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Jeffery R. Gardner
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California Amplifier Inc
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25 Jun 20
9 Jul 20
28 Feb 21


Company financial data Financial data

Quarter (USD) May 20 Feb 20 Nov 19 Aug 19
Revenue 80.22M 87.2M 96.6M 93.24M
Net income -14.42M -55.83M -7.42M -7.37M
Diluted EPS -0.42 -1.65 -0.22 -0.22
Net profit margin -17.98% -64.02% -7.68% -7.90%
Operating income -9.92M -24.95M -4M -4.61M
Net change in cash -3.33M 5.77M -92.05M 3.39M
Cash on hand 104.07M 107.4M 101.63M 193.68M
Cost of revenue 49.16M 53.87M 59.71M 55.57M
Annual (USD) Feb 20 Feb 19 Feb 18 Feb 17
Revenue 366.11M 363.8M 365.91M 351.1M
Net income -79.3M 18.4M 16.62M -7.9M
Diluted EPS -2.36 0.52 0.46 -0.22
Net profit margin -21.66% 5.06% 4.54% -2.25%
Operating income -40.2M 19.7M 7.96M 123K
Net change in cash -149.1M 123.9M 38.9M -45.68M
Cash on hand 107.4M 256.5M 132.6M 93.71M
Cost of revenue 222.8M 216.04M 215.02M 207.75M

Financial data from CalAmp earnings reports

Date Owner Security Transaction Code 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
2 Jul 20 Gardner Jeffery R Common Stock Sale back to company Dispose D No 0 3,000 0 37,576
1 Jul 20 Gardner Jeffery R Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No 7.93 1,034 8.2K 40,576
1 Jun 20 Gardner Jeffery R Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No 7.81 1,161 9.07K 41,610
18 May 20 Johnson Amal M Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 6.28 42 263.76 79,249
15 May 20 Johnson Amal M Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 5.69 29,958 170.46K 79,207
19 May 19 Gardner Jeffery R Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 6.41 2,500 16.03K 42,771
76.0% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 122 136 -10.3%
Opened positions 16 18 -11.1%
Closed positions 30 24 +25.0%
Increased positions 42 42
Reduced positions 40 52 -23.1%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 322.72M 701.83M -54.0%
Total shares 26.1M 26.33M -0.9%
Total puts 81.9K 679.4K -87.9%
Total calls 12.2K 38.9K -68.6%
Total put/call ratio 6.7 17.5 -61.6%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
BLK BlackRock 5.48M $24.64M -1.3%
Vanguard 2.54M $11.43M +14.8%
Aristotle Capital Boston 2.42M $10.89M +3.7%
Dimensional Fund Advisors 1.68M $7.56M -5.7%
Trigran Investments 1.4M $6.32M NEW
STT State Street 1.21M $5.47M +13.7%
Royce & Associates 1.08M $4.87M +5.6%
Renaissance Technologies 755.5K $3.4M -27.4%
Tributary Capital Management 572.44K $2.58M -32.4%
IVZ Invesco 562.12K $2.53M +28.6%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Trigran Investments 1.4M +1.4M NEW
Harvey Partners 438.48K +438.48K NEW
Vanguard 2.54M +326.89K +14.8%
John G Ullman & Associates 0 -312.85K EXIT
Renaissance Technologies 755.5K -285.8K -27.4%
Tributary Capital Management 572.44K -274.6K -32.4%
Rice Hall James & Associates 536.98K -229.63K -30.0%
NMR Nomura 285.91K -221.35K -43.6%
STT State Street 1.21M +145.87K +13.7%
California Public Employees Retirement System 120.37K -143.49K -54.4%

