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25 Feb 20
7 Apr 20
31 Dec 20


Company financial data Financial data

Quarter (USD) Dec 19 Sep 19 Jun 19 Mar 19
Revenue 0 0 0
Net income 106.88M 109.24M 107.97M 97.14M
Diluted EPS 0.79 0.98 0.96 0.85
Net change in cash 23.43M -77.08M 355.02M -602.81M
Cash on hand 907.81M 884.38M 961.46M 606.43M
Annual (USD) Dec 19 Dec 18 Dec 17 Dec 16
Net income 421.23M 433.54M 319.38M 275.39M
Diluted EPS 3.58 3.6 2.62 2.37
Net change in cash -301.43M 697.4M -270.59M 279.72M
Cash on hand 907.81M 1.21B 511.85M 782.44M

Financial data from company earnings reports

Date Owner Security Transaction Code $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
1 Apr 20 Holmes Robert S Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F 49.54 761 37.7K 34,873
23 Mar 20 Barth Kevin G Common Stock Grant Aquire A 52.0412 83 4.32K 16,191
23 Mar 20 Callahan Daniel D. Common Stock Grant Aquire A 52.0412 3 156.12 357
23 Mar 20 David W Kemper Common Stock Grant Aquire A 52.0412 91 4.74K 17,647
23 Mar 20 Kemper Jonathan M Common Stock Grant Aquire A 52.0412 764 39.76K 148,391
69.9% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 357 340 +5.0%
Opened positions 48 25 +92.0%
Closed positions 31 35 -11.4%
Increased positions 234 106 +120.8%
Reduced positions 66 120 -45.0%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 18.93B 15.94B +18.8%
Total shares 78.38M 74.21M +5.6%
Total puts 78.47K 109.4K -28.3%
Total calls 19.58K 14.3K +36.9%
Total put/call ratio 4.0 7.7 -47.6%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Vanguard 10.75M $730.66M +2.2%
BLK BlackRock 9.66M $656.14M +5.8%
Commerce Bank 7.29M $495.43M +2.3%
STT State Street 5.7M $387.29M +1.3%
Aristotle Capital Management 5.45M $370.58M +34.2%
Lazard Asset Management 4.33M $294.28M -6.3%
American Century Companies 3.05M $207.32M +2.3%
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co. 2.01M $136.6M -14.1%
Cooke & Bieler 1.85M $125.44M +183.4%
WFC Wells Fargo & Co. 1.5M $102.1M +9.2%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
Aristotle Capital Management 5.45M +1.39M +34.2%
Cooke & Bieler 1.85M +1.19M +183.4%
Norges Bank 903.13K +903.13K NEW
State of Tennessee, Treasury Department 87.82K -886.46K -91.0%
BLK BlackRock 9.66M +533.1K +5.8%
MS^L Morgan Stanley 126.63K -352.74K -73.6%
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co. 2.01M -331.23K -14.1%
Lazard Asset Management 4.33M -291.66K -6.3%
Vanguard 10.75M +229.84K +2.2%
RY Royal Bank of Canada 363.17K +227.85K +168.4%

Financial report summary

  • Difficult market conditions may affect the Company’s industry.
  • The performance of the Company is dependent on the economic conditions of the markets in which the Company operates.
  • The Company operates in a highly competitive industry and market area.
  • The soundness of other financial institutions could adversely affect the Company.
  • The Company is subject to extensive government regulation and supervision.
  • Significant changes in federal monetary policy could materially affect the Company’s business.
  • The Company is subject to both interest rate and liquidity risk.
  • The impact of the phase-out of LIBOR is uncertain.
  • The Company’s asset valuation may include methodologies, models, estimations and assumptions which are subject to differing interpretations and could result in changes to asset valuations that may materially adversely affect its results of operations or financial condition.
  • The Company’s investment portfolio values may be adversely impacted by deterioration in the credit quality of underlying collateral within the various categories of investment securities it owns.
  • The allowance for credit losses may be insufficient or future credit losses could increase.
  • New lines of business or new products and services may subject the Company to additional risk.
  • A successful cyber attack or other computer system breach could significantly harm the Company, its reputation and its customers.
  • The Company’s operations rely on certain external vendors.
  • The Company plans to convert its core customer and deposit systems during 2020 and may encounter significant adverse developments.
  • Commerce Bancshares, Inc. relies on dividends from its subsidiary bank for most of its revenue.
  • The Company must attract and retain skilled employees.
Management Discussion
  • This report may contain “forward-looking statements” that are subject to risks and uncertainties and include information about possible or assumed future results of operations. Many possible events or factors could affect the future financial results and performance of Commerce Bancshares, Inc. and its subsidiaries (the "Company"). This could cause results or performance to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements. Words such as “expects”, “anticipates”, “believes”, “estimates”, variations of such words and other similar expressions are intended to identify such forward-looking statements. These statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve certain risks, uncertainties and assumptions which are difficult to predict. Therefore, actual outcomes and results may differ materially from what is expressed or forecasted in, or implied by, such forward-looking statements. Readers should not rely solely on the forward-looking statements and should consider all uncertainties and risks discussed throughout this report. Forward-looking statements speak only as of the date they are made. The Company does not undertake to update forward-looking statements to reflect circumstances or events that occur after the date the forward-looking statements are made or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events. Such possible events or factors include the risk factors identified in Item 1a Risk Factors and the following: changes in economic conditions in the Company’s market area; changes in policies by regulatory agencies, governmental legislation and regulation; fluctuations in interest rates; changes in liquidity requirements; demand for loans in the Company’s market area; changes in accounting and tax principles; estimates made on income taxes; failure of litigation settlement agreements to become final in accordance with their terms; and competition with other entities that offer financial services.
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