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Robert F. Friel
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Eg&g Inc
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5 Nov 19
11 Dec 19
29 Dec 19


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Quarter (USD) Sep 19 Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18
Revenue 706.92M 722.52M 648.74M 756.35M
Net income 58.56M 69.09M 35.41M 71.29M
Diluted EPS 0.52 0.62 0.32 0.64
Net profit margin 8.28% 9.56% 5.46% 9.43%
Operating income 78.66M 91.74M 53.33M 115.68M
Net change in cash 242.95M 15.76M -28.86M 13.6M
Cash on hand 392.97M 150.02M 134.25M 163.11M
Cost of revenue 364.65M 374.72M 340.93M 380.1M

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Financial report summary

  • If the markets into which we sell our products decline or do not grow as anticipated due to a decline in general economic conditions, or there are uncertainties surrounding the approval of government or industrial funding proposals, or there are unfavorable changes in government regulations, we may see an adverse effect on the results of our business operations.
  • Our growth is subject to global economic and political conditions, and operational disruptions at our facilities.
  • If we do not introduce new products in a timely manner, we may lose market share and be unable to achieve revenue growth targets.
  • We may not be able to successfully execute acquisitions or divestitures, license technologies, integrate acquired businesses or licensed technologies into our existing businesses, or make acquired businesses or licensed technologies profitable.
  • We may not be successful in adequately protecting our intellectual property.
  • If we are unable to renew our licenses or otherwise lose our licensed rights, we may have to stop selling products or we may lose competitive advantage.
  • If we do not compete effectively, our business will be harmed.
  • Our quarterly operating results could be subject to significant fluctuation, and we may not be able to adjust our operations to effectively address changes we do not anticipate, which could increase the volatility of our stock price and potentially cause losses to our shareholders.
  • A significant disruption in third-party package delivery and import/export services, or significant increases in prices for those services, could interfere with our ability to ship products, increase our costs and lower our profitability.
  • Disruptions in the supply of raw materials, certain key components and other goods from our limited or single source suppliers could have an adverse effect on the results of our business operations, and could damage our relationships with customers.
  • The manufacture and sale of products and services may expose us to product and other liability claims for which we could have substantial liability.
  • If we fail to maintain satisfactory compliance with the regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration and other governmental agencies in the United States and abroad, we may be forced to recall products and cease their manufacture and distribution, and we could be subject to civil, criminal or monetary penalties.
  • Changes in governmental regulations may reduce demand for our products or increase our expenses.
  • The healthcare industry is highly regulated and if we fail to comply with its extensive system of laws and regulations, we could suffer fines and penalties or be required to make significant changes to our operations which could have a significant adverse effect on the results of our business operations.
  • Economic, political and other risks associated with foreign operations could adversely affect our international sales and profitability.
  • If we do not retain our key personnel, our ability to execute our business strategy will be limited.
  • If we experience a significant disruption in, or breach in security of, our information technology systems or those of our customers, suppliers or other third parties, or cybercrime, resulting in inappropriate access to or inadvertent transfer of information or assets, or if we fail to implement new systems, software and technologies successfully, our business could be adversely affected.
  • We have a substantial amount of outstanding debt, which could impact our ability to obtain future financing and limit our ability to make other expenditures in the conduct of our business.
  • Restrictions in our senior unsecured revolving credit facility and other debt instruments may limit our activities.
  • Discontinuation, reform, or replacement of LIBOR may adversely affect our variable rate debt.
  • Our share price will fluctuate.
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