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Jeffrey P. Bezos
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26 Jul 19
21 Sep 19
31 Dec 19


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Quarter (USD) Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18 Sep 18
Revenue 63.4B 59.7B 72.38B 56.58B
Net income 2.63B 3.56B 3.03B 2.88B
Diluted EPS 5.22 7.09 6.04 5.75
Net profit margin 4.14% 5.96% 4.18% 5.10%
Operating income 3.08B 4.42B 3.79B 3.72B
Net change in cash -499M -8.64B 11.33B 602M
Cash on hand 22.62B 23.12B 31.75B 20.43B
Cost of revenue 36.34B 33.92B 44.79B 33B
Annual (USD) Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16 Dec 15
Revenue 232.89B 177.87B 135.99B 107.01B
Net income 10.07B 3.03B 2.37B 596M
Diluted EPS 20.14 6.15 4.9 1.25
Net profit margin 4.33% 1.71% 1.74% 0.56%
Operating income 12.42B 4.11B 4.19B 2.23B
Net change in cash 11.23B 1.19B 3.44B 1.33B
Cash on hand 31.75B 20.52B 19.33B 15.89B
Cost of revenue 139.16B 111.93B 88.27B 71.65B

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Financial report summary

  • We Face Intense Competition
  • Our Expansion Places a Significant Strain on our Management, Operational, Financial, and Other Resources
  • Our Expansion into New Products, Services, Technologies, and Geographic Regions Subjects Us to Additional Business, Legal, Financial, and Competitive Risks
  • We May Experience Significant Fluctuations in Our Operating Results and Growth Rate
  • Our International Operations Expose Us to a Number of Risks
  • If We Do Not Successfully Optimize and Operate Our Fulfillment Network and Data Centers, Our Business Could Be Harmed
  • The Seasonality of Our Business Places Increased Strain on Our Operations
  • Our Business Could Suffer if We Are Unsuccessful in Making, Integrating, and Maintaining Commercial Agreements, Strategic Alliances, and Other Business Relationships
  • Our Business Could Suffer if We Are Unsuccessful in Making, Integrating, and Maintaining Acquisitions and Investments
  • We Have Foreign Exchange Risk
  • The Loss of Key Senior Management Personnel or the Failure to Hire and Retain Highly Skilled and Other Key Personnel Could Negatively Affect Our Business
  • We Could Be Harmed by Data Loss or Other Security Breaches
  • We Face Risks Related to System Interruption and Lack of Redundancy
  • We Face Significant Inventory Risk
  • We May Not Be Able to Adequately Protect Our Intellectual Property Rights or May Be Accused of Infringing Intellectual Property Rights of Third Parties
  • We Have a Rapidly Evolving Business Model and Our Stock Price Is Highly Volatile
  • Government Regulation Is Evolving and Unfavorable Changes Could Harm Our Business
  • We Could Be Subject to Additional Tax Liabilities and Collection Obligations
  • Our Supplier Relationships Subject Us to a Number of Risks
  • We May Be Subject to Risks Related to Government Contracts and Related Procurement Regulations
  • We May Be Subject to Product Liability Claims if People or Property Are Harmed by the Products We Sell or Manufacture
  • We Are Subject to Payments-Related Risks
  • We Could Be Liable for Fraudulent or Unlawful Activities of Sellers
Management Discussion
  • We have organized our operations into three segments: North America, International, and AWS. These segments reflect the way the Company evaluates its business performance and manages its operations. See Item 1 of Part I, “Financial Statements — Note 8 — Segment Information.”
  • Net sales include product and service sales. Product sales represent revenue from the sale of products and related shipping fees and digital media content where we record revenue gross. Service sales primarily represent third-party seller fees, which includes commissions and any related fulfillment and shipping fees, AWS sales, Amazon Prime membership fees, advertising services, and certain digital content subscriptions. Net sales information is as follows (in millions):
  • Sales increased 20% in Q2 2019, and 18% for the six months ended June 30, 2019 compared to the comparable prior year periods. Changes in foreign currency exchange rates impacted net sales by $(814) million for Q2 2019, and by $(1.9) billion for the six months ended June 30, 2019. For a discussion of the effect on sales growth of foreign exchange rates, see “Effect of Foreign Exchange Rates” below.
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