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John W. Lindsay
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Helmerich & Payne Inc
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4 May 20
6 Jul 20
30 Sep 20


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Quarter (USD) Mar 20 Dec 19 Sep 19 Jun 19
Revenue 633.64M 614.66M 649.05M 687.97M
Net income -420.54M 30.61M 41.18M -154.68M
Diluted EPS -3.88 0.27 0.37 -1.42
Net profit margin -66.37% 4.98% 6.34% -22.48%
Operating income -518.54M 31.37M 39.02M -167.87M
Net change in cash -18.92M 7.07M 13.17M 90.86M
Cash on hand 336.09M 355.01M 347.94M 334.78M
Annual (USD) Sep 19 Sep 18 Sep 17 Sep 16
Revenue 2.8B 2.49B 1.8B 1.62B
Net income -33.66M 482.67M -128.21M -56.83M
Diluted EPS -0.34 4.37 -1.2 -0.54
Net profit margin -1.20% 19.41% -7.10% -3.50%
Operating income 20.58M 32.96M -169.09M -25.97M
Net change in cash 63.59M -237.02M -384.19M 176.18M
Cash on hand 347.94M 284.36M 521.38M 905.56M

Financial data from company earnings reports

Date Owner Security Transaction Code 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
1 May 20 Smith Mark W. Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No 16.81 450 7.56K 35,701
16 Mar 20 Thomas A. Petrie Common Stock Grant Aquire A No 34.92 5,154 179.98K 19,451
16 Mar 20 Zeglis John D Common Stock Grant Aquire A No 34.92 5,154 179.98K 41,085
16 Mar 20 Edward B Rust JR Common Stock Grant Aquire A No 34.92 5,154 179.98K 50,232
16 Mar 20 Delaney Murchison Bellinger Phantom Stock Common Stock Grant Aquire A No 34.92 5,154 179.98K 5,154
91.6% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 357 437 -18.3%
Opened positions 47 69 -31.9%
Closed positions 127 78 +62.8%
Increased positions 139 126 +10.3%
Reduced positions 123 181 -32.0%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 7.45B 18.96B -60.7%
Total shares 98.38M 98.07M +0.3%
Total puts 737.1K 719.9K +2.4%
Total calls 642.2K 746.3K -13.9%
Total put/call ratio 1.1 1.0 +19.0%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
STT State Street 17.61M $275.54M +231.2%
Vanguard 12.23M $191.48M +2.5%
BLK BlackRock 9.16M $143.31M -0.5%
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance 8.26M $129.23M 0.0%
Dimensional Fund Advisors 4.26M $66.65M +19.9%
IVZ Invesco 2.52M $39.41M -7.3%
PUK Prudential 2.08M $32.56M NEW
Geode Capital Management 1.95M $30.46M +9.1%
Capital World Investors 1.9M $29.74M -67.6%
C Citigroup 1.86M $29.15M +3008.8%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
STT State Street 17.61M +12.29M +231.2%
Capital World Investors 1.9M -3.96M -67.6%
Capital International Investors 0 -2.25M EXIT
PUK Prudential 2.08M +2.08M NEW
C Citigroup 1.86M +1.8M +3008.8%
Citadel Advisors 466.06K -1.61M -77.6%
Millennium Management 465.37K -1.32M -74.0%
Paloma Partners Management 0 -1.08M EXIT
BK Bank Of New York Mellon 1.4M -1.08M -43.4%
Norges Bank 0 -1.04M EXIT

Financial report summary

  • Our business depends on the level of activity in the oil and natural gas industry, which is significantly impacted by the volatility of oil and natural gas prices and other factors.
  • The contract drilling services business is highly competitive, and a surplus of available drilling rigs may adversely affect our rig utilization and profit margins.
  • Reliance on management and competition for experienced personnel may negatively impact our operations or financial results.
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System and method for controlling a drilling path based on drift estimates in a rotary steerable system
16 Jun 20
A method for drilling, comprising receiving, by a surface steerable system coupled to a drilling rig, BHA information from a rotary steerable bottom hole assembly (BHA) located in a borehole, calculating, by the surface steerable system, torsional and spatial forces acting on the rotary steerable BHA at a first location of the rotary steerable BHA with respect to a target drilling path responsive to the BHA information, calculating, by the surface steerable system, a first vector to create a convergence path from the first location of the rotary steerable BHA to the target drilling path that accounts for the torsional and the spatial forces acting on the rotary steerable BHA, causing, by the surface steerable system, at least one drilling parameter to be modified in order to alter a drilling direction of the rotary steerable BHA based on the calculated first vector, transmitting the at least one drilling parameter to the drilling rig to target the rotary steerable BHA in accordance with the first vector, and drilling the borehole using the rotary steerable BHA in response to the at least one drilling parameter.
Mobile Boom System
4 Jun 20
A boom system for utility service lines (such as cables, wires, hoses, pipes, etc.) for a drilling rig.
Apparatus and Methods for Automated Slide Drilling
28 May 20
An automated slide drilling system (ASDS) may be used with a drilling rig system to control slide drilling.
System and Method for Measuring Characteristics of Cuttings From Drilling Operations with Computer Vision
21 May 20
System and method for measuring the characteristics of drill cuttings.
Apparatus and Methods for Determining Information from a Well
14 May 20
A system for drilling a well may be adapted to process signals received from a fiber optic cable located in the casing of a previously drilled well or wells.