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Mary Teresa Barra
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5 Feb 20
22 Feb 20
31 Dec 20


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Quarter (USD) Dec 19 Sep 19 Jun 19 Mar 19
Revenue 30.83B 35.47B 36.06B 34.88B
Net income -194M 2.35B 2.42B 2.16B
Diluted EPS -0.17 1.6 1.66 1.48
Net profit margin -0.63% 6.63% 6.71% 6.18%
Operating income -554M 2.3B 2.49B 1.24B
Net change in cash -982M 2.98B -104M -3.67B
Cash on hand 19.07B 20.05B 17.07B 17.18B
Cost of revenue
Annual (USD) Dec 19 Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16
Revenue 137.24B 147.05B 145.59B 149.18B
Net income 6.73B 8.01B -3.86B 9.43B
Diluted EPS 4.57 5.53 -2.6 6
Net profit margin 4.91% 5.45% -2.65% 6.32%
Operating income 5.48B 4.45B 8.66B 8.69B
Net change in cash -1.78B 5.33B 2.94B -2.66B
Cash on hand 19.07B 20.84B 15.51B 12.57B
Cost of revenue 110.65B 120.66B 116.23B 121.78B

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74.5% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 986 984 +0.2%
Opened positions 125 111 +12.6%
Closed positions 123 91 +35.2%
Increased positions 334 328 +1.8%
Reduced positions 404 406 -0.5%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 39.04B 39.99B -2.4%
Total shares 1.06B 1.07B -0.3%
Total puts 27.6M 27.95M -1.3%
Total calls 38.48M 31.07M +23.9%
Total put/call ratio 0.7 0.9 -20.3%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Vanguard 102.99M $3.77B +1.5%
BLK BlackRock 99.33M $3.64B +5.7%
Capital World Investors 94.23M $3.45B -11.0%
BRK.A Berkshire Hathaway 75M $2.75B +3.8%
Harris Associates L P 58.05M $2.12B +0.1%
STT State Street 57.29M $2.1B +0.2%
IVZ Invesco 36.42M $1.33B +2.6%
Eagle Capital Management 19.95M $730.15M -2.0%
BEN Franklin Resources 18.76M $686.76M -19.2%
Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management 18.28M $669.21M +15.7%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Capital World Investors 94.23M -11.69M -11.0%
Capital Research Global Investors 14.87M -7.2M -32.6%
Clearbridge Advisors 807.61K -6.48M -88.9%
BLK BlackRock 99.33M +5.38M +5.7%
BEN Franklin Resources 18.76M -4.47M -19.2%
GS The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. 12.3M +3.31M +36.9%
Assenagon Asset Management 0 -3.24M EXIT
FMR 12.29M +3.22M +35.5%
TFC Truist Financial 3.53M +3.17M +891.6%
JHG Janus Henderson 9.16M +3.04M +49.6%

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Manufacturing Method for Welding a Multi-sheet Assembly
20 Feb 20
A method of manufacturing a resistance weld in at least three overlying sheet metal layers includes the steps of: (1) providing a first sheet metal layer having a first thickness; (2) providing a second sheet metal layer having a second thickness; (3) providing a filler material on the second sheet metal layer; (4) providing a third sheet metal layer having a third thickness onto the filler material and the second sheet metal layer wherein the third thickness is less than each of the first and the second thicknesses; (5) pressing a pair of welding electrodes against a pair of opposing outer surfaces with the filler material disposed therebetween; and (6) passing an electric current between the pair of electrodes through the filler material and the first, second, and third sheet metal layers to form a weld nugget which penetrates into at least the first and second sheet metal layers.
Vehicle and Electrical System with Dual Battery Modules
20 Feb 20
An electrical system includes cables, a DC charge connector, first and second battery modules, a splice device, and a controller.
Vehicle Rechargeable Energy Storage System and Method of Preconditioning the Rechargeable Energy Storage System
20 Feb 20
A system and method are provided for preconditioning a rechargeable energy system (RESS) for a vehicle.
Stackable/reconfigurable Compartment Bins
20 Feb 20
A storage compartment assembly for a motor vehicle includes a plurality of compartment bins, each having a first wall connected at an angle to a second wall connected at an angle to a third wall connected at an angle to a fourth wall also connected at an angle to the first wall, the first, second, third, and fourth walls connected at an angle to a base portion, the first, second, third, fourth walls, and the base portion partially enclosing a volume, a plurality of foot portions extending from the base portion at intersections of the first, second, third, and fourth walls, a plurality of support members extending from the intersections of the first, second, third, and fourth walls and displaced vertically directly above the foot portions, each of the plurality of compartment bins stackable atop each of the others of the plurality of compartment bins in a plurality of permutations.
Latch Mechanism
20 Feb 20
A service latch assembly for a vehicle is disclosed.