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Celyad Oncology SA engages in the development of cell-based therapies for the treatment of cancer. It operates through the following segments: Cardiology, Immuno-oncology, and Corporate. The Cardiology segment includes the company's Cardiopoiesis, Corquest, and C-Cathez platforms. The Immuno-oncology segment consists of all assets developed based on the CAR-T cell platform. The company was founded by Michel Lussier, William Wijns, and Christian Homsy on July 24, 2007 and is headquartered in Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium.

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Method and Apparatus for Automated Independent Parallel Batch-processing of Cells
16 Sep 21
A cell processing device is provided that is suitable for performing independent concurrent processing of a plurality of cell preparations, the cell processing device comprising: (I) a cell processing station; and (II) a plurality of cell processing modules, wherein the plurality of cell processing modules engage and communicate with the cell processing station; wherein each of the plurality of cell processing modules comprises discrete processing compartments defined within, the processing compartments comprising: (i) a reagent pack, the reagent pack comprising one or more reagent vessels; d (ii) one or more fluidic cartridges, each fluidic cartridge comprising one or more cell processing compartments and a cell incubation compartment, wherein each of the processing compartments is in fluid communication with each other.
Compositions and Methods for Improving Persistence of Cells for Adoptive Transfer
10 Jun 21
The present application relates to the field of immunotherapy, more particularly to the manufacture of cells for adoptive cell therapy.
Pooling Signaling and Costimulatory Domains In Flexible Car Design
11 Mar 21
The present application relates to the field of immunotherapy, more particularly to the field of chimeric antigen receptors (CARs).
Steering control mechanism for catheter
16 Nov 20
This document relates to catheter-based therapeutic apparatus and methods for directing therapy within the body of a subject.
Injection catheter for delivering a therapeutic agent into a substrate
20 Apr 20
The invention relates to an injection catheter for delivering a therapeutic agent into a substrate, comprising one or more lumens and a curved delivery element, said lumen serving as a guide for said curved delivery element outside of the substrate; said curved delivery element comprising openings on its distal tip, said distal tip comprising a distal zone and a proximal zone, said injection catheter being characterized in that the specific surface in said distal zone of said distal tip of said curved delivery element is higher than the specific surface in said proximal zone of said distal tip of said curved delivery element.