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Process for manufacturing a coated metal strip of improved appearance
28 Jul 20
An installation for continuous hot-dip coating of a metal strip is provided.
Method of continuous manufacturing of solidified steelmaking slag and associated device
23 Jul 20
A method of continuous manufacturing of solidified steelmaking slag including the steps of solidifying molten steelmaking slag comprising at least 2% in weight of free lime so as to produce solidified slag particles having a diameter below 1 mm, the molten steelmaking slag being put in contact with at least a first carbonation gas during such solidification, cooling the solidified slag particles down to a temperature below or equal to 300° C., in a closed chamber, the solidified slag particles being put in contact with at least one second carbonation gas during such cooling.
Method for Producing a High Strength Coated Steel Sheet having Improved Strength, Formability and Obtained Sheet
16 Jul 20
A method is for producing a high strength coated steel sheet having an improved ductility and an improved formability, and a chemical composition containing: 0.13%≤C≤0.22%, 1.9%≤Si≤2.3%, 2.4%≤Mn≤3%, Al≤0.5%, Ti≤0.05%, Nb≤0.05%, the remainder being Fe and unavoidable impurities.
Hot-rolled and Coated Steel Sheet for Hot-stamping, Hot-stamped Coated Steel Part and Methods for Manufacturing the Same
16 Jul 20
A method for manufacturing a hot-rolled and coated steel sheet having a thickness between 1.8 mm and 5 mm.
Metal sheet treatment method and metal sheet treated with this method
9 Jul 20
A steel substrate coated on at least one of its faces with a metallic coating based on zinc or its alloys wherein the metallic coating is itself coated with a zincsulphate-based layer—includes at least one of the compounds selected from among zincsulphate monohydrate, zincsulphate tetrahydrate and zincsulphate heptahydrate, wherein the zincsulphate-based layer has neither zinc hydroxysulphate nor free water molecules nor free hydroxyl groups, the surface density of sulphur in the zincsulphate-based layer being greater than or equal to 0.5 mg/m2.