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Hewlett Packard Co
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Hewlett-Packard Company is a provider of products, technologies, software, solutions & services to individual consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses and large enterprises, including customers in the government, health and education sectors.
Quarter (USD) Jan 19 Oct 18 Jul 18 Apr 18
Revenue 14.71B 15.37B 14.59B 14B
Net income 803M 1.45B 880M 1.06B
Diluted EPS 0.51 0.9 0.54 0.64
Net profit margin 5.46% 9.44% 6.03% 7.56%
Operating income 926M 1.05B 1.08B 964M
Net change in cash -1.8B -1.03B 1.95B -1.23B
Cash on hand 3.37B 5.17B 6.2B 4.25B
Cost of revenue 12.1B 12.67B 11.9B 11.3B
Annual (USD) Oct 18 Oct 17 Oct 16 Oct 15
Revenue 58.47B 52.06B 48.24B 51.46B
Net income 5.33B 2.53B 2.5B 4.55B
Diluted EPS 3.26 1.48 1.43 2.48
Net profit margin 9.11% 4.85% 5.17% 8.85%
Operating income 4.06B 3.52B 3.55B 3.92B
Net change in cash -1.83B 709M -11.15B 2.3B
Cash on hand 5.17B 7B 6.29B 17.43B
Cost of revenue 47.8B 42.48B 39.24B 41.52B

Financial data from HP earnings reports

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