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Mark J. Alles
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31 Oct 19
6 Dec 20
31 Dec 20


Date Owner Security Transaction Code 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
9 Jul 20 Celgene Common Stock Sell Dispose S No 102.28 2,241 229.21K 7,008,510
9 Jul 20 Celgene Common Stock Aquire X No 5.88 38,979 229.2K 7,010,751
9 Jul 20 Celgene Option Warrant Common Stock, $0.001 par value Dispose X No 5.88 38,979 229.2K 0
1 Jul 20 Celgene Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 92.5 108,108 10M 6,971,772
20 Nov 19 Rupert Vessey Common Stock Sale back to company Dispose D No 0 613 0 0
20 Nov 19 Rupert Vessey Common Stock Sale back to company Dispose D No 0 60,927 0 0
20 Nov 19 Rupert Vessey Common Stock Grant Aquire A No 0 24,209 0 60,927
20 Nov 19 Rupert Vessey Common Stock Grant Aquire A No 0 13,906 0 36,718
20 Nov 19 Rupert Vessey Common Stock Grant Aquire A No 0 8,634 0 22,812
20 Nov 19 Rupert Vessey RSU Common Stock Sale back to company Dispose D No 0 37,660 0 0
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 3 5 -40.0%
Opened positions 2 4 -50.0%
Closed positions 4 7 -42.9%
Increased positions 0 0
Reduced positions 0 0
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 7.42M 1.31M +465.0%
Total shares 74.7K 13.71K +444.8%
Total puts 0 0
Total calls 0 0
Total put/call ratio
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
New Mexico Educational Retirement Board 54.43K $5.41M NEW
Sit Investment Associates 20.27K $2.01M NEW
IFP Advisors 0 $0
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
New Mexico Educational Retirement Board 54.43K +54.43K NEW
Sit Investment Associates 20.27K +20.27K NEW
TCF National Bank 0 -6.94K EXIT
Stellar Capital Management 0 -6.63K EXIT
Filbrandt Wealth Management 0 -125 EXIT
Orion Portfolio Solutions 0 -19 EXIT
IFP Advisors 0 0

Financial report summary

  • Our operating results may be subject to significant fluctuations.
  • Our future commercial success depends on gaining regulatory approval for products in development, and obtaining approvals for our current products for additional indications.
  • If we fail to comply with laws or government regulations or policies our business could be adversely affected.
  • Sales of our products will be significantly reduced if access to and reimbursement for our products by governmental and other third-party payers are reduced or terminated.
  • Federal and state legislation may affect our pricing policies and government reimbursement of our products which may adversely impact our revenues and profitability.
  • Our ability to sell our products to hospitals in the United States depends in part on our relationships with group purchasing organizations.
  • Our products may face competition from lower cost generic or follow-on products.
  • Certain novel approaches to the treatment of diseases, such as chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy, may present significant challenges and risks for us.
  • Our business operates in an extremely competitive environment.
  • A decline in general economic conditions would adversely affect our results of operations.
  • We may be required to modify our business practices, pay fines and significant expenses or experience other losses due to governmental investigations or other enforcement activities.
  • The development of new biopharmaceutical products involves a lengthy and complex process and we may be unable to commercialize any of the products we are currently developing.
  • Disruptions of our manufacturing and distribution operations could significantly interrupt our production and distribution capabilities.
  • The consolidation of drug wholesalers and other wholesaler actions could increase competitive and pricing pressures.
  • Risks from the improper conduct of employees, agents, contractors or collaborators could adversely affect our business or reputation.
  • We are subject to a variety of risks related to the conduct and expansion of our business internationally, particularly in emerging markets.
  • We may not realize the anticipated benefits of acquisitions and strategic initiatives.
  • We may not be able to continue to attract and retain highly qualified managerial, scientific, manufacturing and commercial talent.
  • Risks associated with using hazardous materials in our business could subject us to significant liability.
  • We are subject to various legal proceedings, claims and investigative demands in the ordinary course of our business, the ultimate outcome of which may result in significant expense, payments and penalties.
  • Product liability claims could adversely affect our business, results of operations and financial condition.
  • Changes in our effective income tax rate could adversely affect our results of operations.
  • Currency fluctuations and changes in exchange rates could adversely affect our revenue growth, increase our costs and cause our profitability to decline.
  • We may experience an adverse market reaction if we are unable to meet our financial reporting obligations.
  • Impairment charges or write downs in our books and changes in accounting standards could have a significant adverse effect on our results of operations and financial condition.
  • The price of our common stock may fluctuate significantly.
  • Our business would be adversely affected if we are unable to service our debt obligations.
  • A breakdown or breach of our information technology systems and cyber security efforts could subject us to liability, reputational damage or interrupt the operation of our business.
  • The illegal distribution and sale by third parties of counterfeit versions of our products or stolen products could have a negative impact on our reputation and business.
  • We have certain charter and by-law provisions that may deter a third party from acquiring us and may impede the stockholders’ ability to remove and replace our management or board of directors.
  • In addition to the risks relating to our common stock, holders of our CVRs are subject to additional risks.
  • While the merger is pending, we are subject to business uncertainties and contractual restrictions that could materially adversely affect our operating results, financial position and/or cash flows or result in a loss of employees, customers, collaborators or suppliers.
  • Lawsuits have been filed against us and Bristol-Myers Squibb and other lawsuits may be filed against us and/or Bristol-Myers Squibb challenging the transactions contemplated by the merger agreement. An adverse ruling in any such lawsuit may delay or prevent the proposed acquisition from being completed.
  • We may have difficulty attracting, motivating and retaining executives and other key employees in light of the merger.
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Substituted 1-OXO-ISOINDOLINE-5-CARBOXAMIDE Compounds, Compositions Thereof, and Methods of Treatment Therewith
3 Dec 20
Inventors: Frans Baculi, Katherine Northcote, Matthew D. Correa, Joshua Hansen, Laurie A. Lebrun, Chin-Chun Lu, Gang Lu, Mark A. Nagy, Sophie Peng, Sophie Perrin-Ninkovic
Methods of Synthesis of (1R,2R,5R)-5-AMINO-2-METHYLCYCLOHEXANOL Hydrochloride and Intermediates Useful Therein
26 Nov 20
Provided herein are methods and intermediates for making (1R,2R,5R)-5-amino-2-methylcyclohexanol hydrochloride, which are useful for the preparation of compounds useful for the treatment of a disease, disorder, or condition associated with the JNK pathway.
Salts and Solid Forms of (S)-3-(4-((4-(MORPHOLINOMETHYL)BENZYL)OXY)-1-OXOISOINDOLIN-2-YL)PIPERIDINE-2,6-DIONE and Compositions Comprising and Methods of Using the Same
19 Nov 20
Salts and solid forms of 3-(4-((4-(morpholinomethyl)benzyl)oxy)-1-oxoisoindolin-2-yl)piperidine-2,6-dione, or a stereoisomer thereof, are disclosed.
3-(4-((4-(MORPHOLINOMETHYL-BENZYL)OXY)-1 -OXOISOINDOLIN-2-YL)PIPERIDINE-2,6-DIONE for the Treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
19 Nov 20
Provided herein are methods of using compounds and compositions for treating, managing, and/or preventing systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).
Solid forms comprising 4-amino-2-(2,6- dioxopiperidine-3-yl)isoindoline-1,3-dione and a coformer, compositions and methods of use thereof
17 Nov 20
Provided herein are solid forms comprising (a) 4-amino-2-(2,6-dioxopiperidine-3-yl)isoindoline-1,3-dione and (b) a coformer.