MTB M & T Bank

M&T Bank Corp. operates as a bank holding company, which engages in the provision of retail and commercial banking, trust, wealth management and investment services. It operates through following segments: Business Banking, Commercial Banking, Commercial Real Estate, Discretionary Portfolio, Residential Mortgage Banking, and Retail Banking. The Business Banking segment provides services to small businesses and professionals through the company's branch network, business banking centres and other delivery channels such as telephone banking, Internet banking and automated teller machines. The Commercial Banking segment offers credit products and banking services for middle-market and large commercial customers. The Commercial Real Estate segment includes credit and deposit services to its customers. The Discretionary Portfolio segment consists of investment and trading securities, residential mortgage loans and other assets, short-term and long-term borrowed funds, brokered certificates of deposit and interest rate swap agreements related thereto, and Cayman Islands branch deposits. The Residential Mortgage Banking segment comprises of residential mortgage loans and sells substantially all of those loans in the secondary market to investors. The Retail Banking segment offers services to consumers through several delivery channels which include branch offices, automated teller machines, telephone banking, and Internet banking. The company was founded on August 30, 1856 and is headquartered in Buffalo, NY.

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Rene Jones
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Top 50 of 1599 long holdings
End of quarter 31 Dec 20
$1.21B 17.48M
$828.08M 6.24M
$689.71M 3.26M
$565.06M 2.34M
$564.82M 9.1M
$538.3M 2.75M
$527.03M 2.25M
$524.69M 2.36M
$456.02M 1.21M
$425.02M 4.82M
$409.12M 6.41M
$368.64M 7.34M
$347.39M 2.99M
$323.05M 2.05M
Vanguard Tax-managed Intl FD
$321.07M 6.8M
$319.68M 98.15K
$248.7M 665.19K
$247.58M 1.95M
$232.59M 1.67M
$201.82M 565.43K
$201.34M 1.47M
$194.34M 1.31M
$184.05M 2.52M
$183.65M 534.33K
$182.47M 2.23M
$174.7M 99.72K
$159.31M 2.87M
$158.34M 552.27K
$157.88M 2.33M
$156.48M 2.2M
$147.68M 969.4K
Vanguard Intl Equity Index F
$146.02M 2.91M
$144.02M 542.2K
$142.13M 1.11M
$136.6M 1.2M
$133.91M 2.99M
$128.68M 1.01M
$126.52M 463.16K
$122.1M 169.22K
$119.03M 674.28K
$116.39M 2.12M
$115.99M 3.15M
$111.77M 2.71M
$106.24M 586.39K
$101.73M 438.73K
$100.24M 283.33K
$98.7M 1.59M
$98.38M 3.42M
$97.47M 55.61K
$97.43M 1.86M
Holdings list only includes long positions. Only includes long positions.


22 Feb 21
2 Mar 21
31 Dec 21
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Cost of revenue
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Financial data from M & T Bank earnings reports.

Date Owner Security Transaction Code Indirect 10b5-1 $Price #Shares $Value #Remaining
5 Feb 21 Bojdak Robert J Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No No 140.4 206 28.92K 20,803
5 Feb 21 Bojdak Robert J Common Stock Grant Aquire A No No 0 650 0 21,009
5 Feb 21 John L DAngelo Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No No 140.4 119 16.71K 4,509
5 Feb 21 John L DAngelo Common Stock Grant Aquire A No No 0 375 0 4,628
5 Feb 21 William J Farrell II Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No No 140.4 151 21.2K 13,348.86
5 Feb 21 William J Farrell II Common Stock Grant Aquire A No No 0 505 0 13,499.86
5 Feb 21 Richard S Gold Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No No 140.4 657 92.24K 47,350.944
5 Feb 21 Richard S Gold Common Stock Grant Aquire A No No 0 2,075 0 48,007.944
5 Feb 21 Jones Rene F Common Stock Payment of exercise Dispose F No No 140.4 1,558 218.74K 69,468.79
5 Feb 21 Jones Rene F Common Stock Grant Aquire A No No 0 3,419 0 71,026.79
81.6% owned by funds/institutions
13F holders
Current Prev Q Change
Total holders 584 557 +4.8%
Opened positions 98 63 +55.6%
Closed positions 71 79 -10.1%
Increased positions 179 209 -14.4%
Reduced positions 220 194 +13.4%
13F shares
Current Prev Q Change
Total value 74.93B 10.3B +627.3%
Total shares 104.91M 105.76M -0.8%
Total puts 318.6K 441.4K -27.8%
Total calls 509.3K 499.6K +1.9%
Total put/call ratio 0.6 0.9 -29.2%
Largest owners
Shares Value Change
Vanguard 13.58M $1.73B -1.6%
BLK Blackrock 10.51M $1.34B -2.3%
FMR 10.41M $1.32B +59.1%
STT State Street 6.93M $882.48M +6.2%
IVZ Invesco 4.67M $594.64M +6.5%
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance 4.5M $572.84M 0.0%
Wellington Management 4.28M $544.75M -24.1%
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co. 4.04M $514.61M -7.6%
Geode Capital Management 2.26M $287.08M +1.2%
Charles Schwab Investment Management 1.68M $214.06M +2.7%
Largest transactions
Shares Bought/sold Change
FMR 10.41M +3.87M +59.1%
BRK.A Berkshire Hathaway 0 -2.92M EXIT
Wellington Management 4.28M -1.36M -24.1%
American Century Companies 990.34K +773.74K +357.2%
Adage Capital Partners GP, L.L.C. 678.89K +580.49K +589.9%
Massachusetts Financial Services 0 -564.6K EXIT
STT State Street 6.93M +404.49K +6.2%
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co. 4.04M -331.01K -7.6%
PUKPF Prudential 469.8K -311.2K -39.8%
IVZ Invesco 4.67M +285.51K +6.5%

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