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RADCOM is the leading expert in 5G ready cloud-native, network intelligence solutions for telecom operators transitioning to 5G. RADCOM Network Intelligence consists of RADCOM Network Visibility, RADCOM Service Assurance, and RADCOM Network Insights. The RADCOM Network Intelligence suite offers intelligent, container-based, on-demand solutions to deliver network analysis from the RAN to the core for 5G assurance. Utilizing automated and dynamic solutions with smart minimal data collection and on-demand troubleshooting and cutting edge techniques based on machine learning, these solutions work in harmony to provide operators an understanding of the entire customer experience and allow them to troubleshoot network performance from a high to granular level while reducing storage costs and cloud resource utilization.

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Eyal Harari
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35.5% owned by funds/institutions
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Total holders 21 20 +5.0%
Opened positions 4 4
Closed positions 3 1 +200.0%
Increased positions 8 6 +33.3%
Reduced positions 0 3 EXIT
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Total value 54.09M 28.65M +88.8%
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Yelin Lapidot Holdings Management 1.63M $17.84M NEW
AWM Investment 578.31K $6.33M 0.0%
Russell Investments 499.19K $5.46M +5.6%
G2 Investment Partners Management 450.75K $4.94M +0.5%
Taylor Frigon Capital Management 404.49K $4.43M +17.6%
PXGPE Phoenix 313.58K $3.43M 0.0%
Senvest Management 230.29K $2.52M 0.0%
Renaissance Technologies 225.53K $2.47M +11.9%
Norges Bank 186.4K $2.04M NEW
Herald Investment Management 161K $1.68M 0.0%
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Yelin Lapidot Holdings Management 1.63M +1.63M NEW
Norges Bank 186.4K +186.4K NEW
Raging Capital Management 0 -143.76K EXIT
Susquehanna International 67.24K +67.24K NEW
Taylor Frigon Capital Management 404.49K +60.63K +17.6%
Janney Montgomery Scott 78.64K +29.35K +59.5%
Russell Investments 499.19K +26.63K +5.6%
Renaissance Technologies 225.53K +24K +11.9%
UBS UBS Group AG - Registered Shares 0 -5.61K EXIT
Riggs Asset Managment 3.75K +3.75K NEW

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Dynamically adaptive cloud computing infrastructure
26 Oct 20
A method of providing an infrastructure of virtual resources in a cloud comprising automatically provisioning the virtual resources with other virtual resources with which to cooperate in supporting the infrastructure functionalities.
Generation Node and Data Store
23 Sep 20
A data store configured to store data generated by activity of network elements (NEs) of a communications network, the data store comprising: a stateless Base-index data store configured to store stateless Base-index records, each stateless Base-index record comprising a copy of at least a portion of data comprised in a protocol data unit (PDU) generated by an NE and a stateless Base-index vector comprising a value for at least one intrinsic Base-index from a selection of intrinsic Base indices, which value may be used to associate the PDU with a temporary feature of the network; and a stateful identifier index (ID-index) store configured to store stateful ID-index records, each stateful ID-index stateful record comprising an identifier index (ID-index) vector.
Smart load balancer and throttle
24 Aug 20
A load balancing system for a packet switched communications network, the load balancing system comprising: at least one stateful load balancer configured to receive and process copies of control plane packets propagated by the network to determine a characterizing vector for each target feature of at least one target feature that characterizes packets propagated by the network, which vector comprises one or more characterizing components and is useable to associate packets propagated by the network with the target feature; and at least one non-stateful load balancer configured to: receive the at least one characterizing vector and copies of packets propagated by the network; use the at least one characterizing vector to associate a target feature of the at least one target feature with each of a plurality of the received packets; and load balance and transmit copies of packets that the non-stateful load balancer associates with a target feature of the at least one target feature to at least one probe, and copies of packets associated with a same target feature to a same probe of the at least one probe.
Smart Session Load Balancer and Throttle
4 Dec 19
A method of processing packets propagated over a packet switched communications network having a control plane, user plane, and a plurality of probes, the method comprising: receiving at least one control plane packet associated with creating at least one user session in the network; selecting a set of user sessions from the at least one user session; determining at least one target feature that characterizes packets propagated over the network; and load balancing all packets sharing the at least one target feature that belong to a same user session of the set of user sessions to a same probe of the plurality of probes for processing by the probe.