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Teekay Offshore Partners LP engages in the provision of marine transportation, oil production and storage services to the offshore oil industry. It operates through the following segments: FPSO, Shuttle Tanker, FSO, UMS, and Towage and offshore installation vessels segment and the conventional tanker segment. The FPSO segment involves in the offshore production facilities that are ship-shaped or cylindrical-shaped and store processed crude oil in tanks located in the hull of the vessel. The Shuttle Tanker offers ship designed to transport crude oil and condensates from offshore oil field installations to onshore terminals and refineries. The FSO segment provide on-site storage for oil field installations that have no storage facilities or that require supplemental storage. The UMS segment includes mintenance and safety used for offshore accommodation, storage and support for maintenance and modification projects on existing offshore installations. The Towage segment comprises of towing and offshore installation vessels used for the towage, station-keeping, installation and decommissioning of large floating objects such as exploration, production and storage units. The offshore installation vessels are used for the towage, station-keeping, installation and decommissioning of large floating objects, such as exploration, production and storage units, including FPSO units, FLNG units and floating drill rigs. The conventional tanker segment consists of two in-chartered conventional tankers, which are currently operating in the spot conventional tanker market. The company was founded on August 31, 2006 and is headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda.

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