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Vodafone Group Plc engages in telecommunication services in Europe and internationally. The firms offers mobile services that enable customers to call, text, and access data; fixed line services, including broadband, television (TV) offerings, and voice; and convergence services under the GigaKombi and Vodafone One names to customers. It also provides mobile, fixed, and a suite of converged communication services, such as Internet of Things (IoT) comprising managed IoT connectivity, automotive, and insurance services, as well as smart metering and health solutions; cloud and security portfolio comprising public and private cloud services, as well as cloud-based applications and products for securing networks and devices; and international voice, IP transit, and messaging services to support business customers that include small home offices and large multi-national companies. In addition, the company offers M-Pesa, an African payment platform, which provides money transfer, financial, and business and merchant payment services; and various services to operators through its market agreements, as well as rents capacity to mobile virtual network operators to provide mobile services. The firm has a strategic partnership with Open Fiber. As of March 31, 2019, it had approximately 650 million mobile customers, 19 million fixed broadband customers, and 14 million TV customers. The company was founded on July 17, 1984 and is headquartered in Newbury, the United Kingdom.

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transerred, tre, Trea, treasur, triage, trou, troug, Tru, tstee, Turey, turit, twin, ua, uaae, uac, ual, ualiin, ualri, uan, uaraeed, uaranee, uarantee, uaranteed, uarer, ud, udeen, udement, uder, udge, udgement, udior, udit, uditelated, udra, uds, ue, uebourg, uement, uemourg, uer, uera, uerae, ues, uge, ugeent, ui, uine, uion, uipent, uipment, uit, uitsettle, uliael, ulil, ulilling, ully, uly, umarne, umer, umu, umulative, umutive, unadusted, unanged, unaniousl, unar, unbreakable, uncanged, uncertaint, unclear, uncoated, unconnected, unctional, underaen, undern, undertae, undertaen, undin, undisputed, undle, undran, undred, unempoyment, uner, unerain, unerpin, unertain, unertant, UNESCO, ungar, ungary, UNGC, unhanged, UNICEF, unil, unisounte, unnown, unonditional, unparalleled, unpatched, unreated, unreognse, unsafe, unseured, unsysteati, ununded, uo, uoed, uomoe, uomove, uoonne, uos, uoted, updae, updain, upeld, upm, upreme, upront, ur, uralia, urcase, ure, urer, urig, urin, uring, 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