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21 Feb 20
25 Feb 20
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Quarter (USD) Dec 19 Sep 19 Jun 19 Mar 19
Revenue 4.87B 4.38B 4.44B 4.22B
Net income 1.28B 668M 731.3M 333.8M
Diluted EPS 1.73 0.89 0.97 0.46
Net profit margin 26.19% 15.26% 16.45% 7.91%
Operating income 961.7M 776.3M 811.7M 719.7M
Net change in cash 5.66B 8.82B 1.52B 3.12B
Cash on hand 19.91B 14.25B 5.43B 3.91B
Cost of revenue 1.26B 2.23B 2.28B 2.16B
Annual (USD) Dec 19 Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16
Revenue 17.91B 19.89B 18.33B 16.88B
Net income 3.01B 2.65B 2.49B 2.55B
Diluted EPS 4.05 3.74 3.53 3.65
Net profit margin 16.80% 13.33% 13.60% 15.13%
Operating income 3.27B 3.06B 2.57B 2.74B
Net change in cash 19.12B 157.5M -333.4M 172.9M
Cash on hand 19.91B 787.8M 630.3M 963.7M
Cost of revenue 7.93B 7.54B 6.95B 7.55B

Financial data from Danaher earnings reports

78.7% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 1457 1395 +4.4%
Opened positions 163 96 +69.8%
Closed positions 101 71 +42.3%
Increased positions 485 504 -3.8%
Reduced positions 588 568 +3.5%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 1.04T 1.07T -3.0%
Total shares 547.61M 559.38M -2.1%
Total puts 2.62M 958.45K +173.4%
Total calls 1.58M 1.23M +28.5%
Total put/call ratio 1.7 0.8 +112.7%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Vanguard 49.45M $7.59B +0.7%
BLK BlackRock 44.1M $6.77B -4.4%
N Price T Rowe Associates 40.28M $6.18B -0.4%
STT State Street 26.62M $4.09B +1.5%
FMR 26.02M $3.99B -6.6%
Wellington Management 18.91M $2.9B -3.6%
Massachusetts Financial Services 18.61M $2.86B -4.1%
MS Morgan Stanley 13.96M $2.14B +3.1%
BAC Bank of America 11.26M $1.73B +1.8%
Geode Capital Management 9.48M $1.45B +3.1%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Aristotle Capital Management 7.18M +2.47M +52.5%
Ensign Peak Advisors 2.12M +2.12M NEW
BLK BlackRock 44.1M -2.04M -4.4%
FMR 26.02M -1.84M -6.6%
GS The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. 5.3M +1.21M +29.7%
Capital World Investors 2.92M -1.04M -26.2%
TFC Truist Financial 1.03M +914.89K +771.8%
Schroder Investment Management 1.83M -912.15K -33.2%
Millennium Management 0 -795.72K EXIT
Massachusetts Financial Services 18.61M -785.64K -4.1%

