TuanChe (TC)

Founded in 2010, TuanChe Limitedis a leading omni-channel automotive marketplace in China. TuanChe offers services to connect automotive consumers with various industry players such as automakers, dealers and other automotive service providers. TuanChe provides automotive marketing and transaction related services by integrating its online platforms with offline sales events. Through its integrated marketing solutions, TuanChe turns individual and isolated automobile purchase transactions into large-scale collective purchase activities by creating an interactive many-to-many environment. TuanChe also provides virtual dealership services by connecting automakers and franchised dealerships with secondary dealers, which ultimately helps automakers penetrate and expand into lower-tier cities. Furthermore, leveraging its proprietary data analytics and advanced digital marketing system, TuanChe's online marketing service platform helps industry customers increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their advertising placements.

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UBS UBS Group AG - Registered Shares 1.46K +1.46K NEW
Renaissance Technologies 48.3K +1.2K +2.5%
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