Autohome (ATHM)

Autohome Inc. is the leading online destination for automobile consumers in China. Its mission is to enhance the car-buying and ownership experience for auto consumers in China. Autohome provides original generated content, professionally generated content, user-generated content, AI-generated content, a comprehensive automobile library, and extensive automobile listing information to automobile consumers, covering the entire car purchase and ownership cycle. The ability to reach a large and engaged user base of automobile consumers has made Autohome a preferred platform for automakers and dealers to conduct their advertising campaigns. Further, the Company's dealer subscription and advertising services allow dealers to market their inventory and services through Autohome's platform, extending the reach of their physical showrooms to potentially millions of internet users in China and generating sales leads for them. The Company offers sales leads, data analysis, and marketing services to assist automakers and dealers with improving their efficiency and facilitating transactions. Autohome operates its 'Autohome Mall,' a full-service online transaction platform, to facilitate transactions for automakers and dealers. Further, through its websites and mobile applications, it also provides other value-added services, including auto financing, auto insurance, used car transactions, and aftermarket services.

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25 Apr 22
1 Oct 22
31 Dec 22
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Cost of revenue
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13F holders Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 199 190 +4.7%
Opened positions 36 24 +50.0%
Closed positions 27 32 -15.6%
Increased positions 49 74 -33.8%
Reduced positions 81 60 +35.0%
13F shares Current Prev Q Change
Total value 24.25B 23.7B +2.3%
Total shares 292.5M 293.6M -0.4%
Total puts 383K 512.8K -25.3%
Total calls 707.5K 814.9K -13.2%
Total put/call ratio 0.5 0.6 -14.0%
Largest owners Shares Value Change
Yun Chen Capital Cayman 224.8M $21.26B 0.0%
Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management 9.49M $373.19M -12.2%
Mondrian Investment Partners 6.22M $244.58M -1.2%
Orbis Investment Management 5.06M $503.94M 0.0%
IVZ Invesco 5.02M $197.52M +5.6%
FIL 4.66M $183.13M -11.2%
BLK Blackrock 3.87M $152.13M +0.1%
M&G Investment Management 2.75M $107.21M +5.1%
FHI Federated Hermes 2.66M $104.61M +54.8%
Krane Funds Advisors 2.59M $101.84M +27.6%
Largest transactions Shares Bought/sold Change
Marshall Wace 82.5K -1.41M -94.5%
Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management 9.49M -1.32M -12.2%
Polunin Capital Partners 976.4K +976.4K NEW
FHI Federated Hermes 2.66M +941.17K +54.8%
FIL 4.66M -589.97K -11.2%
RPD Fund Management 660.1K -566.45K -46.2%
Krane Funds Advisors 2.59M +560.06K +27.6%
Keywise Capital Management 524K +524K NEW
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. 1.23M +506.98K +69.9%
Two Sigma Investments 95.83K -447.08K -82.3%

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