Financial report summary

  • We may not complete the GE Biopharma Acquisition within the time frame we anticipate or at all; regulatory approval of the GE Biopharma Acquisition is subject to conditions; and the GE Biopharma Acquisition could negatively impact our business, financial statements and stock price.
  • Our outstanding debt has increased significantly in anticipation of the GE Biopharma Acquisition, and we expect to incur additional debt in the future. Our existing and future indebtedness may limit our operations and our use of our cash flow and negatively impact our credit ratings; and any failure to comply with the covenants that apply to our indebtedness could adversely affect our liquidity and financial statements.
  • Our growth could suffer if the markets into which we sell our products and services decline, do not grow as anticipated or experience cyclicality.
  • We face intense competition and if we are unable to compete effectively, we may experience decreased demand and decreased market share. Even if we compete effectively, we may be required to reduce prices for our products and services.
  • Our growth depends in part on the timely development and commercialization, and customer acceptance, of new and enhanced products and services based on technological innovation.
  • Our reputation, ability to do business and financial statements can be impaired by improper conduct by any of our employees, agents or business partners.
  • Certain of our businesses are subject to extensive regulation by the U.S. FDA and by comparable agencies of other countries, as well as laws regulating fraud and abuse in the health care industry and the privacy and security of health information. Failure to comply with those regulations could adversely affect our reputation, ability to do business and financial statements.
  • Off-label marketing of our products could result in substantial penalties.
  • Certain modifications to our products may require new 510(k) clearances or other marketing authorizations and may require us to recall or cease marketing our products.
  • The health care industry and related industries that we serve have undergone, and are in the process of undergoing, significant changes in an effort to reduce costs, which could adversely affect our financial statements.
  • Any inability to consummate acquisitions at our historical rate and at appropriate prices, and to make appropriate investments that support our long-term strategy, could negatively impact our growth rate and stock price.
  • Our acquisition of businesses, investments, joint ventures and other strategic relationships could negatively impact our financial statements.
  • The indemnification provisions of acquisition agreements by which we have acquired companies may not fully protect us and as a result we may face unexpected liabilities.
  • Divestitures or other dispositions could negatively impact our business, and contingent liabilities from businesses that we or our predecessors have sold could adversely affect our financial statements.
  • We could incur significant liability if any of the 2015 separation and split-off of our communications business, the 2016 separation and spin-off of Fortive or the 2019 separation, IPO and split-off of Envista is determined to be a taxable transaction.
  • Potential indemnification liabilities pursuant to the 2015 separation and split-off of our communications business, the 2016 separation and spin-off of Fortive or the 2019 separation, IPO and split-off of Envista could materially and adversely affect our business and financial statements.
  • A significant disruption in, or breach in security of, our information technology systems or data or violation of data privacy laws could adversely affect our business, reputation and financial statements.
  • Our operations, products and services expose us to the risk of environmental, health and safety liabilities, costs and violations that could adversely affect our business, reputation and financial statements.
  • Our businesses are subject to extensive regulation; failure to comply with those regulations could adversely affect our financial statements and our business, including our reputation.
  • Our restructuring actions can have long-term adverse effects on our business.
  • We may be required to recognize impairment charges for our goodwill and other intangible assets.
  • Foreign currency exchange rates can adversely affect our financial statements.
  • Changes in our tax rates or exposure to additional income tax liabilities or assessments can affect our profitability. In addition, audits by tax authorities can result in additional tax payments for prior periods.
  • Changes in tax law relating to multinational corporations could adversely affect our tax position.
  • We are subject to a variety of litigation and other legal and regulatory proceedings in the course of our business that can adversely affect our business and financial statements.
  • If we are unable to adequately protect our intellectual property, or if third-parties infringe our intellectual property rights, we may suffer competitive injury or expend significant resources enforcing our rights. These risks are particularly pronounced in countries in which we do business that do not have levels of protection of intellectual property comparable to the United States.
  • Third-parties from time to time claim that we are infringing or misappropriating their intellectual property rights and we could suffer significant litigation expenses, losses or licensing expenses or be prevented from selling products or services.
  • The U.S. government has certain rights to use and disclose some of the intellectual property that we license and could exclusively license it to a third-party if we fail to achieve practical application of the intellectual property.
  • Defects and unanticipated use or inadequate disclosure with respect to our products or services, or allegations thereof, can adversely affect our business, reputation and financial statements.
  • The manufacture of many of our products is a highly exacting and complex process, and if we directly or indirectly encounter problems manufacturing products, our reputation, business and financial statements could suffer.
  • Adverse changes in our relationships with, or the financial condition, performance, purchasing patterns or inventory levels of, key distributors and other channel partners can adversely affect our financial statements.
  • Certain of our businesses rely on relationships with collaborative partners and other third-parties for development, supply and marketing of certain products and potential products, and such collaborative partners or other third-parties could fail to perform sufficiently.
  • Our financial results are subject to fluctuations in the cost and availability of commodities that we use in our operations.
  • If we cannot adjust our manufacturing capacity or the purchases required for our manufacturing activities to reflect changes in market conditions and customer demand, our profitability may suffer. In addition, our reliance upon sole or limited sources of supply for certain materials, components and services can cause production interruptions, delays and inefficiencies.
  • Changes in governmental regulations can reduce demand for our products or services or increase our expenses.
  • Work stoppages, union and works council campaigns and other labor disputes could adversely impact our productivity and results of operations.
  • International economic, political, legal, compliance and business factors could negatively affect our financial statements.
  • Significant developments stemming from the UK’s referendum decision to exit the EU could have an adverse effect on us.
  • If we suffer loss to our facilities, supply chains, distribution systems or information technology systems due to catastrophe or other events, our operations could be seriously harmed.
  • Our defined benefit pension plans are subject to financial market risks that could adversely affect our financial statements.
Management Discussion
  • Price increases in the segment contributed 1.0% to revenue growth on a year-over-year basis during 2019 as compared with 2018 and are reflected as a component of the change in core revenue growth.
  • Core sales for filtration, separation and purification technologies increased across most major geographies on a year-over-year basis led by growth in the biopharmaceuticals, aerospace and fluid technology and asset protection end-markets, partially offset by softness in the microelectronics end-market. Core sales of microscopy products grew on a year-over-year basis across most major product lines led by North America and the high-growth markets, particularly China. Year-over-year core sales for flow cytometry and particle counting products grew in 2019 across all major geographies and end-markets. Core sales of the business’ broad range of mass spectrometers increased on a year-over-year basis led by strong core sales growth in the high-growth markets, particularly China and the rest of Asia, partially offset by lower demand in North America. This growth was led by demand in the pharmaceutical and academic end-markets and for service offerings, partially offset by lower core sales in the clinical end-market.
  • Sales growth from acquisitions was primarily due to the acquisition of IDT in April 2018. IDT provides additional sales and earnings growth opportunities for the segment by expanding the segment’s product line diversity, including new product and
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