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Vincent A. Forlenza
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27 Nov 19
7 Dec 19
30 Sep 20


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Quarter (USD) Sep 19 Jun 19 Mar 19 Dec 18
Revenue 4.58B 4.35B 4.2B 4.16B
Net income 163M 451M 20M 599M
Diluted EPS 0.45 1.51 -0.07 2.05
Net profit margin 3.56% 10.37% 0.48% 14.40%
Operating income 111M 626M 136M 888M
Net change in cash 13M -163M -257M -197M
Cash on hand 536M 523M 686M 943M
Cost of revenue 2.32B 2.28B 2.22B 2.19B
Annual (USD) Sep 19 Sep 18 Sep 17 Sep 16
Revenue 17.29B 15.98B 12.09B 12.48B
Net income 1.23B 311M 1.1B 976M
Diluted EPS 3.94 0.6 4.6 4.49
Net profit margin 7.13% 1.95% 9.10% 7.82%
Operating income 1.76B 1.51B 1.52B 1.43B
Net change in cash -604M -13.04B 12.64B 117M
Cash on hand 536M 1.14B 14.18B 1.54B
Cost of revenue 9B 8.71B 6.13B 6.49B

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Biopsy Device Having a Linear Motor Drive
5 Dec 19
A biopsy device includes a first cannula driver connected to a first cannula and a second cannula driver connected to a second cannula.
Catheter with Retractable Sheath and Methods Thereof
5 Dec 19
A method for using an endoluminal device to modify an intravascular lesion includes providing an ultrasound-producing mechanism that converts an electric current into vibrational energy at an ultrasonic frequency; providing a sheath including a sheath lumen, wherein the sheath is configured to retract from a first, fully extended position of the sheath and extend from a second, fully retracted position of the sheath; providing a core wire disposed within the sheath lumen of the sheath, the core wire being coupled to the ultrasound-producing mechanism via a sonic connector, the core wire being excited by the vibrational energy at the ultrasonic frequency when the ultrasound-producing mechanism is activated; and retracting the sheath relative to the core wire to expose a working length of a distal portion of the core wire for ultrasound-based modification of one or more intravascular lesions.
Model-based Infusion Site Monitor
5 Dec 19
A medication delivery monitoring device is disclosed.
Catheter with Markings to Facilitate Alignment
5 Dec 19
For treating a treatment area in the vasculature, this disclosure relates to a first, pre-dilation catheter having a first shaft including a first distal portion adapted for positioning at the treatment area and a first proximal portion including a first marking at a first location.
Injection Site Information Cap
5 Dec 19
A injection site information cap includes a housing, a cover portion, an engagement portion configured to couple to and cover an injection port of an injection site, and at least one information element on the cover portion that is positioned to be automatically sensed by at least one sensor of the injection site when the engagement portion is coupled to or is being coupled to the medication injection port.