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Mass spectrometer ion source with integrated column
9 Nov 21
Techniques and apparatus for ion source devices with minimized post-column volumes are described.
Michael O. Fogwill, Curt Devlin, Theodore A. Dourdeville, Jacob N. Fairchild, Geoff C. Gerhardt, Wade P. Leveille, Joseph D. Michienzi, Jeffrey Musacchio
Filed: 15 Apr 19
Device for solid phase extraction and method for use thereof
2 Nov 21
Disclosed is a device for a solid phase extraction comprising two or more of the sorbents to remove phospholipids and salts from a sample, to thereby eliminate matrix effects during mass spectrometry analysis.
Pamela C. Iraneta, Xin Zhang, Frank John Marszalkowski, Jr.
Filed: 16 Dec 15
Filtration device for chromatographic instruments
2 Nov 21
A liquid chromatography system, includes a fluidic flow path, a chromatography column located in the fluidic flow path, a filtration device located in the fluidic flow path before the chromatography column, the filtration device including a housing having a fluidic inlet, a fluidic outlet, wherein at least a portion of the fluidic flow path is located between the fluidic inlet and the fluidic outlet and at least one filter disposed in the portion of the fluidic flow path, wherein the at least one filter is made of a micromachined material.
Kevin D. Wyndham, Moon Chul Jung, Abhijit Tarafder, Wade P. Leveille, Sr.
Filed: 5 Apr 19
Variable output liquid chromatography pump drive
2 Nov 21
Disclosed is a liquid chromatography solvent pump including a motor, a first piston, a second piston, and a variable output drive system coupling the motor to at least one of the first piston and the second piston.
Jeffrey Musacchio, Joseph Michienzi
Filed: 17 Sep 19
Twist lock compliant needle for detection of contact
2 Nov 21
A twist-lock compliant needle including a housing component surrounding a needle holder holding a rigidly mounted needle, the housing component including a biasing element disposed therein, wherein the biasing element compresses as a needle tip of the needle contacts a surface is provided.
David A. Simpson, Joshua A. Burnett, John M. Auclair
Filed: 16 Jul 19
Non-antibody high-affinity-based sample preparation, sorbent, devices and methods
26 Oct 21
In various aspects, the present disclosure pertains to sorbents for isolating at least one target protein from a liquid sample, the sorbents comprising a solid support comprising attached at least one attached high affinity reagent with an affinity for the at least one target protein.
Laks Iyer, Beatrice W. Muriithi
Filed: 21 Mar 19
Multidimensional chromatography method for analysis of antibody-drug conjugates
19 Oct 21
The present disclosure relates to a sensitive, multidimensional chromatography method for extraction, detection, and quantification of non-conjugated cytotoxic agents and associated linker molecules used in cysteine based antibody-drug-conjugate production.
Robert Birdsall
Filed: 8 Sep 16
System and method for sample introduction within a chromatography system
19 Oct 21
The present disclosure relates to methodologies, systems, apparatus, and kits for introducing a sample within a chromatography system.
Michael O. Fogwill, Joseph D. Michienzi
Filed: 29 May 19
Methods for the rapid preparation of labeled glycosylamines from complex matrices using molecular weight cut off filtration and on-filter deglycosylation
19 Oct 21
Methods for preparing labeled glycosylamines from a complex matrix are provided.
Matthew A. Lauber
Filed: 19 Jun 17
Systems, methods and devices for decreasing solubility problems in chromatography
12 Oct 21
A significant reduction in extra-column band broadening can be achieved by decoupling the injection system from the main solvent flow line.
Abhijit Tarafder
Filed: 19 Oct 16
Systems, devices, and methods for controlling the temperature of a CO2 pump
12 Oct 21
Methodologies, systems, and computer-readable media are provided for controlling the mass flow rate within a CO2 based chromatography system.
Abhijit Tarafder, Jason Hill, Joshua Shreve
Filed: 26 Oct 18
Method and an apparatus for analyzing a complex sample
5 Oct 21
A method of analyzing a complex sample includes performing a sequential chromatographic-IMS-MS analysis of a sample to obtain a plurality of experimental mass spectra having isotopic clusters, wherein each spectrum of the plurality of spectra is associated with a chromatographic retention time and an ion-mobility drift time.
Scott J. Geromanos, Marc V. Gorenstein, Daniel Golick, Steven J. Ciavarini
Filed: 19 May 20
Hybrid gradient delivery system and operation
28 Sep 21
A solvent delivery system for a liquid chromatography system may include a first gradient proportioning valve in fluidic communication with a first plurality of sources of solvent and producing therefrom a first low-pressure gradient stream.
Joseph A. Luongo, Craig Hamilton Dobbs
Filed: 12 Mar 19
Purification elements for dispensing a purified liquid
21 Sep 21
In various aspects provided are purification media and containers for dispensing a purified liquid are provided herein where a high surface area-to-volume chemically interactive purification media positioned at the outlet of a container that purifies the liquid as it is dispensed and/or extracted.
Moon Chul Jung, Abhijit Tarafder, Wade P. Leveille
Filed: 18 Dec 18
Determination of dynamic parameters for adaptive actuator control
14 Sep 21
An actuator control system, mechanical testing system, and method for adaptive control of an actuator of a mechanical testing device is provided.
Kevin Alstrin
Filed: 2 Oct 18
On-line sampling from a process source
7 Sep 21
An online sample manager of a liquid chromatography system includes a fluidic tee having a first inlet port, a second inlet port, and an outlet port.
Sylvain Cormier
Filed: 10 Feb 11
DMD based UV absorption detector for liquid chromatography
7 Sep 21
A detector for use in liquid chromatography is provided.
Anthony C. Jeannotte, Daniel Gillund, Aditya Shankar Prasad, Saksham Saxena
Filed: 9 Oct 19
Method and apparatus for injecting a chromatographic sample
31 Aug 21
A method for injecting a diluted sample in a chromatography system includes merging a flow of a sample and a flow of a diluent to form a flow of a diluted sample.
Martin Gilar, Richard W. Andrews, Peyton C. Beals, Thomas McDonald, Keith Fadgen, Jordan Kornfeld, Geoff Gerhardt, Sylvain Cormier
Filed: 4 May 17
Compression fitting with coupled ferrule
31 Aug 21
The invention provides compression fittings and methods of assembling compression fittings.
Sylvain Cormier, Kurt D. Joudrey, Joshua A. Shreve
Filed: 7 May 14
Systems, methods and devices for reducing band dispersion in chromatography
24 Aug 21
Reduced column loading of a sample onto a chromatographic column may be mitigated by excluding diffuse portions of the sample from introduction to the column.
Abhijit Tarafder, Pamela C. Iraneta
Filed: 7 Mar 17
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