oct 20
Context-based grading
1 Mar 22
A driving analysis server may be configured to receive vehicle operation data from mobile devices respectively disposed within the vehicles, and may use the data to group the vehicles into multiple groups.
Dana Ferguson
Filed: 14 Apr 20
Determining body characteristics based on images
1 Mar 22
System, apparatuses, computer-implemented methods, and computer-readable media executable by insurance system servers and user computing devices for receiving requests for insurance products are provided.
John Rugel
Filed: 29 Aug 19
Communication of insurance claim data
1 Mar 22
Aspects of the invention are directed to methods and systems for efficiently communicating data between an insurer and a non-referral repair shop, e.g., vehicle repair shops that are normally not preapproved by the insurer to perform the estimating and repair work.
Randall Martin Hanson, James A. Ledder, Charles Ronald O'halloran
Filed: 5 May 20
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