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Timothy A. Peterman
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EVINE Live Inc., Valuevision International Inc, Valuevision Media Inc
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12 Jun 19
25 Aug 19
1 Feb 20


Company financial data Financial data

Quarter (USD) May 19 Feb 19 Nov 18 Aug 18
Revenue 131.52M 157.62M 131.71M 150.8M
Net income -20.99M -9.97M -9.16M -40K
Diluted EPS -0.31 -0.15 -0.14 0
Net profit margin -15.96% -6.33% -6.95% -0.03%
Operating income -20.15M -9.16M -8.38M 869K
Net change in cash 8.25M -3.04M -4.61M -1.94M
Cash on hand 28.74M 20.49M 23.53M 28.14M
Cost of revenue 94.23M 111.05M 84.56M 93.93M
Annual (USD) Feb 19 Jan 17 Jan 16 Jan 15
Revenue 596.64M 666.21M 693.31M 674.62M
Net income -22.16M -8.75M -12.28M -1.38M
Diluted EPS -0.34 -0.15 -0.22 -0.03
Net profit margin -3.71% -1.31% -1.77% -0.20%
Operating income -18.62M -2.02M -8.74M 1M
Net change in cash -12.16M 20.75M -7.93M
Cash on hand 20.49M 32.65M 11.9M 19.83M
Cost of revenue 389.79M 424.69M 454.83M 429.57M

Financial data from EVINE Live earnings reports

Financial report summary

QVCQurate Retail
  • We have a history of losses and a high fixed cost operating base and may not be able to achieve or maintain profitable operations in the future.
  • We have had a historic trend of operating losses, which, if not reversed, could reduce our operating cash resources to the point where we will not have sufficient liquidity to meet the ongoing cash commitments and obligations to continue operating our business.
  • Our stock price has experienced a significant decline, which could further adversely affect our ability to raise additional capital and/or cause us to be subject to securities class action litigation.
  • If our common stock continues to trade below $1.00 per share, we will continue to be out of compliance with the continued listing standards set forth by Nasdaq.
  • Our long-term success depends, in large part, on our continued ability to attract new and retain existing customers in a cost-effective manner.
  • Covenants in our debt agreements restrict our business in many ways.
  • Our inability to recruit and retain key employees may adversely impact our ability to sustain growth.
  • Changes in technology and in consumer viewing patterns may negatively impact our video content viewing and could result in a decrease in revenue.
  • The failure to secure suitable placement for our television programming could adversely affect our ability to attract and retain television viewers and could result in a decrease in revenue.
  • We may not be able to expand or could lose some of our existing programming distribution if we cannot negotiate profitable distribution agreements.
  • Competition in the general merchandise retailing industry and particularly the live television shopping and e-commerce sectors could limit our growth and reduce our profitability.
  • Our business, financial condition and results of operations are negatively influenced by economic conditions that impact consumer spending. If macroeconomic conditions do not continue to improve or if conditions worsen, our business could be adversely affected.
  • Trade policies, tariffs, tax or other government regulations that increase the effective price of products manufactured in China or other countries and imported into the United States could have a material adverse effect on our business.
  • We may not be able to maintain our satellite services in certain situations beyond our control, which may cause our programming to go off the air for a period of time and cause us to incur substantial additional costs.
  • We may be subject to product liability claims if people or properties are harmed by products sold or developed by us, or we may be subject to voluntary or involuntary product recalls, or subject to liability for on-air statements made by our hosts or guest-hosts.
  • Our ValuePay installment payment program could lead to significant unplanned credit losses if our credit loss rate materially deteriorates.
  • Failure to comply with existing laws, rules and regulations applicable to our company, or to obtain and maintain required licenses and rights, could subject us to additional liabilities.
  • We may be subject to claims by consumers and state and federal authorities for security breaches involving customer information, which could materially harm our reputation and business or add significant administrative and compliance cost to our operations.
  • Nearly all of our sales are paid for by customers using credit or debit cards and the increasingly heightened Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards regarding the storage and security of customer information could potentially impact our ability to accept card brands.
  • We depend on relationships with numerous manufacturers and suppliers for our products and proprietary brands; a decrease in product quality or an increase in product cost, the unanticipated loss of our larger suppliers, or the lack of customer receptivity or brand acceptance to our proprietary brands could impact our sales.
  • If we do not manage our inventory effectively, our sales, gross profit and profitability could be adversely affected
  • A natural disaster or significant weather event could seriously impact our ability to operate, including our ability to broadcast, operate websites, process and fulfill transactions, respond to customer inquiries and generally maintain cost-efficient operations.
  • The Southwest Light Rail Transit construction project adjacent to our headquarters and primary television broadcasting studios could impact our ability to operate, by disrupting our ability to broadcast our live television programing and could result in a material adverse effect on our operations, net sales and financial performance.
  • A natural disaster or significant weather event could materially interfere with our customers’ ability to receive our broadcast or reach us to purchase our products and services.
  • We will be required to collect and remit sales taxes in more states and we may be subject to claims for potential uncollected amounts.
  • We significantly rely on technology and information management tools and operational applications to run our existing businesses, the failure of which could adversely impact our operations.
  • We rely on a limited number of independent shipping companies to deliver our merchandise. If our independent shipping companies fail to deliver our merchandise in a timely and accurate manner, our reputation and brand may be damaged. If relationships with our independent shipping companies are terminated, we may experience an increase in delivery costs.
  • The seasonality of our business places increased strain on our operations.
  • We may fail to adequately protect our intellectual property rights or may be accused of infringing upon the intellectual property rights of third parties.
  • Any acquisition we make could adversely impact the Company's performance.
  • Our business could be negatively affected as a result of the actions of activist or hostile shareholders.
  • It may be difficult for a third party to acquire us, even if doing so may be beneficial to our shareholders.
Management Discussion
  • Consolidated net sales for our fiscal 2019 first quarter were $131.5 million compared to $156.5 million for our fiscal 2018 first quarter, which represents a 16% decrease. We reported an operating loss of $20.2 million and a net loss of $21.0 million for our fiscal 2019 first quarter. The operating and net loss for the fiscal 2019 first quarter included an inventory impairment write-down of $6.1 million and charges relating to executive and management transition costs totaling $2.0 million. We had an operating loss of $1.9 million and a net loss of $3.0 million for our fiscal 2018 first quarter. The operating and net loss for the fiscal 2018 first quarter included charges relating to executive and management transition costs totaling $1.0 million and contract termination costs of $753,000.
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