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27 Apr 20
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Company financial data Financial data

Quarter (USD) Mar 20 Dec 19 Sep 19 Jun 19
Revenue 330.67M 370.17M 372.59M 371.67M
Net income 29.73M 40.97M 45.77M 37.62M
Diluted EPS 0.58 0.8 0.89 0.73
Net profit margin 8.99% 11.07% 12.28% 10.12%
Operating income 49.31M 61.26M 67.59M 56.96M
Net change in cash 19.02M 13.34M -14.4M -8.64M
Cash on hand 112.83M 93.81M 80.47M 94.87M
Cost of revenue 208.25M 226.78M 234.42M 238.31M
Annual (USD) Dec 19 Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16
Revenue 1.49B 1.5B 1.44B 1.23B
Net income 158.35M 166.19M 59.42M 135.6M
Diluted EPS 3.07 3.15 1.09 2.48
Net profit margin 10.62% 11.11% 4.14% 11.02%
Operating income 236.45M 231.76M 206.45M 194.3M
Net change in cash -6.91M -44.57M 78.84M -17.48M
Cash on hand 93.81M 100.72M 145.29M 66.45M
Cost of revenue 944.15M 963.52M 943.78M 788.73M

Financial data from Barnes earnings reports

Date Owner Security Transaction Code $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
5 May 20 Hipple Richard J Common Stock Buy Aquire P 36.41 1,200 43.69K 9,399.75
1 Apr 20 James C Pelletier Employee Stock Option-Right to Buy Common Stock Grant Aquire A 37.29 5,424 202.26K 5,424
1 Apr 20 James C Pelletier Common Stock Grant Aquire A 0 1,855 0 6,030.57
10 Mar 20 Mangum Mylle H Common Stock Buy Aquire P 47.9843 43.467 2.09K 22,923.86
26 Feb 20 Barnes Thomas O Common Stock Sell Dispose S 56.9962 35 1.99K 83,723
26 Feb 20 Barnes Thomas O Common Stock Sell Dispose S 56.9962 250 14.25K 410,026
26 Feb 20 Barnes Thomas O Common Stock Sell Dispose S 56.9962 825 47.02K 479,703
26 Feb 20 Barnes Thomas O Common Stock Sell Dispose S 56.9962 45 2.56K 160,609
26 Feb 20 Barnes Thomas O Common Stock Sell Dispose S 56.9962 35 1.99K 75,728
26 Feb 20 Barnes Thomas O Common Stock Sell Dispose S 56.9962 130 7.41K 412,296
87.1% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 179 202 -11.4%
Opened positions 15 25 -40.0%
Closed positions 38 33 +15.2%
Increased positions 66 71 -7.0%
Reduced positions 70 70
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 1.83B 2.81B -34.8%
Total shares 43.91M 45.28M -3.0%
Total puts 7.3K 9.9K -26.3%
Total calls 46.3K 0 +Infinity%
Total put/call ratio 0.2 Infinity NaN%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
BLK BlackRock 7.02M $293.77M -2.8%
Vanguard 5.06M $211.63M +1.8%
Wasatch Advisors 4.81M $201.32M +11.4%
BAC Bank of America 4.46M $186.49M -3.3%
Dimensional Fund Advisors 3.04M $127.18M -0.5%
MCQEF Macquarie 2.1M $87.7M +8.7%
Champlain Investment Partners 1.94M $81.17M +9.1%
STT State Street 1.52M $63.62M +9.1%
NTRS Northern Trust 924.02K $38.65M +0.4%
BK Bank Of New York Mellon 696.28K $29.12M -0.8%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Geneva Capital Management 634.52K +634.52K NEW
N Price T Rowe Associates 220.81K -610.53K -73.4%
Barrow Hanley Mewhinney & Strauss 0 -604.35K EXIT
Norges Bank 0 -579.68K EXIT
JHG Janus Henderson 0 -524.14K EXIT
Wasatch Advisors 4.81M +492.36K +11.4%
BLK BlackRock 7.02M -199.35K -2.8%
Eagle Asset Management 0 -175.25K EXIT
Vulcan Value Partners 30 -170.81K -100.0%
MCQEF Macquarie 2.1M +167.11K +8.7%

Financial report summary

Management Discussion
  • The Company reported net sales of $330.7 million in the first quarter of 2020, a decrease of $46.0 million or 12.2%, from the first quarter of 2019. Organic sales decreased by $31.2 million, or 8.3%, including decreases of $28.6 at Industrial and $2.6 at Aerospace. The decrease at Industrial was driven by organic sales declines within several of the Industrial business units, due partially to continued softness in automotive end markets, reflecting global uncertainty, and potential changes in regulatory requirements related to personal care and packaging markets, partially offset by increased volumes within medical end markets. The Automation business experienced slight growth during the current period. Sales at Industrial during the first quarter of 2019 also included a $2.6 million commercial settlement attributed to a patent-related matter. The Company completed the sale of its Seeger business on February 1, 2020, reducing sales by $10.3 million during the first quarter of 2020 relative to the prior year period. The decrease at Aerospace was driven by a decline in sales within the original equipment manufacturing business ("OEM"), partially offset by sales growth within the aftermarket businesses. The decline in OEM sales was attributed to the 737 Max aircraft, following a suspension of production by Boeing. The strengthening of the U.S. dollar against foreign currencies decreased net sales within the Industrial segment by approximately $4.5 million.
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