ENVB Enveric Biosciences

Enveric Biosciences is a patient-first biotechnology company developing rigorously tested, novel cannabinoid medicines to improve quality of life for cancer patients. Initial indications include radiodermatitis, a common and often severe side effect of radiation therapy, and chemotherapy-induced neuropathy.

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Brent Kelton
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1 Apr 21
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31 Dec 21
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Cash burn rate (estimated) Burn method: Change in cash Burn method: Operating income/loss Burn method: FCF (opex + capex)
Last Q Avg 4Q Last Q Avg 4Q Last Q Avg 4Q
Cash on hand (at last report) 1.58M 1.58M 1.58M 1.58M 1.58M 1.58M
Cash burn (monthly) 420.55K (positive/no burn) 569.84K 512.54K 10.06K 324.07K
Cash used (since last report) 1.45M n/a 1.96M 1.77M 34.66K 1.12M
Cash remaining 130K n/a -384.22K -186.87K 1.54M 462.3K
Runway (months of cash) 0.3 n/a -0.7 -0.4 153.4 1.4

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Date Owner Security Transaction Code Indirect 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
18 Mar 21 Douglas Lind Common Stock Grant Aquire A No No 0 2,265 0 2,265
4 Mar 21 Buiten John Van Common Stock Grant Aquire A No No 0 25,000 0 25,000
15 Feb 21 Avani Kanubaddi RSU Common Stock Grant Aquire A No No 0 789,484 0 789,484
15 Feb 21 Johnson David Ian RSU Common Stock Grant Aquire A No No 0 53,192 0 1,368,999
15 Feb 21 Johnson David Ian RSU Common Stock Grant Aquire A No No 0 1,315,807 0 1,315,807

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