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Financial data from Nikola earnings reports.

Date Owner Security Transaction Code 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
14 Sep 20 Trevor R. Milton Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 33.5999 8,400 282.24K 91,644,134
14 Sep 20 Trevor R. Milton Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 31.2 905 28.24K 91,635,734
14 Sep 20 Trevor R. Milton Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 30.9623 3,643 112.8K 91,634,829
14 Sep 20 Trevor R. Milton Common Stock Buy Aquire P No 30.1008 28,452 856.43K 91,631,186
10 Sep 20 Michael Lee Erickson Common Stock Option exercise Aquire M No 1.06 283,017 300K 283,017
10 Sep 20 Michael Lee Erickson Stock Option Common Stock Option exercise Dispose M No 1.06 283,017 300K 653,290
10 Sep 20 V De Witt C. Thompson Common Stock Other Dispose J No 0 5,674,485 0 0
10 Sep 20 V De Witt C. Thompson Common Stock Other Dispose J No 0 3,805,519 0 13,144,216
10 Sep 20 V De Witt C. Thompson Common Stock Other Dispose J No 0 3,520,370 0 0
21 Aug 20 Britton M. Worthen Common Stock Grant Aquire A No 0 300,000 0 300,000
13.1% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 161 0 NEW
Opened positions 161 0 NEW
Closed positions 0 0
Increased positions 0 0
Reduced positions 0 0
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 3.59B 0 NEW
Total shares 49.61M 0 NEW
Total puts 19.76M 0 NEW
Total calls 14.39M 0 NEW
Total put/call ratio 1.4
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
FMR 18.67M $1.2B NEW
ValueAct 11.68M $788.44M NEW
P Schoenfeld Asset Management 3.04M $179.44M NEW
Hudson Bay Capital Management 2.13M $96.16M NEW
Key Square Capital Management 2M $135.06M NEW
Cowen And 1.9M $128.36M NEW
Jane Street 1.26M $85.18M NEW
Linden Advisors 1M $40.01M NEW
Luxor Capital 1M $67.53M NEW
Monashee Investment Management 1M $67.53M NEW
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
FMR 18.67M +18.67M NEW
ValueAct 11.68M +11.68M NEW
P Schoenfeld Asset Management 3.04M +3.04M NEW
Hudson Bay Capital Management 2.13M +2.13M NEW
Key Square Capital Management 2M +2M NEW
Cowen And 1.9M +1.9M NEW
Jane Street 1.26M +1.26M NEW
Linden Advisors 1M +1M NEW
Luxor Capital 1M +1M NEW
Monashee Investment Management 1M +1M NEW

Financial report summary

Management Discussion
  • Revenues and cost of revenues for the three months ended June 30, 2020 and 2019 were related to solar installation service projects. Solar installation projects are not related to our primary operations and are expected to be discontinued. Solar revenues and cost of solar revenues were immaterial during the three months ended June 30, 2020 and 2019.
  • Research and development expenses increased by $30.6 million, or 258.5%, from $11.9 million during the three months ended June 30, 2019 to $42.5 million during the three months ended in June 30, 2020. This increase was due to higher spend on purchased components and outside engineering services as we focus primarily on the development, build, and testing of our BEV truck platform, as well as continuing the development of our FCEV truck platform. In addition, we incurred higher stock-based compensation expense of $2.7 million from the Business Combination and increased headcount, higher personnel costs of $4.3 million driven by growth in our in-house engineering headcount, and higher depreciation costs primarily driven by the depreciation of our new headquarters and R&D facility and related capital equipment.
  • Selling, general, and administrative expenses increased by $38.8 million, or 726.1%, from $5.3 million during the three months ended June 30, 2019 to $44.1 million during the three months ended June 30, 2020. The increase was primarily related to higher stock-based compensation expense of $34.1 million from one-time expenses due to the Business Combination and additional grants to our executive officers. In addition, we incurred higher personnel expenses driven by growth in headcount, and higher general corporate expenses, including professional services related to the Business Combination and public company requirements. Those increases were partially offset by lower marketing costs due to the Nikola World event held in April 2019.
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