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Francisco Gomes Neto
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Embraer - Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica S.A., Empresa Brasileira De Aeronautica S.a., Rio Han Holding

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1 Jun 20
2 Jul 20
31 Dec 20


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Low/no Visibility Takeoff System
25 Jun 20
A no/low visibility automatic takeoff system for an aircraft obtains a runway reference centerline and aircraft pointing direction (via the aircraft's sensors) and automatically controls the aircraft pointing direction to track the runway reference centerline.
Method and equipment for measuring mass inertia of moving surfaces
16 Jun 20
Devices are provided to measure the mass inertia of moving surfaces (e.g., aircraft components).
Thermally driven actuator system
9 Jun 20
Exemplary embodiments are directed to thermally driven actuator systems including a thermally driven element and one or more heating elements coupled to and in thermal contact with the thermally driven element.
Automatic command for lift control devices
2 Jun 20
Aircraft and associated methods, apparatus, system and storage devices for automatically positioning of lift control devices such as high lift devices including slats and flaps so an aircraft equipped with this technology will not need to count on the crew to command the lift control devices.
Thermally Configurable Structural Elements Especially Useful for Aircraft Components
28 May 20
Thermally configurable structural elements (e.g., aircraft components such as an aircraft winglet spar) capable of assuming at least first and second structural configurations are provided whereby the structural element includes an integral actuation mechanism provided by at least one thermally configurable region, and at least one non-thermally configurable region which is unitarily contiguous with the at least one thermally configurable region.