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18 Jul 19
17 Oct 19
31 Dec 19


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Quarter (USD) Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18 Sep 18
Revenue 5.16B 4.88B 5.36B 4.85B
Net income 731.3M 333.8M 746.8M 663.7M
Diluted EPS 0.97 0.46 1.05 0.93
Net profit margin 14.18% 6.84% 13.92% 13.68%
Operating income 883.8M 723.8M 962.6M 830.7M
Net change in cash 1.52B 3.12B 11.6M -127.8M
Cash on hand 5.43B 3.91B 787.8M 776.2M
Cost of revenue 2.28B 2.16B 2.41B 2.16B
Annual (USD) Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16 Dec 15
Revenue 19.89B 18.33B 16.88B 14.43B
Net income 2.65B 2.49B 2.55B 3.36B
Diluted EPS 3.74 3.53 3.65 4.74
Net profit margin 13.33% 13.60% 15.13% 23.26%
Operating income 3.4B 2.99B 2.74B 2.16B
Net change in cash 157.5M -333.4M 172.9M -2.21B
Cash on hand 787.8M 630.3M 963.7M 790.8M
Cost of revenue 8.79B 8.14B 7.55B 6.66B

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Management Discussion
  • In this report, references to the non-GAAP measure of core sales (also referred to as core revenues or sales/revenues from existing businesses) refer to sales calculated according to U.S. GAAP, but excluding:
  • References to sales or operating profit attributable to acquisitions or acquired businesses refer to sales or operating profit, as applicable, from acquired businesses recorded prior to the first anniversary of the acquisition less the amount of sales and operating profit, as applicable, attributable to divested product lines not considered discontinued operations. The portion of revenue attributable to currency translation is calculated as the difference between:
  • Core sales growth should be considered in addition to, and not as a replacement for or superior to, sales, and may not be comparable to similarly titled measures reported by other companies. Management believes that reporting the non-GAAP financial measure of core sales growth provides useful information to investors by helping identify underlying growth trends in Danaher’s business and facilitating comparisons of Danaher’s revenue performance with its performance in prior and future periods and to Danaher’s peers. Management also uses core sales growth to measure the Company’s operating and financial performance, and uses it as one of the performance measures in the Company’s executive short-term cash incentive program. The Company excludes the effect of currency translation from core sales because currency translation is not under management’s control, is subject to volatility and can obscure underlying business trends. The Company excludes the effect of acquisitions and divestiture-related items because the nature, size, timing and number of acquisitions and divestitures can vary dramatically from period-to-period and between the Company and its peers and can also obscure underlying business trends and make comparisons of long-term performance difficult.
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