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Mechanisms and methods for liquid sample introduction into a chromatography system
22 Mar 22
The disclosure relates to a system for liquid sample introduction into a chromatography system.
Jason Hill, Abhijit Tarafder, Michael O. Fogwill, Thomas McDonald, Sylvain Cormier
Filed: 8 Nov 19
Techniques for thermally insulating a liquid chromatographic column
15 Mar 22
An apparatus for performing liquid chromatography includes a chromatography column, and an insulating member surrounding the chromatography column wherein the insulating member is formed from a vacuum chamber surrounding the chromatography column.
Edouard S. P. Bouvier, Pamela C. Iraneta, Joseph A. Luongo, Joseph A. Jarrell
Filed: 13 Sep 19
Reconfigurable fluidic manifold for a liquid chromatography system
15 Mar 22
Described is a fluidic manifold that includes a block formed of multiple layers each bonded to at least one adjacent layer at a layer interface.
Jeffrey Musacchio, Keith Fadgen, Joseph D. Michienzi, Stanislaw Koziol
Filed: 20 Aug 19
Thermogravimetric analysis components
8 Mar 22
Described is a convection reducer.
Cornelia Will
Filed: 9 Dec 19
Systems and methods for refractive index detection
8 Mar 22
The invention provides differential refractive index detectors and methods for the use of differential refractive index detectors.
Anthony C. Jeannotte, Mark Basile, Senthil Bala, Colin Fredette
Filed: 13 Apr 18
Solvent reservoir filters, systems and methods
8 Feb 22
A solvent reservoir filter for a liquid chromatograph system includes a first screen extending in a first plane, the first screen configured to filter solvent received through the first screen, a second screen extending in a second plane that is parallel to the first plane, the second screen configured to filter solvent received through the second screen, a main body extending between and connecting the first screen and the second screen, and a fluid outlet configured to expel solvent filtered by the first and second screens from the solvent reservoir filter.
Mark W. Moeller, William B. Clark
Filed: 24 Jun 19
Continuously variable output liquid chromatography pump drive
8 Feb 22
A liquid chromatography solvent pump includes at least one motor, a first piston, a second piston, and a continuously variable output drive system coupling the at least one motor to at least one of the first and second pistons.
Jeffrey Musacchio, Michael Eggertson, Joseph Michienzi
Filed: 17 Sep 19
Chromatographic compositions
1 Feb 22
Provided herein are stationary phase compositions comprising a chromatographic surface of porous or non-porous core material comprising a surface modifier for use in chromatographic separations.
Matthew A. Lauber, Daniel P. Walsh
Filed: 26 Oct 20
Convectively controlled adiabatic column chamber for use in chromatographic systems
1 Feb 22
A column-conditioning enclosure includes a column chamber adapted to hold one or more chromatography separation columns.
Joshua A. Shreve, Kurt D. Joudrey
Filed: 10 Apr 15
Metabolic pathway and metabolite identification
1 Feb 22
The present disclosure relates to methods and apparatus for identifying metabolic pathways and metabolites in complex biological samples.
Giuseppe Astarita
Filed: 26 May 16
Hybrid calorimeter cell
11 Jan 22
A calorimeter cell of a calorimetry system is provided, having a cell body having an internal region for receiving a first substance, the cell body being comprised of a chemically inert material, and a thermally conductive layer at least partially surrounding the chemically inert cell body.
Donald J. Russell, Anthony E. Arnerich, David Serrell
Filed: 20 Jul 18
Multiple sample differential scanning calorimeter
21 Dec 21
A heat flow rate measurement method for use with a differential scanning calorimeter sensor is provided.
Robert L. Danley
Filed: 27 Jun 19
Adiabatic thermal pulse compensating pressure transducer and method
21 Dec 21
Disclosed is a pressure transducer including a body made of a material having a first coefficient of thermal expansion, a fluidic inlet and a fluidic cavity enclosed by the body in fluidic communication with the fluidic inlet.
Gary W. Bertone, Taylor J. Castagna, Robert J. Dumas
Filed: 23 May 19
Apparatus and method for contactless sampling of solutions and interface to mass spectrometry
21 Dec 21
A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising focusing electromagnetic radiation into a region of a liquid sample 3 below a surface of the liquid sample so as to generate one or more bubbles 4.
Joseph A. Jarrell, LeRoy B. Martin
Filed: 26 Jun 20
Method of fraction collection for a liquid chromatography system
30 Nov 21
Described are a fraction collector and a method of fraction collection for a liquid chromatography system.
Joshua A. Burnett, James Usowicz, Marc Lemelin, Lucas O. Tiziani, John Lamoureux, Aaron Lebeau
Filed: 26 Feb 15
Techniques for thermally insulating a chromatographic column
30 Nov 21
Apparatus and methods for performing chromatography may include a chromatography column and a vacuum insulated jacket having an inner wall and an outer wall.
Edouard S. P. Bouvier, Joseph A. Jarrell, Wade P. Leveille, Fabrice Gilles Ernest Gritti, Theodore A. Dourdeville, Michael O. Fogwill
Filed: 14 Apr 17
Fluid mixer
30 Nov 21
A fluid mixer includes a flow splitter and a mixing chamber.
Peter MacKinnon, Michael R. Jackson
Filed: 24 Aug 18
Multi-stage displacement pump
23 Nov 21
Described is a multi-stage pump having at least two stages.
Wade P. Leveille, Jacob N. Fairchild, Jeffrey Musacchio, Joseph D. Michienzi
Filed: 18 Jun 19
Materials and methods for trap-elute mixed mode chromatography
16 Nov 21
In various aspects, the present disclosure pertains to materials (e.g., kits, column assemblies, liquid chromatography systems, etc.) methods for performing liquid chromatography that employ a first column (e.g., a trapping column) and a second column (e.g., an analytical column).
Matthew A. Lauber, Babajide O. Okandeji
Filed: 9 Jul 19
Methods for preparing liquid mixtures
16 Nov 21
A method of preparing a liquid mixture for use in a liquid chromatography system is provided.
Thomas E. Wheat, Patricia McConville, John R. Lamoureux, Aparna Chavali
Filed: 14 Aug 19
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