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John Rusty Frantz
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31 Jul 20
11 Aug 20
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Quarter (USD) Jun 20 Mar 20 Dec 19 Sep 19
Revenue 130.88M 136.38M 137.74M 134.26M
Net income -824K -4.24M 4.42M 6.08M
Diluted EPS -0.01 -0.06 0.07 0.09
Net profit margin -0.63% -3.11% 3.21% 4.53%
Operating income 1.88M -6.29M 3.28M 6.73M
Net change in cash 54.31M 111.22M -16.14M 14.32M
Cash on hand 192.32M 138.01M 26.79M 42.93M
Cost of revenue 66.37M 68.34M 68.14M 65.73M
Annual (USD) Mar 20 Mar 19 Mar 18 Mar 17
Revenue 540.24M 529.17M 531.02M 509.62M
Net income 7.5M 24.49M 2.42M 18.24M
Diluted EPS 0.11 0.38 0.04 0.29
Net profit margin 1.39% 4.63% 0.46% 3.58%
Operating income 5.11M 31.62M 2.82M 27.01M
Net change in cash 104.93M 4.23M -8.83M 10.5M
Cash on hand 138.01M 33.08M 28.85M 37.67M
Cost of revenue 267.44M 246.7M 241.54M 223.13M

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Date Owner Security Transaction Code 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
10 Aug 20 Rosenzweig Lance Common Stock Sell Dispose S No 14.7309 5,700 83.97K 55,396
4 Aug 20 David Ahmadzai Common Stock Grant Aquire A No 14.23 7,500 106.73K 29,043
26 Jun 20 Frantz John R Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No 10.19 15,634 159.31K 467,088
26 Jun 20 Linton Jeffrey D Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No 10.19 1,919 19.55K 52,171
26 Jun 20 Metcalfe David A Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No 10.19 4,250 43.31K 113,289
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