Financial report summary

  • The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic could have a material adverse impact on our business, results of operations and financial condition.
  • Because some of our components, assemblies and electronics manufacturing services are purchased from sole source suppliers or require long lead times, our business is subject to unexpected interruptions, which could cause our operating results to suffer.
  • Dependence on a limited number of contract manufacturers and suppliers of manufacturing services and critical components within our supply chain may adversely affect our ability to bring products to market, damage our reputation and adversely affect our results of operations.
  • If demand for our products and services fluctuates rapidly and unpredictably, it may be difficult to manage our business efficiently, which may result in reduced gross margins and profitability.
  • Any acquisitions we pursue could disrupt our business and harm our financial condition and results of operations.
  • Any acquisitions we make and industry consolidation could adversely affect our existing business relationships with our suppliers and customers.
  • Our success depends on the attraction and retention of senior management and technical personnel with relevant expertise.
  • Our business is subject to many factors that could cause our quarterly or annual operating results to fluctuate and our stock price to be volatile.
  • If we do not meet product and services introduction deadlines, our business could be adversely affected.
  • If our introduction of a DaaS subscription model is not embraced by enterprise customers, our business could be adversely affected.
  • Because we currently sell, and we intend to grow the sales of, certain of our products and services in countries other than the U.S., we are subject to different regulatory policies. We may not be able to develop products and services that comply with the standards of different countries, which could result in our inability to sell our products and services and further, we may be subject to political, economic, and other conditions affecting such countries, which could result in reduced sales of our products and services and which could adversely affect our business.
  • Disruptions in global credit and financial markets could materially and adversely affect our business and results of operations.
  • We may not be able to adequately protect our intellectual property, and our competitors may be able to offer similar products and services that would harm our competitive position.
  • Our competitors have or may obtain patents that could restrict our ability to offer our products, software and services, or subject us to additional costs, which could impede our ability to offer our products, software and services and otherwise adversely affect us. In addition, third parties may claim that we infringe their intellectual property and proprietary rights and may prevent us from manufacturing and selling some of our products and services and subject us to litigation over intellectual property rights or other commercial issues.
  • Evolving regulation and changes in applicable laws relating to the Internet may increase our expenditures related to compliance efforts or otherwise limit the solutions we can offer, which may harm our business and adversely affect our financial condition.
  • Evolving regulation relating to data privacy may increase our expenditures related to compliance efforts or otherwise limit the solutions we can offer, which may harm our business and adversely affect our financial condition.
  • We may be subject to breaches of our information technology systems, which could damage our reputation, vendor, and customer relationships, and our customers’ access to our services.
  • We depend to some extent upon wireless networks owned and controlled by others, unproven business models, and emerging wireless carrier models to deliver existing services and to grow.
  • Our failure to predict carrier and end user customer preferences among the many evolving wireless industry standards could hurt our ability to introduce and sell new products and services.
  • Our business could be adversely impacted by the interruption, failure or corruption of our proprietary Internet-based systems that are used to configure and communicate with the wireless tracking and monitoring devices that we sell.
  • We rely upon Amazon Web Services to operate certain aspects of our service and any disruption of or interference with our use of the Amazon Web Services operation would impact our operations and our business would be materially and adversely impacted.
  • Some of our products are subject to mandatory regulatory approvals in the U.S. and other countries that are subject to change, which could make compliance costly and unpredictable.
  • We may be subject to product liability, warranty and recall claims that may increase the costs of doing business and adversely affect our business, financial condition and results of operations.
  • We may experience significant disruptions in our operations resulting from our enterprise resource planning system initiatives.
  • The conditional conversion feature of the convertible notes, if triggered, may adversely affect our financial condition and operating results.
  • The accounting method for convertible debt securities that may be settled in cash, such as the convertible notes, could have a material adverse effect on our reported financial results.
  • We are subject to counterparty risk with respect to the convertible note hedge transactions.
  • Our stock price has been highly volatile in the past and could be highly volatile in the future.
  • Anti-takeover defenses in our charter and under Delaware law could prevent us from being acquired or limit the price that investors might be willing to pay for our common stock in an acquisition.
  • Lack of expected dividends may make our stock less attractive as an investment.
Management Discussion
  • We are a telematics pioneer leading transformation in a mobile connected economy. We help reinvent businesses and improve lives around the globe with technology solutions that streamline complex Internet of Things (“IoT”) developments through wireless connectivity solutions and derived data intelligence. Our software applications, scalable cloud services, and intelligent devices collect and assess business-critical data from mobile assets and their contents. Historically, we had two reportable segments, Software & Subscription Services and Telematics Systems. During the first quarter of fiscal 2021, our interim President and Chief Executive Officer, who is our new Chief Operating Decision Maker (“CODM”), realigned our operational structure into three reportable segments: Software & Subscriptions Services, Telematics Products and LoJack U.S. SVR Products. Our organizational structure is based on a number of factors that our CEO, the CODM, uses to evaluate and operate the business, which include, but are not limited to, customer base, homogeneity of products, and technology within these three segments. A description of the reportable business segments is provided below.
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