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12 Sep 19
22 Sep 19
30 Jun 20


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Quarter (USD) Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18 Sep 18
Revenue 96.21M 86.21M 97.99M 97.79M
Net income 4.34M -1.25M -5.13M -9.09M
Diluted EPS 0.15 -0.04 -0.17 -0.33
Net profit margin 4.52% -1.45% -5.23% -9.29%
Operating income 15.52M 12.41M 17.46M 16.21M
Net change in cash 5.74M 8.49M -3.69M -12.08M
Cash on hand 20.08M 14.34M 5.85M 9.54M
Cost of revenue
Annual (USD) Jun 19 Jun 18 Jun 17 Jun 16
Revenue 378.21M 347.3M 276.93M 285.85M
Net income -11.12M -11.96M -6.62M -9.03M
Diluted EPS -0.38 -0.46 -0.25 -0.35
Net profit margin -2.94% -3.44% -2.39% -3.16%
Operating income 61.59M 43.7M 19.07M 14.38M
Net change in cash -1.54M 13.83M -1.55M 5.63M
Cash on hand 20.08M 21.62M 7.79M 9.34M
Cost of revenue 87.78M 68.22M 82.68M

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Management Discussion
  • Revenues.Revenues increased by $30.9 million, or 9%, to $378.2 million in FY 2019 from $347.3 million in FY 2018. This consisted of an increase of $41.7 million, or 20%, in revenues in our North American leasing operations, a decrease of $11.7 million, or 9%, in revenues in the Asia-Pacific area and an increase of $0.9 million, or 9%, in manufacturing revenues from Southern Frac. The effect of the average currency exchange rate of a weaker Australian dollar relative to the U.S. dollar in FY 2019 versus FY 2018 reduced the translation of revenues from the Asia-Pacific area. The average currency exchange rate of one Australian dollar during FY 2019 was $0.7155 U.S. dollar compared to $0.7755 U.S. dollar during FY 2018. In Australian dollars, total revenues in the Asia-Pacific area decreased by 1% in FY 2019 from FY 2018.
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