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Safra Ada Catz
Fiscal year end
Former names
Ozark Holding Inc.
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13 Sep 19
20 Nov 19
31 May 20


Company financial data Financial data

Quarter (USD) Aug 19 May 19 Feb 19 Nov 18
Revenue 9.22B 11.14B 9.61B 9.56B
Net income 2.14B 3.74B 2.75B 2.33B
Diluted EPS 0.63 1.04 0.76 0.61
Net profit margin 23.18% 33.58% 28.55% 24.40%
Operating income 2.88B 4.26B 3.4B 3.1B
Net change in cash 10.57B 5.79B 3.9B -7.63B
Cash on hand 31.08B 20.51B 14.72B 10.82B
Cost of revenue
Annual (USD) May 19 May 18 May 17 May 16
Revenue 39.51B 39.38B 37.79B 37.05B
Net income 11.08B 3.59B 9.45B 8.9B
Diluted EPS 2.97 0.85 2.24 2.07
Net profit margin 28.05% 9.11% 25.01% 24.03%
Operating income 13.54B 13.26B 12.91B 12.6B
Net change in cash -1.11B -164M 1.63B -1.56B
Cash on hand 20.51B 21.62B 21.78B 20.15B
Cost of revenue 2.89B 2.8B 2.75B

Financial data from Oracle earnings reports

Financial report summary

  • Our international sales and operations subject us to additional risks that can adversely affect our operating results.
  • We may experience foreign currency gains and losses. Changes in currency exchange rates can adversely affect customer demand and our revenue and profitability.
  • We may lose key employees or may be unable to hire enough qualified employees.
  • Acquisitions present many risks and we may not achieve the financial and strategic goals that were contemplated at the time of a transaction.
  • Our hardware offerings are complex products, and if we cannot successfully manage this complexity, the results of our hardware business will suffer.
  • Third parties have claimed, and in the future may claim, infringement or misuse of intellectual property rights and/or breach of license agreement provisions.
  • Adverse litigation results could affect our business.
  • We cannot guarantee that our stock repurchase program will be fully implemented or that it will enhance long-term stockholder value.
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