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John E. Adent
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26 Sep 19
7 Dec 19
31 May 20


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Quarter (USD) Aug 19 May 19 Feb 19 Nov 18
Revenue 101.42M 109.76M 97.7M 107.1M
Net income 14.65M 15.82M 13.07M 16.05M
Diluted EPS 0.28 0.3 0.25 0.31
Net profit margin 14.45% 14.41% 13.38% 14.99%
Operating income 16.26M 18.73M 14.64M 18.25M
Net change in cash 14.6M -51.89M -8.01M 4.36M
Cash on hand 56.29M 41.69M 93.58M 101.59M
Cost of revenue 53.23M 59.23M 53.07M 57.07M
Annual (USD) May 19 May 18 May 17 May 16
Revenue 414.19M 397.93M 361.59M 321.28M
Net income 60.18M 63.15M 43.79M 36.56M
Diluted EPS 1.15 1.21 0.86 0.72
Net profit margin 14.53% 15.87% 12.11% 11.38%
Operating income 68.09M 70.19M 64.95M 56.39M
Net change in cash -41.39M 5.51M 22.31M -10.8M
Cash on hand 41.69M 83.07M 77.57M 55.26M
Cost of revenue 222.27M 211.66M 189.63M 168.21M

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Management Discussion
  • Neogen’s results reflect an 11% increase in international sales in fiscal 2019 compared to the prior year. We continue to focus on increasing our presence and market share throughout the world, while also integrating recent international acquisitions into our product portfolio. Sales increases for fiscal 2019 compared to the prior year are as follows for each of our international locations:
  • Currency translation had a negative impact of approximately $8.0 million on revenues recorded in foreign currencies during fiscal 2019, as the U.S. dollar strengthened against all the currencies in the countries in which we conduct business. The revenue increase in Europe was led by a 14% increase in sales of genomics services, primarily in the porcine and bovine markets. Deoxynivalenol (DON) test kit sales also increased 19% due to increased testing after a DON outbreak in France’s wheat crops in the fall of calendar 2018. Sales at Quat-Chem increased 17%, due to increased sales coverage and the introduction of new products into their markets.
  • After adjusting for a 15% devaluation of the real against the dollar, sales in Brazil increased 16%, led by a 90% increase in sales of natural toxins test kits, as we gained significant new business from customers testing for the presence of aflatoxin in corn. Sales of forensic test kits, used for required drug testing of commercial drivers in Brazil, increased significantly due to business that shifted from U.S. labs to labs in Brazil and increased demand from commercial laboratories located in Brazil. Neogen Latinoamerica grew revenues by 13%, with gains across most product lines, in particular mycotoxins and culture media, and increased sales in both Mexico and Central America.
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